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second part (x) in our adventures of Suga Doesn’t Know His Own Strength (Or Does He) based on that one scene from s2 ep18

they’re all thinking “better him than me”

There’s an ease to the character of Tommy, reflected in the way he wears his uniform. And that’s different to the way that Alex wears his - he’s more of a “tough”, for want of a better word. And then there’s a character who wears an ill-fitting uniform. This is not accidental. It’s part of the story-telling.
—  From: Dunkirk, the history behind the major motion picture.
Was it a risk to cast someone so well known, and yet such an unknown quantity? ‘It didn’t feel risky at all,’ says Emma, 'because he auditioned the same way everyone else did. Over the course of days of coming back to audition, giving it his best, Harry was absolutely right for the part, and it didn’t feel any more a risk casting him than it did casting anyone else.’ Emma appreciates that his fame might get in the way for some: 'there’s always the risk that people can’t get past the persona, but the truth is he’s a great actor. I think when you watch him in the movie he utterly sucks you in. He’s not Harry Styles any more, in the same way that Fionn isn’t Fionn Whitehead any more - he’s Tommy.’

I watched the MV for Shelter forever ago and this idea has been floating around in my head ever since. The beginning reminds me of Lance every time (; A ;)

Music Series: Silvertongue by Young The Giant**

It really doesn’t matter if this song has any other lyrical translation besides what it’s saying to me. It could be talking about some porn award for all I know (“And the Silvertongue goes to…”), but my sexual brain has a rhythm and a pattern and a rhyme, and it’s all screaming the same thing.


HERE is “Silvertongue“ by Young The Giant

Anon…you dirty little mynx…xo

I hope I survive….



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hi, i am back with merman!jimin. SWAMP MERMAN IS MY SHIT

also flat brushes are nice to do digitally bc it easy but someone teach me to paint with round brush pls, i am so bad at this

the signs as popular 2017 songs
  • Aries: Future- Mask Off
  • Taurus: Ed Sheeran- Shape of You
  • Gemini: Big Sean- Bounce Back
  • Cancer: Harry Styles- Sign of the Times
  • Leo: Halsey- Now or Never
  • Virgo: Major Lazer- Light Up
  • Libra: Harry Styles- Sweet Creature
  • Scorpio: Kendrick Lamar- Humble
  • Sagittarius: Kyle ft. Lil Yachty- iSpy
  • Capricorn: Julia Michaels- Issues
  • Aquarius: The Chainsmokers- Paris
  • Pisces: Zayn ft. Taylor Swift- I Don't Wanna Live Forever