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Supernatural 11x03 - The Bad Seed, 11x04 - Baby

Let’s start with The Bad Seed, or as I like to call it, The Case of the Irritating No-Homos.

I didn’t like this episode much, which I’ll get to in a moment. But let’s start with the highlights.

Rowena! <3

I love her so. That dress was spectacular, and I love her “Mega Coven” and how she doggedly keeps calling it that in the face of eye-rolling. *smishes her*

That was the upside. Now the downside. The first three eps of a season tend to lay out the major themes and myth-arc, which means this was the final introductory episode in which Rowena could be given a major plot. She wasn’t. She was used to create friction between the brothers by reminding us of Sam’s lying, and conveniently cured Castiel before skipping off. Her Mega-Coven wasn’t given a major goal and wasn’t linked to Amara. In short, she’s now irrelevant to the plot. Ugh. I suppose it was too much to ask that there be two major women characters at the same time, but if they kill Rowena off I’m going to be so fucking pissed.

Another highlight was the bar scene between The Two White Grunts In Suits. It gave us some needed background on how the supernatural community is responding to the darkness, brought up Lucifer again, and was generally amusing. It also painted a picture of the current status quo being made up of smug white “men” bemoaning their privilege being threatened by a possible (female) change in management. Are we meant to be sympathetic to these dudebros? I wasn’t, but I did find them and their whinging funny. Frankly, Amara could snack on an infinite number of these white dudes and I would find it hard to care. I’m also now expecting Lucifer to appear, probably around the mid-season cliffy.

Finally, Crowley and Amara. I really do like Mark Sheppard, and he’s at his most hilarious when he’s being smarmy and avuncular. Uncle Crowley indeed. These scenes were gold. Oddly, though, given that Amara spent a bunch of these scenes eating people, I’m still not entirely sure she’s “evil”. She comes across as amoral to me so far, largely because she doesn’t understand the conventions of the world and has no ties to it. I like that. It’s scarier than the scenery chewing villains, because it’s possible she might just decide to click her fingers and undo everything God made. You can see that’s what Crowley is worried about - lovely acting by Sheppard. I’m pretty sure this means that our major theme of love/emptiness is going to come into play here, because the thing that stops that kind of finger snap is connection. Hmmm. Interesting when you consider how that might link to the themes the Winchesters are facing this season.

Anyway, they were the good things. The rest was mostly not actively terrible, it just wasn’t particularly interesting.

Castiel was still infected with the Mad Dog curse, so even though he was in the bunker, he got no real quality scenes with either Sam or Dean. It feels like a really long time since that’s happened, and I’m tired of it. But there’s no break in sight, as he was sidelined in the next ep too, with just phone calls, and especially that phone call that Dean mostly didn’t even hear. Very symbolic blah blah, but I’m just not interested. I want character interaction.

Which brings me to the two things I found really annoying about this episode: The Case of the Irritating No-Homos, and the lack of Sam plot.

Sam looked like he was going to get a proper plot this season, as Dean’s Mark of Cain plot was winding up last season. So far, we’ve had one sketchy vision and the Reaper’s promise, and not much else. I just want more for Sam at this point. How can the brothers resolve their shit if Sam gets no myth-arc stuff? Grrr.

And then there’s Dean and the no-homos. While Dean is chasing down Castiel, he stops and gawps at the random blonde walking by, who tells him to “Get a life”. And before Castiel does a runner, he stumbles across “Fortune Nookie,” a busty Asian beauties website on Dean’s computer.

Both of these things feel tired and unfunny. What I can’t decide is whether they are meant to feel tired and unfunny. I’m leaning towards yes, mostly due to the next episode which I’ll discuss shortly. But even if so, I find the whole no-homo thing super irritating.

My problem is that even if this is meant to be a tired and unfunny set of no homos, it comes back to the writers still not being ready to actually have the courage of their queer choices. If we had an actual friendly scene between Dean and Castiel that wasn’t mediated by Mad Dog curses or half-heard phone calls, I’d be more willing to cut some slack on the no-homos and see them as serving a thematic purpose. But as it is, it still seems like the writers are wanting their cake and eating it. They want to imply Dean’s queerness, without giving us any actual queerness. And because of that, the terrible tired no-homos still actually serve as no-homos, even if they also have a larger thematic purpose of reminding us of Dean’s emptiness and unsatisfied desires (for women).


Putting aside my irritation and lack of surety about how to read the no-homos, what I think they are meant to be doing is telling us that Dean’s heteronormative choices are tired and unfunny and going nowhere. They are all dead ends. “Get a life,” indeed, which is also, of course, one of the major themes of this season. What kind of life will Dean be getting, though? That is the question, and a central concern of the next episode, Baby, which was a complete delight!

I loved this episode. It combined so many of the great things about Supernatural. The Impala; the road; the working class, hand-to-mouth itinerant lifestyle that has made up so much of Sam and Dean’s lives; and the really clever ways the car was used to both forward the plot and tie in some major myth-arc elements. We even got a harking back to the Roadhouse and the Harvelles, people who were both hunters and had a life. Nice.

The episode was very much focused around this issue of what kind of life Sam and Dean could have which is a life more than hunting - they can’t even envision it right now and don’t know how to get it or escape their current toxic co-dependency even though they see the need. Sam has his one-night-stand who doesn’t want his number. Dean tells us “mistakes were made”, but didn’t overtly hook up as far as we know. In other words, he’s still empty, and his desires (for “Heather” I think her name was, in yet another tired no-homo – definitely seems like a theme at this point) are still unmet.

We see a toxic family who will do anything for each other. We get Sam’s vision (is it Lucifer? Michael? God?) and a reminder of John’s terrible parenting. And we get Castiel trying to connect with Dean and failing, and Dean not even realising it.

But we also get the brothers actually talking, connecting, sharing some of their secrets. We’re reminded of why they’re like this – the hothouse closeness of the Impala and the way everything else flashes past as the eat up the road.

This ep really hit all the bases, and if it had been bookended by a more character driven episode in 11x03, so that the miscommunication between Dean and Castiel had more pathos, and Sam had a bigger plot coming into the ep, it would have been perfect both in terms of monster of the week and myth-arc. Even so, it was damn fine.

I just really wish the writers would pull their finger out and either give us an actual Destiel will-they-won’t-they plot with actual character interaction, or give Dean a developed female love interest, or stop giving Dean myth-arc stuff about being empty and needing to be loved. The way they’re stretching out even confirming there’s a will-they-won’t-they plot, mainly by limiting the scenes between Castiel and Dean, is just beyond tiring. Season 8 didn’t feel like queerbaiting, but the way they’ve streeeeeeetched this pre-romance plot out so they don’t have to resolve it before a fade to black at the end of the show’s run does feel like queerbaiting. I’m not sure why it’s irritating me so much this season, but it really is.

Do Dean and Cas even like each other? Does anyone know? I honestly can’t remember any more.

All of that said, maybe they are going to go there with Dean and Amara, given what Bob Seger’s song Night Moves is about - a younger man falling for an older woman and getting his heart broken when she goes back to her soldier lover when he returns from the war.

Gotta say, though, I’d really rather not see any more of Dean’s failed romances. Over it. Like him, I want something new and different. It would be really nice if the show actually went there instead of just talking about it.


…and God divided the light from the darkness (11x01, 11x02)

OC Profile: Glend

Name: Glend Neverthoughtofalastname
Aliases: n/a
Setting: SWTOR, Vierce!verse
Major story arcs: Overcoming Adviercity
Glend has some of the pudge and some of the hair loss of middle age, but has pleasant features and an air of comfortable solidness. He wears button-down shirts and durable jeans.
Origin (IC): Born and raised on Kegled II, Glend is a minor businessman by avocation. He moved to West Ford City in year eight of the Imperial occupation (nine years before Vierce’s class story starts).
Origin (OOC):
I thought it would be sad for Widow Savins to never have another love, so I thought about what fitting that one nice piece into her life again would look like.
Dark Confession:
He had a crush on Widow Savins from the day he walked into her West Ford City shop. To go darker, he never gave material help to the Kegled resistance. He lived in absolute terror of the Imperials and never voluntarily did anything to increase the risk of punishment.
Body Count:
You’re joking, right? This is a joke?
Major Relationships:
Suitor of Widow Savins, soon-to-be stepfather of Vierce Savins and Kirsk Savins
Highlights (where you’ve seen them):
Just one piece, a family story.
Characteristic Quotes:
Wry observation: “You say ‘standing government’ like you’ve got favorite planets that don’t have one.”

Castiel, who seems to have fallen into a showhole, will return “in new and unexpected ways,” and his quest to repair his mojo will lead to “startling consequences” for all.

– Jeremy Carver in TVLine Winter TV Preview (January 12, 2016)

“He’s being possessed by Lucifer, but we will start to get a better idea of what and why Cas is doing what he’s doing in the upcoming episodes,” says Carver. “He was at something of a low point earlier in the season. So, it’s a question of: Did Cas give up? Did Cas feel like this was actually the smartest play? Is he looking to regain his mojo? Is he looking to reassert his relevance in the world order? I think all these things will sort of be addressed as we move into the second half.”

– Jeremy Carver in IMDB Picks: “Supernatural” Producer Teases Major Character Arcs – Exclusive (February 2, 2016)

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I'm so sorry, but I have to use your askbox to rant a little bit more. It's just so frustrating because when you have fan favourites like Raven or Jackson maybe and Marcus now too tell Abby she's wrong, people will side with them and really believe she is wrong. And I'm so scared the writers think that too and don't even realise what a beautiful human being Abby is and misuse her to create conflicts. If this leads somewhere in sense of character development I'm fine but if it doesn't...

No, no, don’t be sorry nonnie, rant away, these things can be frustrating, get them all out, I’m good with it. 

I am going to be a little smidge pedantic (and probably biased) and say that I do think there was a difference in the scenes with Raven and Jackson and the scene we just got with Marcus, for one thing the first two were utterly one-sided. Raven and Jackson both just hurled what were effectively insults at Abby, telling her she wasn’t doing enough and she didn’t respond at all, she just absorbed it. 

The scene with Marcus though was much more a conversation between equals and I don’t think it was Marcus telling her strictly that she was wrong/should have her power stripped from her and he also didn’t once bring up the argument that she was thinking more as a doctor and less as a Chancellor which he could have done and I’m incredibly grateful that he didn’t.

I think that scene was just a much more civil, evolved form of what they’ve always done? Abby makes a decision and Marcus reminds her of the consequences of that decision only this time she already knew that, had already thought about it from that point of view. She defended her position and Marcus immediately backed down, apologised, stepped back, and comforted her when he realised that a)- he’d gone too far and that b)- she’s altogether too aware of what the cost of her decision might be.  

They’re doing what they’ve always done, challenging one another back and forth but they come to a much more comfortable resolution here. I think Marcus is just expressing his frustration at the fact that this has made his job much more difficult and she’s acknowledging that and explaining her side of things (ah, relationship development!) and there’s a very definite, very united end to that scene. He places a hand on her shoulder, she places her hand over his and they simultaneously head off together, very much a united unit there which I think is also important to note. 

I do understand your fears though nonnie, I do, the Raven and Jackson scenes literally served no purpose but to set up Abby’s apparent downfall and ~*~foreshadow~*~ it beforehand. they were also complete and utter overreactions to the situation as there was really nothing in either scene that warranted such an outburst and nothing at all implied that this had been building up either, it was just an out of the blue way to make a forced point to try and communicate to the audience what’s coming up, and, as I’ve said on several occasions before now it’s pretty lazy writing and it still bothers me. 

I mean, the writers did give us Abby in all her glory and I think it’s incredibly unusual to see a show like this have a female character, who is mother to the main lead, be in such a position as Abby, namely Chancellor of an entire group of people as well as doctor; useful, indispensable, allowed to have her own storyline and arc, she doesn’t exist purely for Clarke and they’ve actually always been pretty fair to Abby in the past (even if the fandom hasn’t) 

large amounts of this fandom will no doubt use this as an excuse to further hate on Abby and cast doubts on her leadership and character etc but they’ve always done that? I still have some hope that the writers will do her justice on this storyline, they could have stripped the Chancellor role from her at any point last season and handed it off to Marcus or Jaha but they didn’t. Abby ended season 2 still very solidly in charge of the Sky People, she’s appearing before Lexa as the leader of the Sky People, those are important things to note. Hopefully the clumsy lines from Jackson and Raven are just a fairly flimsy groundwork for a much bigger, grander, better fleshed out arc. This is what I’m hoping for anyway. 

Circle Unit for high school Geometry

Currently teach a 10thgrade Geometry class

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The Circle Unit is designed for a high school Geometry class and has over two hours of video instruction and note taking guides that you can download for each video. I worked on the course this summer to supplement my current Geometry class. The following are the unit headings from the table of contents. The unit may be found at  MooMooMath Circle Unit

Circles, Tangent, Secants, and Chords

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Finding the circumference of a circle and arc length

​ Finding the area of a circle and the sector area

Finding the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle

Finding the surface area and the volume of a sphere

Geometry Vocabulary

Tangents and Circles

Circles Central angles, arc measures, major and minor arcs

Circles Arcs and angles

Chords on a Circle

Inscribed angles of a circle

Inscribed angle and angles outside the circle

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I just wanted to say I have been reading all your in-depth analysis of Genos'xSaitama's relationship since the OVA came out and agree 100% My biggest fear with opm in the future is that Saitama will be given a female romantic interest to add drama/as a plot device, as seen in other shounen anime, say, towards the last major arc of the series? Like if it was a new character or Fubuki(def not Tatsumaki lol). I can't imagine ONE doing that? but who knows? It would honestly ruin the series for me.

I REALLY can’t see Saitama just… falling in love? I think AT MOST we can expect him to develop more of a relationship with some females? We know nothing of Psykos yet, maybe she will become a big female character?

I just get the feeling that if anime is kinda… subtly adding the Genos stuff, they wouldn’t do that knowing ONE had some epic romansu~ played out. Like if Fubuki and Saitama were end game I feel like they’d have made her a bigger part in the anime? I could be wrong, it’s just a feeling. Most people don’t like just PULLING THE RUG out from people with their writing, so to have Genos be Saitama’s only person he is even friendly with for a while, and then to like LOL HERE IS HIS GIRLFRIENDlater on just seems…weird. 

Also, if they were to be paired off both with girls, I think it makes most sense for Genos to be with Fubuki?  They have a lot of parallels.

They are both “under” someone, Saitama and Tatsu. They both admire their strength. The thing about Genos and Saitama is their relationship is more friendly and loving, while Fubuki’s relationship with Tatsumaki is based on fear

It may SEEM like Saitama has a lot to teach Fubuki, but Genos is probably the best one to do that? Also they bicker about Saitama a lot lmao, so are they in competition with eachother or is it the cliche “we hate each other now but will like each other later” bit?

Then again Genos doesn’t like… anyone. So. Hahaha.

Also also, Genos’s powers are fire based, and Fubuki is “blizzard of hell” their whole character themes are opposites and I always read into that sort of stuff. She is only 3 or 4 years older than him and that’s not really a big difference?

Plus they are both the “beautiful” ones, it’s stated several times that Genos “has a bishie” face and is the “cyborg prince” and Fubuki is beautiful and smart and her crew fawns over her. Saitama’s thing is he is suppsoed to be average and unassuming, why would the super average guy get the beautiful popular woman? Esp when being average is a massive character trait?

Genos and Fubuki have had… a lot more interactions tan Saitama and Fubuki, but. I still don’t really *see* it being romantic, you could replace literally all the females with males and change NOTHING but their bodies, and nothing would change? At all?

Sorry I didn’t mean to type so much on this! I don’t think ONE is big on straightforward cliche romance so. I guess we really will have to wait and see?

There’s no denying the fact that Madhouse is hinting at Genos having more than “friendly” feelings, like I’m sorry, even if it’s just baiting it’s there. And I doubt they would just do that without it being “okay” I assume ONE would have to at least approve that? Again, I don’t know, but it’s mah ship and Im sticking to it, even if Saitama winds up sticking his tongue down every girls throat lmao

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Yep, I was hoping for a Robin episode (whyyy are they ignoring him but giving Zelena so much screentime? WHY?!?!) but if they do give us one, please let it not be 5x20 or there's about to be a major mid-arc lag, haha. I hope that they somehow figured out how to work more characters into the B plots of the centric episodes though, unlike, say, 5x06 or 5x09.

I hope so too. And poor Robin just can’t catch a storyline with both hands! He has little purpose outside being Regina’s boy toy, which is sad for the Prince of Thieves. They’re even pushing him out of the one storyline that SHOULD be about him: getting violated by Zelena and being forced to deal with his rapist because she’s the mother of his child.

Instead it’s all about Regina and Zelena’s petty feud (because Zelena’s insane) instead of Zelena’s actual victim, which is kind of appalling TBH.

Notice from YMA: Beyond The Arc Segment Is Hereby REMOVED

Based on the headline written above, I will not be providing Beyond The Arc summaries anymore, considering my current condition as a college student and also as a full-time blogger in this page. To be honest, I really love making summaries of the chapters that I’ve already read, but then again, I can’t be forcing myself too much because when I do, I’m going to be ill out of immense exhaustion again from both school and on my personal stuff. Besides, when I post these summaries, it’ll be like spoilers on hardcore mode, and you wouldn’t want that. So, I’ll be focusing more on anime recap reviews instead. 

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The 100, Season 03, Episode 03, Ye Who Enter Here

#The100 303 #review Ye Who Enter Here. Now with more architectural references to famous films!

External image

This episode opens a week after last episode, practically in real time. And then everything escalates quickly. At the beginning of the episode, I guessed Bellamy’s girlfriend would be dead within three episodes. I overestimated. All four major arcs here (Clarke/Lexa, Bellamy/Octavia/Echo/Pike, the summit including Abby and Marcus, and the newly established Arkers in the Mountain), move along at a…

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i was hoping the same! bc of 1. this - haise(.)co(.)vu/post/117199445972 - which takes place in the 6th ward and has hide&ken's aces being matched 2. six is the lovers card & i'm trash... but really: i think regarding major arc, we should take in2 account the number of the volumes in :re, as well as the overall one! in this way we got the overall/stage number (tg+tg:re) PLUS the one from :re alone.. this didn't make a lot of sense but if u ask me i'll try 2 be more clear!! aa sorry ;-;

actually, do go into details, send me multiple asks if you must

but yeah.. like 

if you take 143+63 = 206 that’s how many bones there are in a human body


// rolls around // 

// breathes heavily // 

well for now please tell me more of your theory/idea

NOTICE FROM YMA: Anime Recap Review Part 8 (Shogun Assassination Arc)

First of all, I apologize for the short hiatus of this blog due to some technical problems going on with my laptop. It’s not repaired yet, but I’m using my alternative materials which is my wireless keyboard and mice. Lastly, as for tomorrow, I’m going to post the last anime recap review of the Shogun Assassination Arc. 

Again, I apologize for the long wait. Thank you and have a good day/night!

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emberkyrlee asked:

OK how about Leah 4, 10, 11, 16

Oh thank god. Leah’s a much more stably designed character XD

4: How do you get into your OC’s mindset to write for them? How do you find the muse for them?

Leah is technically easiest to write when I’m channeling my rage XD
It’s not that she’s an angry character, its just she’s a vengeful character, and her first major story arc is a cathartic reinterpreted version of something that causes me some very toxic feelings (and still do, if I see a specific person).
I’m not sure if I’ll release that story arc without some heavy revisions to make it hard to know things about it.

But yeah, typically when I’m angry/raging, its easiest for me to channel her into my writing XD

10: How do they deal with strangers?

It honestly depends. Typically, she’ll tunnel vision and ignore people that aren’t related to what she’s doing/going to go do.
However, if you catch her at an event of some sort, she’ll either totally ignore you in favor of the event, or she’ll force herself into a conversation she find interesting.

11: Is there a place they go to in order to escape the world, the stresses of life? What’s their favourite place?

Any place that has free Coca-cola. Coke relieves all stress XD

16: What are concepts they value? Virtues? What do they look down upon?

Loyalty, being treated fairly (i.e. I’ve put in this amount of work, so I expect you to do the same), honesty.

She loathes hypocrisy, especially in those who have power and/or influence over others.

Most of the time I’m sort of at a baseline state of hating the Clave, I hate them, but it’s a passive hate. Then periodically I’ll be reminded of all the awful things they did and continue to do, and it’ll amp up again, like, how dare those sanctimonious knuckle headed lily livered jackasses continue acting like the artichoke’s heart when they’re the cause of most of the problems in the books? The Downworlders have issues, but they stay in their goddamn lanes as opposed to trying to take over the world or experimenting on their children or advocating wholesale slaughter. Three major villain arcs in this books so far and who were the main bad guys? One human and two Shadowhunters, that’s who. Clave, Consul, Council and Covenant, y'all need to sit down and sort yourselves out before you start trying to boss everyone else around. Stop being such raging speciests and recognize that within living memory of some of the Downworlders it was legal to kill them with no repercussions. So yeah, you’re kind of the bad guys. Straighten up before someone makes you and maybe, maybe there won’t be a war.

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What are some of the best Discworld books? (I want to get into the series)

I have read 23 of the 40 or so Discworld books, and afaik the best ones are within the first fifteen. I would read them in publishing order, but if you don’t want to or are having trouble finding them, I recommend you read the following in order:

  • The Color of Magic
  • The Light Fantastic (these two go together)
  • Equal Rites
  • Mort
  • Sourcery (these are the first five published)
  • Guards! Guards!

These are the beginnings of the major character arcs (Rincewind, Granny Weatherwax, Death, Rincewind again but in a style more typical of the series, and the Watch). After you read those six, plus I highly recommend Pyramids and Moving Pictures, you can follow whichever character arcs you like best or just continue in publishing order. They do get repetitive after a while.

Rep Sheet Roundup: Kristin Chenoweth Changes Managers

Who got signed, promoted, hired or fired? The Hollywood Reporter’s Rep Sheet rounds up the week in representation news. To submit announcements for consideration, contact

Under new management

Kristin Chenoweth has left Untitled and is now solely managed by Micone Entertainment Group’s Ed Micone, a live-entertainment veteran who was a former executive at Radio City Entertainment and also worked at Paradigm and ICM. Chenoweth, whose recent activities include serving as co-host of the 2015 Tony Awards (where she also was a leading actress nominee) and voicing Snoopy’s love interest in The Peanuts Movie, continues to be represented by ICM Partners.

Now cast this guy in everything!

Being Human alum Sam Witwer has signed with UTA. The genre favorite starred as vampire Aiden on all four seasons of Syfy’s supernatural drama, and he’s also known for major arcs on Smallville, Dexter and Battlestar Galactica. Witwer also is a prolific voiceover artist, most notably for the Star Wars franchise — he starred as protagonist Starkiller in The Force Unleashed video game and has voiced roles for the animated Clone Wars series and in The Force Awakens on the big screen. He continues to be represented by Gilbertson Entertainment and Hirsch Wallerstein.

Let’s get real

APA has promoted agent John Seitzer to vice president in its Alternative and Factual Programming department. The University of Missouri-Columbia alumnus has spent his entire career at APA, and since his 2010 promotion to agent he has closed hosting deals for Dominic Monaghan (Travel Channel’s Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan), Donald Faison (GSN’s upcoming Winsanity), Brooke Burns (GSN’s The Chase), Grady Powell (Discovery’s Dual Survival), Matt Rogers (Discovery’s The Dirt), Iliza Shlesinger and Adam Ray (TBS’ Separation Anxiety) and Mark Steines (Hallmark’s Home & Family). “John truly is an exemplary agent, with a gift for navigating the challenges unique to on-camera client representation,” department head Hayden K. Meyer said in a statement. “This promotion reflects John’s growth over the last few years, and we are extremely proud of him.”

Another alternative agency promotion

Abrams has promoted Miles Lozano to agent in its alternative programming and digital department. Before joining the agency two years ago, he worked at Amy Levy Public Relations Agency and also in marketing at Santa Monica’s Shangri-La and AEG Live. “Rooted in the digital age, Miles is fluent in the language of new media,” Abrams chairman and CEO Harry Abrams said in a statement. “Using his passion for innovative media solutions, I am eager to watch him grow within the agency.”

Viva la diversidad

Entertainment marketing and publicity firm MPRM has launched ¡HOLA! MPRM and hired industry veteran Inma Carbajal-Fogel to lead the new Hispanic-focused practice. “Inma’s broad range of experience means that ¡HOLA! MPRM will be available across all of our practice offerings from film, television and home entertainment to digital media, performing arts and consumer products,” said MPRM president Mark Pogachefsky of Carbajal-Fogel, who has worked on campaigns for Ted, Bridesmaids, Despicable Me, Disney Consumer Products, Endemol Shine Latino, American Idol, Hallmark Movie Channel, Verizon, TJ Maxx and Payless.

Yes, she can

Those Who Can’t star Maria Thayer has signed with publicity firm PMK*BNC. The comedian is the lone female regular on the TruTV comedy, the network’s first full-length scripted series, which premieres on Thursday and already has been renewed for a second season. Thayer’s memorable appearances include three seasons on Adult Swim’s Eagleheart and playing Jack McBrayer’s love interest twice, on 30 Rock and in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The redhead made her television debut as Jerri Blank’s best friend Tammi Littlenut in Amy Sedaris’ Comedy Central series Strangers With Candy, and she reprised the role for the 2005 movie.

A Power Lawyer’s power move

Gary Stiffelman, a member of THR’s 2014 Power Lawyers class, has moved from Ziffren Brittenham to Greenberg Traurig, where he will be a shareholder. During his 34 years at Ziffren, Stiffelman cultivated a specialty in music and digital dealmaking, and sometimes both — for example, helping Trent Reznor launch Beats Music.

Going west

New York-based entertainment advertising and marketing agency Sawyer Studios has expanded to the West Coast, hiring Kailey Peterson from Alchemy to serve as strategic account director in Los Angeles. It’s one of the first major moves by newly promoted president and partner Zachary Soreff, and one that will allow Sawyer to better serve its clients, which include Fox Searchlight, Participant Media, Focus Features, Cinedigm and Magnolia Pictures. Back east, Sawyer also has added Courtney Jones and Michael Ben Lawson as account directors as well as Joseph Dilorio as senior ad operations manager.

Moving up the depth chart

Sports and entertainment digital services firm Omnigon has promoted five employees to executive positions. They are:

·     Becki Wronko Civello to vp client services

·     Manish Dayal to vp client engagement and managing director of the Los Angeles office

·     Joanna Solowey to vp marketing

·     Jake Stone to director of North American sales

·     Adrian Benjamin to client manager and sales lead for the BracketPro software platform

Elsewhere in Rep World:

CAA Signs Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Veteran UTA Partner Lisa Jacobson Launches Branding Company

Jermaine Dupri Signs With CAA

Justin Bieber’s Pastor Signs With Management 360

Sundance: &lsquoOutlaws and Angels’ Director Signs With UTA

Minnie Driver Signs With CAA

Sundance: &lsquoTrash Fire’ Director Signs With UTA

Sundance: &lsquoSing Street’ Star Signs With WME

&lsquoHomeland’ Alum Nazanin Boniadi Signs With ICM Partners

Chris Brown Signs With UTA in All Areas

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn: A History of Poison Ivy” - Irresistibly Ivy:

The late 1990s saw Poison Ivy in several major Batman arc and crossover series with DC Comics. In Alan Grant’s “Leaves of Grass” 3 issue arc originally published in Batman: Shadow of the Bat (Vol 1) 56 - 58 (November 1996 - January 1997), Floronic Man aka Dr. James Woodrue, Pamela Isley’s former university professor, and his henchwomen Eva and Holly Green break Ivy out of Arkham Asylum. Once she’s free, Poison Ivy receives a bundle of money in exchange for her DNA given to Woodrue, who plans on combining their genetics to create an offspring as part of a plan to run Gotham City’s economy with marijuana. The Batman grapples in and stops Floronic Man’s plan yet Ivy is able to run away with her new money. In May 1997 Ivy appears in both the one show ‘Batman: Poison Ivy’ for the live action film ‘Batman and Robin’ and also Jeph Loeb’s 13 issue saga 'Batman: The Long Halloween" (panel from issue 5). In Chapter Six: St. Patrick’s Day, illustrated by Tim Sale (cover, pencils, inks), Gregory Wright (colors) and Richard Starkings (letters), Poison Ivy is using her mind control over Bruce Wayne, allowing Carmine Falcone invest in the Gotham City Bank. As Selina Kyle aka Catwoman discovers the control Ivy has over Bruce, she goes to investigate as the two have dinner at Wayne Manor. Catwoman crashes the dinner and attacks Ivy and saves Bruce, whose chest is covered in vines and leaves. We will look at Ivy’s role in 'No Man’s Land’ in the next post of our session. [Sources: ; History of the Batman is releasing this content under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0.] ✌🏻️💚🌹📖