Jessa Crispin, The Creative Tarot

I knew nothing about the Tarot before picking this up, but I’ve been interested in card decks and chance operations for a while (most notably Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies and the  I Ching), and I’m a big fan of Jessa’s writing, so I gave it a go. Pulling cards quickly became one of my favorite things to do when stuck, and I’ve been using the book for most of the year. 

I think about structure a ton when I’m reading books — I often find that a bad structure can sink pretty decent prose, and a great structure can elevate mediocre prose to something great. Luckily, this book has both great writing and a great structure: it’s split into three sections: 

1) a history of the tarot; 
2) the individual cards (incl. major and minor arcana)
3) how to do a reading

Each individual card chapter has its own structure: a brief description of the card, a general “reading” of the card, an anecdote about an creator in a situation that relates to the card, and then a “recommended materials” section at the end. So, whenever you pull a card, there’s some commentary, a story, and “paintings to study, books to read, music to listen to, films to watch, etc.” Really, really smart. 

Jessa has a bunch of great thoughts about creativity and making art, so I’m gonna quote some of my favorite bits, below. 

“We give things meaning by paying attention to them…”

…and so moving your attention from one thing to another can absolutely change your future. Exactly who or what is doing the work here—whether fate is choosing the card, or your unconscious, or random chance—doesn’t matter as much as the act of seeing, sensing and paying attention.

“I believe strongly in cross-pollination.”

I love this passage on self-education (would fit in under unschooling — Jessa, btw, didn’t go to college):

I think that writers should be inspired by visual art, filmmakers by music, sculptors by poetry and so on. I also believe that artists should know their artistic history and be knowledgeable about all the art the world has to offer. It not only inspires but also refines your senses and your skills. I push all of my clients to delve into the history of art as much as possible. Not only the art they are naturally drawn to but also—maybe even more importantly—to art that repels them. The goal is to educate themselves and to understand their own artistic lineage. Remember, a limited budget is not an obstacle to your education when there are libraries to supply these books and films, and online databases are available for visual art. I’ve listed a lot of individual paintings and artists here, and if they are unfamiliar to you, a simple search online will bring them up.

“An artist must find a balance between self-reliance and looking for approval from others.” 

If you are too insular, your work can become self-indulgent, airless. However, if you are always looking for other people to tell you when you are doing good work, your work can become bland from trying to appeal to the widest possible audience.

You have to know when to not work.

It’s easy to mythologize musician Kurt Cobain or the poet Arthur Rimbaud, who drove themselves to extremes for their art and burned out or retired young as a result. Harder than that is to be someone who maintains sanity while producing genius work and who is able to keep working consistently over a long career… Part of that is knowing when not to work. There is a time for output but also a time for rest, for intake, for seeing what else the world has to offer.

“Draw one card every morning. Let it represent your day ahead.”

This was my favorite way to dive in: 

…go about your day, but keep the card in your mind. Refer back to it from time to time—you can carry it in your pocket or put it up someplace where you can see it if you like. What happens during the day that reminds you of the card? 

Recommended. If you don’t already have a deck, grab a classic Rider-Waite tarot deck to go with it —it’s cheap and it matches the illustrations in the book.

Oh, and Jessa has a terrific Tarot newsletter and gives readings over Skype.

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[Chase Holfelder]’s minor-version of Blackbird … I’ve been playing this all day. It pretty much succinctly expresses the melancholy of my current emotional state.

(Also, I pretty much am always swooned by everything about this guy - voice, looks, mannerisms, expressiveness - so .. that just adds to the emotional goulash going on right now)

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Dodgers - Giants starts in L.A, Athletics issue fines - Read all about it here

Dwight Gooden denies Strawberry’s claim that he’s a “junkie-addict” - Read all about it here

Braves’ Peterson scratched night after game-ending HR - Read all about it here

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Tagged by @wellsjahasghost to post nine things about myself, so here goes:

1. I’m double-jointed, so I can twist both of my hands around 360 degrees and pop my shoulders out like it ain’t no thang.

2. I have 7 tattoos, including a Teen Wolf tattoo, a Harry Potter tattoo, and a matching tattoo with @morgaface bc she is the very best friend that anyone could have.

3. I’ve met MOST of the cast of Harry Potter.

4. I’ve got an idiot brain tumor that’s a big ol’ pain in the ass to have.

5. I graduated college wayyyyy back in 2011 as an English major and a History minor.

6. I read tarot cards for funsies and I’m designing a deck rn based on the 100. I’m almost done! Just 10 more cards or so.

7. Brand New is my favorite band and I’ve seen them live almost 10 times.

8. I can make the best baked macaroni you’ve ever had in your life.

9. I need more friends, so feel free to talk to me lol.

I’m supposed to tag people but see #9. Do it if’n you wanna.

Anthology (Acoustic)
  • Anthology (Acoustic)
  • Thrice
  • Major/Minor

New Audio:
Thrice - “Anthology” (Acoustic)

Exclusive bonus track offered after pre-ordering the new album, Major/Minor, which drops September 6th. I’ve always been a fan of “stripped-down” Thrice and Dustin Kensrue’s solo work. He puts so much soul and emotion into his music. Excited to hear the full band version of this song.


My Desk 

With the start of the school year just a couple days away, I decided to clean and re-organize my desk. Because I am a virtual school student, my main study space is my desk in my room. It can be difficult during the school year to sit at your desk and not your cozy bed so it is important to make your desk space a place where you can be productive and comfortable. I am going to try this school year to make my bed a place to rest and my desk a place to study. 

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ― Albert Einstein

★☆Reading Tarot★☆

☽ ℰvery card in the Minor Arcana is designed to reveal at least one of four things to you:An internal concept, an external concept,a person & an action.

 ☀An internal concept: Such as an emotion , a perspective within a circumstance,our perception or beliefs, or a spiritual message;it could represent the energy used in a spell and what that means considering the querent or nature of a situation.

(example:The seven of cups reveals that the querent is jaded in choice,judgment or evaluation in regards to the matter at hands & depending on surrounding cards could mean ambiguity of choice or, the person is unsure of the resources and all options available and cannot assess this truthfully.)

A external concept: Such as one’s physical efforts or commitments, relationships;your home and physical belongings or your health;productivity,hard work. It reflects on the world surrounding the querent or the environment they’re in. (think physical / practical or tangible).

(example: the Eight of Pentacles might reveal someone’s high work ethic or depending on the surrounding cards, what in particular someone has been working to achieve or gain. It could mean working for achievement)

A person : a description of a person .it  reflects on their occupation,behavior,or role in the life of the querent. Usually the theme of the cards implies the nature of the person indicated.

(example:The Seven of Swords would show someone who is being cunning,conniving or methodical ; depending on surrounding cards it could be the querent or someone in their immediate environment. It could represent someone who deals with sales or business and warrants a lot of  persuasion  (i have mostly drawn this card as a person who is studious,methodical,a critical thinker or someone who’s a good planner)

An Action or movement: the activity of the querent in consideration to their question;Reveals to you what the querent’s choice or physical/verbal actions were and/or what they will result  in

(example:the Page of Wands reveals a rather younger person or amateur starting to bloom with new ideas and understanding,someone is about to take a new direction that will lead to mental growth. it talks about being over stimulated or having a lot of thoughts , it deals with thinking and questioning a lot. Someone who is being fickle or flighty or is developing their intellect.)


☽ⅉn most traditional Tarot decks , the Major Arcana will reflect on a certain nature or pattern of events  much like a mythos(like a legend or lore). It reflects on a facet of a bigger inclusive image to reveal the prominent and crucial parts of the querent’s inquiries .

(example:Strength reveals a need to shed excess and wasteful parts to begin anew in pursuit of a more deeper aspect , usually associated with the true self’s weight in salt or ability to harness their “natural resilience & strength”.

(example 2:Temperance; one who is strong in harnessing and maintaining the polarity and extremes of their lifestyle or circumstance. one who knows both the capacity of chaos & order or goods & bads and see’s the balance of both their dark times and good times and how this has built us up to be more than either particular side could have alone . someone who shows the culmination of their pain and their strength to show us their true self.)

Ʈarot in a linear sense, seems to play out like a story or progression of a person.(personal opinion here..)

“we are the fool in pursuit of  becoming the magician only to grow to be the high priestess  only to become the empress to become the emperor.”

                                     ☽ !!!!!!!Please remember!!!!!!!☽

☽ Do not become discourage by the cryptic symbolism shown to you. Instead, focus on how a card applies to the querent and question at hand.

Lastly , take your time to learn your cards and to understand how you best read them , and always always have fun and enjoy the journey of discovery and divination.

 ☀ONLY you know what your cards are bringing to light for you ,always trust your gut instinct and do not shy away from your reception of truth and knowledge from the cards.


Sunday 220112

11) Taste - Blister On The Moon (1968)

Album Review: Thrice 'Major/Minor'

UK Release September 19th 2011 on Vagrant Records

Thrice aren’t exactly a band that are easy to classify. Each album seems to take them in a new direction, which has kept them fresh and (mostly) exciting over their thirteen-year history. ‘Major/Minor’ is a different, but distinctive follow-up to their previous release ‘Beggars’. It’s a grungy affair, which maintains Thrice’s ability to adapt and change their sound without alienating their fanbase.

Read more here!

As much as I love angsty and sad headcanons for Jason that involve him smoking and drinking, how about more interesting headcanons such as:

  • Jason constantly spending any money he has left on Neapolitan ice cream. He gets at least 4 pints of it and both Roy and Kori are constantly angry at him because he eats all of it AND makes himself sick.
  • Jason taking online classes for college. He ends up becoming an English major with a minor in journalism. He likes Shakespeare. Not even ironically, he adores Shakespeare. He can quote any book off the top of his head. While he’s not a Romeo And Juliet fan, he’s a huge fan of The Tempest, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. 

  • As a follow up to that, when Riddler decides to do a Shakespeare themed Riddle, Jason solves it within the first 10 minutes. Bruce isn’t exactly shocked he always knew Jason was a smart kid, but really? 10 minutes?

  • Whenever Jason is at his absolute lowest point and can’t sleep, he always pulls out one of the many books he has tucked away and reads them until dawn. His favorite book will always and forever be Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. 

  • Even though Jason never really celebrates his birthday, the second Kori and Roy attempt to make a cake for him he jumps up to help them make a Tres Leches Cake. Surprise! He’s actually a phenomenal baker. That’s the moment Roy Harper and Koriand’r fell in love.

  • Damian and Jason aren’t super close close. He’s not close with Steph either. However, Jason wakes up to both Damian and Steph punching the shit out of him on the day of his birthday in order to celebrate. He was too delirious to fight back and ended up hitting Damian with his lamp. They spent the better half of the morning in the hospital with Bruce scolding them. All in all, it’s the best wake-up call Jason has had in a very long time. It made him feel like he was part of the family again.
Call it in the Air
  • Call it in the Air
  • Thrice
  • Major/Minor

Thrice is one of those bands that consistently puts out good stuff. I don’t think I have ever disliked one of their records. So it’s no surprise that their new stuff is great. They didn’t veer to far from, sound wise, from their last album Beggars on this stuff, but it seems as if they did get a little bit heavier this time around.

-Call It In The Air


I’ve watched this 4 times in a row now. Is it legal to be this good? what the balls!