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Mary McDonnell discusses last night’s episode of Major Crimes “Skin Deep” on the all-new episode of the “What Would Sharon Raydor Do?” Podcast, with special guest host Tony Denison! Listen now!


What a beautiful surprise this was today. On top of my fever being seriously high (and probably got worse by Shandy right now!) and the heat in South Italy, my computer came back before predicted.

And I celebrated the news (and the return of Photoshop, my pretty baby!) with Shandy gifs from last night. I still have to see it but I know this scene by heart now!!!!!

Skin Deep, A reactionary Post

I really enjoyed the episode. Didn’t think that it was as good as the last two but still some great moments. While this episode mainly dealt with Sharon and Andy’s plans to maybe move in together, Rusty’s hesitation with that and Buzz’s increasing roll as a reserve officer (and tibits about his case); I felt like every character had their moment. Even if it was small.

The Case
Heather S. Lutz

I’m surprised that shit did not catch up to this woman sooner. She ate everyone for breakfast! She manipulated the men in her life to give her child support and the kid didn’t even live with her! Blackmailing a fake surgeon to do plastic surgery on her. It seemed that everyone had a reason to want to do harm to her.

Julio and the Kid
Glad to see the kid end up with his grandparents and his real dad. Very glad to learn that he ended up with the dad that they had all wanted the kid to have. For a while there I though he was going to end up with Julio. I get that Julio despritley wants to adopt but I think that it’s a bit much for him to fall in love with every kid that comes though the office. Julio has sooo much love to give and I’m really glad that he’s going to be adopting. Nice touch with Julio empathizing with the suspect about falling for the wrong woman.

The Personal

Even if this was just a super tiny moment. It was nice to learn something new about her character. Out of all of the main characters on MC, Amy is the one that we know about the least. So it was nice to learn about how she was into this skin care product. Amy doesn’ t strike me as someone that would be into make up or skin care products that much.

Reserve Officer Watson and his Cold Case
I liked Buzz’s little talk with Rusty. About how home is not a place but a feeling that you carry inside of yourself. Something that he knew and could relate to himself by moving from his childhood home after his father and uncles murders. Very nicely done. By tying Buzz’s currently storyline with how much unsettled Rusty was in this episode.

I loved how much Buzz took action in this episode. First diving into the pool to rescue Heather and then later tackling Dr. Yu’s receptionist. Sharon is so very proud of Buzz and him taking intiative in this episode. He’s got some great skills for a cop that we are now seeing in the past two seasons. I hope they expand that further in his character.

Buzz asked Andy and Provenza to come help him save Heather. To which Andy’s response is to drop an inner tube into the pool. Great moment of hilarity and did you really think that either of them were going to jump in the pool? You were there and you were already in the pool.

One thing I am disappointed is that the majority of Buzz’s storyline seems to be told during Identity. Which is kind of sad because it’s such an interesting and meaty storyline. That is should be told on the show. Not everyone is going to watch (or even know about) Identity. There is a percentage of MC viewers that are older that wouldn’t have any interest in Youtube.

Provenza, White Knight and handsome as Brad Pitt George Clooney
One of the things that I loved about this episode was Provenza. I really love him here. He goes from the biggest Shandy hater to the biggest Shandy shipper. To the point of him scaring away the other prospective buyers and playing up the murder on tv. Notice how when Andy tells Provenza that him and Sharon are thinking about moving in together. Provenza says “it’s about time”. He’s all for this relationship. He knows that Andy loves Sharon and he knows that Sharon loves Andy (based off her reactions when Andy was in

the hospital). He also has seen good they are for each other.
Provenza is happily married and he wants that so much for his bestie. He’s not so crazy about the house he thinks that all of the bedroom and bathrooms are kind of much. And he points out some of the flaws of the house before they walk in. But Andy gushes about it and tells him how it could change his life. So he goes full steam a head. He’s like let me take care of it. I got this. Let me do this for you. It’s funny but I really love it. Really says a lot about the bond between them.

Andy and Louie’s Adventures in Botox land and Mike serious badass.
This was a great scene. Dr. Yu desperately trying to bribe them with botox and the receptionist saying that the’d didn’t have enough botox for them. Andy leaning so far back that he was almost going to fall. Provenza is classic Provenza. Don’t you touch my damned face. Andy will at least entertain it even if he doesn’t like it. Provenza is much more fuck this bull shit.

Mike was simply the best in that scene. First he’s awesome awesome awesome and tells Dr. Yu how offensive his shitty fake accent is. Then he cuts that botox bullshit out by taking the mirror away from the doctor and redirecting the conversation.

One part of the scene that I didn’t quite understand and quite frankly could have done without. Was the part where Andy recognizes one of Dr Yu’s patients. Was this woman supposed to be some famous celebrity? We can infer but It’s not made clear. Could have followed that up with oh your Paula Poundstone from the ___ show. .So apparently she’s a real celebrity. Then we have her sinisterly make a phone call telling some Kathy Griffin not to show up at the fake clinic. It’s supposed to be a red herring but it was a shitty one because there was no follow through what so ever. She makes the phone call and that’s it. It’s done.

So now this scene makes much more sense to me. And why they wouldn’t cut it. Anyway it was dumb. Could have left it out.

Sharon and Andy sitting in a tree…first comes love, then comes house hunting
I was really curious as to why Provenza and Buzz were looking at this house with Andy, instead of Sharon and Rusty. As Andy later explains that Sharon was busy and it wasn’t that Sharon didn’t want to be there.

I’m glad to see that Sharon is much more for moving in with Andy.  Although I’m not 100% sure she is 100% sure herself at this point. Basied on some comments from Andy. Andy tells Provenza that they are ‘thinking of joining forces’. Not that they are. 

I have mixed feelings on Andy sticks his foot is mouth. While it was funny, I thought it was maybe too over the top.
I really love that Sharon seems to be so gung ho over this house. She and Andy both fall in love with the house. And so it’s frustrating that it turned out that at the end it was infested with black mold. At the same time I didn’t want them to move into a house that someone was killed in. We already had that plot with Brenda.

The last scene was the best Shandy scene since the infamous hug scene in hindsight. Sharon and Andy in couple mode is never not adorable! We’ve got a completely relaxed Sharon. With Both Sharon and Andy super in love with the house and wanting it so badly. Rusty less enthusiastic but much more interested in the house now that he knows that he isn’t being kicked to the side. I really dig the idea of them having a pool. I don’t know why. Maybe I just think about them having pool parties with the squad and having Andy’s step grandkids over.

I would have loved to have seen the beginning of that scene that Mary and Tony had been talking about in the podcast. To see Sharon so enthusiastic about the house that she had started decorating it even before putting an offer down. Would have been awesome. And of course Andy’s reaction too that…like okay. Don’t I get to decorate a room?

I can just see it. Sharon and Andy buy a house and move in. The first thing that Sharon does is call Gavin to come over and they start planning out the rooms. To a flabbergasted Andy and in the end all that’s left for Andy to decorate is the garage.

I loved the kiss. It was cute. It was totally Sharon telling Andy “You did good.” But I really think Sharon putting her head on his shoulder was the best! Just the best! I really love that Sharon has gotten so comfortable with Andy that she kisses him in front of a damned stranger. As private as Sharon is. I really think that’s pretty awesome.

I love how the realtor tries to make that joke about how the house is super popular and how dejected they are. And Rusty’s look of totally unamusement. As if to say Joke fail. I will give it to him for the phrase 'monkey’s paw of local listings’. He really wasn’t kidding about that. First a murder then black mold.
He tries to soften the blow about the black mold. I love Sharon and Andy’s reactions. Sharon most especially. She keeps trying to look happy as he tells her the bad noise while her head moves in different directions. Mary is never not awesome when it comes to reactions.

Once of course the realtor mentions the black mold. That shit is over. Sharon goes from fluffy bunny to Darth Raydor instantly. And it was wonderful to see. He keeps trying though even as they were walking out the door. Clearly not coming back. I do give him props for not being an asshole and actually telling them about the black mold before they signed the lease. Heather would have definitely not told them about it.

Major crimes 5X04 Skin Deep

Oh my goodness this episode was so good I almost didn’t mind the wait (almost).

Rusty: great ending line, so cute about Buzz and how he went to Andy about their possible new house.

Provenza:trying to ensure the house was free for them- amazing 😂 “oh look its George Clooney”

Buzz: having help from people about his dads murder, more of a friend dynamic than a colleague one.

Andy: he was so funny this episode I don’t even know where to begin. He loves Sharon so much and everyone knows it and ahhh it’s a fluffy 😊

Amy: adorable as always, what she said about having a few stocks in a company but not being able to afford the products…what could she be saving up for?

Julio: as usual, strong and silent. Trying not to laugh about the woman’s butt implants

Tao: my favourite bit with Tao was how he immediately started taking care of the kid. We sometimes forget he’s a family man and clearly loves children and it makes him so much more than just the smart one.

Hobbs: urgh I just need more of Hobbs in general. 💙

Morales: the morgue scene was probably one of my favourite morgue scenes of the whole show.

Sharon: this was an amazing episode for her as a captain and as a person. She had some of the best lines and best facial expressions. And the take charge moment at the end was so Darth Raydor it was hilarious 😂

Honestly, one of my favourite episodes. Yeah mainly because I’m a Shandy whore but also because all of the characters had at least one funny moment in this episode and that doesn’t often happen. But then again, I love the lighter episodes that are more for fun than about murder.

Stills: Major Crimes 5x04 - "Skin Deep"

Hey FlynnGirls!

After this last, painful Monday without Major Crimes, we have something to get you over the weekend. In anticipation of another ProFlynnza episode, we added advance stills of “Skin Deep” to our gallery. Go and check them out!

External image
External image
Television > Major Crimes > Season 5 > Episodic Stills > 5×04 – Skin Deep

Stills: Major Crimes 5×04 – “Skin Deep” was originally published on Totally Tony

I expect so many light-skinned black people to be like Zendaya but many fail to impress me. I have black friends who are light-skinned and biracial who have more sense than most light-skinned and/or biracial people on Twitter and this site. A couple of mutuals and friends I made online have listened and educated themselves on colorism and their privilege. But the majority of light-skinned and sometimes biracial people I came into contact with online have proven to be nasty, gaslighting, ableist and colorist individuals I can’t bring myself to find myself in solidarity with.

 Let’s use Zendaya as an example to all of this: Zendaya could have easily been another ignorant person who refused to get colorism and why people were mad over the casting for the Aaliyah biopic. Zendaya has said obtuse things about her skin tone and not being seen as “black enough” before but she at least fucking listened. When people act surprised that Zendaya and Amandla get their light-skinned privilege, I have to tell them it’s because they listen. Instead of automatically feeling attacked and getting in their feelings, they take the time to think and say, “Hm…although I don’t necessarily feel my life is easier because I’m in a black body, perhaps this person is onto something.”…or “Obviously this person feels a type of way about their skin color and resentment towards lighter skinned folks. This person is clearly hurt and damaged by things they were told, and I want to see how I can help without driving a wedge between black people.” Zendaya didn’t necessarily agree with accusations of her privilege but at least she took the time to understand why people were upset. And now today, she can acknowledge her privilege and bring attention to darker skinned girls’ plights which I believe she does a good job at that. I follow her on Twitter and she seems to have a grasp on how to uplift young dark-skinned girls’ and their self-esteem without centering around herself and lightness.

 But unlike Zendaya, so many others want to stan for her and use her words to speak up for the black community but not follow in her footsteps. It’s okay for black people to quote Jesse Williams’ but it’s not okay for them to listen to what they’re saying about privilege and boundaries. It’s only okay to bring up colorism and light-skinned privilege when it’s another light-skinned person doing it, not a brown-skinned person or one of a darker shade. Because let me tell you, people will be so quick to invalidate my experience as a brown-skinned girl by saying, “You’re not that dark,” which translates into, “You’re not that oppressed so I won’t listen to your complaints about colorism,” but talk to me like I’m not light-skinned. So what is the truth? If you want to know why I am so disgusted by light-skinned blacks, it’s because they rarely do anything but pretend to acknowledge colorism but not allowing brown and dark-skinned women to vent. They gaslight them, they put words in their mouths, twist their words and try to vilify them. They can be aggressive, nasty, abusive and even just as bad as white people yet don’t want to be compared to. We compare you to white people because you make it hard to relate to you when you’re being anti-black, colorist and denying brown and dark-skinned women the right to complain. You want to monitor the narrative of colorism and privilege in a way that doesn’t make you look bad. I’m sorry but in order for people to get colorism and light-skinned privilege in the black community, people must see how trash you were through history.

I like this episode even more after a second viewing. Some of my favorite things:

- A funny Proflynnza episode that wasn’t caused by them doing something stupid (I hate those)
- Buzz starting the filming with the brochure
- Andy throwing the float to Buzz
- Sharon trying to hide a smile as Andy digs himself a hole
- Buzz teasing Rusty
- Provenza as George Clooney
- Spock and Chekov
- Provenza trying to get out of visiting Patrice’s parents because they hate him
- Rusty and Andy’s discussion
- Andrea and Sharon exchanging glances through the camera during the confession
- “Do I need a lawyer?” “About 15 minutes ago.”
- Both the victim and the killer got what they deserved, so I don’t have to feel any sympathy for the dead or someone who screwed up their life by committing murder.
- the family reunited and happy in the end (and Julio smiling over it!)
- what Provenza did to scare off the other buyers feels unethical and possibly illegal to me, so them not buying the house made me feel better about that
- their reactions to the house…and then to the black mold


#MajorCrimes | Skin Deep | Plastic Surgery Clip. Check it out the clip from TNT YouTube page

Screencaps: Major Crimes 5x04 - "Skin Deep"


We updated our gallery with screencaps from episode 5×04. Lots of adorable Flynn with both feet in his mouth for you to enjoy!

External image
External image
Television > Major Crimes > Season 5 > Screencaptures > 5×04 – Skin Deep

Caps by The McDonnell Rule

Screencaps: Major Crimes 5×04 – “Skin Deep” was originally published on Totally Tony

I can honestly say I hate (majority) white and light skinned people and mean it. Those who take offense know it’s because I have reason to say that and know what they’ve done to be told that. It terrifies them.

My cat just ran head first into the bed and skinned a strip of fur off his head. No bleeding, no major skin trauma, just missing fur and minor irritation. He seems alright, just maybe a little sore, like he had a headache.
After I checked him out to make sure he wasn’t concussed, I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s such a ridiculous cat. I like him a lot.

Major Crimes: James Duff's Blog Entry for 5x04 - "Skin Deep"


It is finally time for another ProFlynnza episode! James Duff wrote a few words about what we can expect. It definitely sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun!

Through the years, Flynn & Provenza have found themselves in some pretty odd circumstances, mostly by virtue of their own bad behavior. Not tonight! No, in this episode, the two erstwhile friends and colleagues, through no fault of their own, discover that what appears to be a great real estate listing in the Hollywood Hills is, in reality, a crime scene.

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Major Crimes: James Duff’s Blog Entry for 5×04 – “Skin Deep” was originally published on Totally Tony