Jack and Eugene

Jack: Now, Obviously there are some children out there who know it’s Halloween tonight.
Eugene: A Holiday we keep celebrating.
Jack: Because it’s brilliant!
Eugene: I just don’t know if that’s true anymore. Anyway, Major De Santa has requested that, and this should be obvious but, NOBODY is to dress up as a zombie. Just to repeat that, NOBODY. IS TO DRESS UP. AS A ZOMBIE. 
Jack: If you do dress up as a zombie, you may well be shot. 
Eugene: Which will probably put a damper on your trick or treating. 
Jack: Stay safe guys.

Operation Kitty Rescue

It’s just past the one-year anniversary of the grey plague. Major De Santa is still away on business, as she has been for ages now. Today is a sunny spring day, with birds chirping and the zoms groaning faintly in the distance.

Five is technically off rota, and Sara is technically on a rest break today. And yet, the two of them are jogging comfortably down the lane. Five sets the pace, and Sara sticks close to her side, her trusty meat-cleaver-on-a-stick ready to defend Five.

“Just a bit farther, Five,” Sara says. “How are you holding up?”