major spoilers guys

Fe14 timeline so far

So, from what’s already been said about King Garon we can confirm that:

-Garon was a stern but goOD DAD HE LOVED HIS KIDS SO MUCH

-He was (as far as I know Ive only played Birthright) a pretty good husband and his heart broke when his first wife died

-Didn’t care about conquering other kingdoms

-He intimidated Xander but that’s bc he was just a strong stern man he still loved his son


-Elise never knew what he was like back then bc the poor thing was born probably after her dad went to shit

-Corrin was kidnapped by evil Garon, but even though Leo was younger than Corrin, he was still old enough to remember when his dad loved him

-This means Corrin was probably taken when he was 6-10 years old?? (10 is kind of a stretch bc I assume he would remember that)

-I have no idea what Camilla or Azura’s deals are seriously how do they come into this

In conclusion: King Garon was a lovely father and husband and king and it was only cause of some evil magic voodoo shit he’s such a dick now

If I’m missing anything please tell me UNLESS there are spoilers involved! Jugding by the topic there are sure to be many. Like Ive said Ive only finished Birthright so please go easy on me

Things I’m thankful for in Fallout 4...

1. RJ MacCready growing up to be a sexy beast.

2. Arthur Maxson growing up to be a sexy beast.

3. Paladin Danse appearing in the series as a sexy beast.

4. Preston Garvey appearing in the series as a sexy beast.

5. John Hancock being the first prominent male ghoul I could canonically bang.

6. Nick Valentine being the coolest noir wingman I could ever ask for.

7. Nate being the perfect (albeit deceased) husband I could literally construct.

8. Garrus Vakarian’s voice coming out of several characters in the game.

I should probably re-title this post, “Men I’m thankful for in Fallout 4…”

if it takes two [v:ld fic]

summary: After the Sendak attack, Keith and Lance deal with unresolved things. Whatever those might be. 


“What?” He finally says, safely slipping the piece over Lance’s head with minimal knocking against his temple. He sets the discarded parts on the floor next to the bed.

“I have a confession.”

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a/n: klance, post episode 5, no major spoilers, just guys bein dudes (they kiss. it’s gay). how the Bonding Moment would go if i was in charge of voltron. the Usual.

When Keith’s in a fight, nothing else makes sense.

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Empire of Storms- spoilers ahead!

Major spoilers ahead guys….

Ever since finishing Empire of Storms I have been baffled by how Rowan, a centuries old Fae, didn’t know that Aelin was his mate.
Then I realised, Maeve manipulated the mating bond between him and Lyria, and so really he wouldn’t have known the true signs of a real mating bond because his previous mating had been a lie- and it kind of kills me a little inside that Rowan now has to come to terms with the fact that Lyria was killed all because it was part of Maeve’s scheme and that her life was sacrificed, their unborn child was sacrificed, all so Maeve could break Rowan and get to Aelin.
Not only that, but he now has to live with the knowledge that that psychotic bitch has got his real mate, his wife, and he has absolutely no idea what Maeve is going to do to her.

Xmas ep MAJOR spoiler discussion - (Whouffe-related)

I just read some spoilers for the episode that are supposedly pretty reliable. Taken with a healthy grain of salt, of course. Anyone feel like discussing?

More after the cut! SPOILERS sweeties :)

Okay, so the spoilers are saying that the Doctor returns to Trenzalore and begins a huge battle with a whole plethora of our favorite villains. The battle is going to go over 300 years and in the process, he will lose a limb to the angels.

Clara helps him at times, but it sounds like the locks her in the TARDIS to keep her safe. Outside, Eleven will be fighting and aging over the course of the 300 years.

If this is true, I think that we’ll see some events from Clara’s POV were he’ll pop in and out and each time he’ll be older. That way, we’ll get a sense that a lot of time is passing.

I’m also wondering if this is a way to make Whouffle continue to be a possibility. Clara is going to see him age and I think she’s not going to care if he looks young or old. He’s the Doctor to her. She knows all his faces and it doesn’t matter. So, he’ll age and by the end he’ll be battered and old. He’ll regenerate and his form will be older. But, it’s possible that Twelve (Peter) is going to “look” younger than how they will age Eleven. And… Clara isn’t going to care one bit what his physical appearance is.

Other spoilers…. That’s thing in space that we saw in the 50th ep that looked like the time crack? It looked all wispy like some space anomaly? Well, if the spoilers are correct, it wasn’t just a coincidence. It IS the crack and it’s going to show up in the Xmas ep.

I’m quite intrigued about Matt actually being the Thirteenth Doctor and how he’ll get his new regenerations.

Sorry, this was so rambly. I’m still trying to get my head around all this!!

Discuss? Thoughts?

*Major Spoilers for Ep 4*



Guys….am I the only one who thinks that Mark Jefferson IS Nathan’s dad?

Or his older brother or some relative named Henry Aaron Prescott who dyed his hair, changed his name to Mark Jefferson, and is now forcing Nathan to be compliant with him?

Because that was what I totally got from all the name dropping during the party and the fact that all this info about the Prescotts – including all of the notes from Nathan’s father, etc. – are in the Dark Room? Maybe Nathan’s dad or some of Nathan’s relatives have time traveling powers like Max which is why they’re so rich in the first place…

Major spoilers here guys as this has been confirmed to be real and takes place in the episode ‘back to the moon’.
So we finally get to see more of the now legendary pink diamond. This also disproves the 'Rose is pink diamond’ theory for good, and although we don’t see her face, we’ve got a better idea of what she looks like and her gem placement has been confirmed.
She seems like she’s a dancer by what pose she’s pulling, so maybe that’ll come into play later…overall I think that a lot will be revealed about her in 'back to the moon’ and I can’t wait!