major prayer request

Major prayer request!!

So as many of you know Nick and I have been dating for a little over a year now. Well it is with a very joyful heart that I ask you to remember us in your prayers as we are planning to be married November 11, 2017!! Blessed be God in His gifts!

Major prayer request.

A friend of mine, her name is Sarah, a young lady of 19 who has had enough of a rough life as it is, got some test results back and found that her leukemia has returned. Please pray for her. Pray for healing for her body and her heart. This young lady has had a life I wouldn’t wish on the most horrible people I’ve ever met.

Major Prayer Request

Hey all. I found out today that one of my close friend’s brothers/my other close friend’s cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident. I believe that he was married and had a child as well so can you please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers because I know it’s not easy losing someone you love at such a young age. Thank you. 


There is a kid at my church, who I’m friends with but not close friends, who got into a car accident two and a half weeks ago. He should have died. He got ejected from the car. He was there at youth group tonight and I just want healing for him. He’s a good kid and he’s a great guy to talk to for advice and he just looked so upset tonight. :( 

I put a smile on his face when I told him I remembered what band was his favorite band and that band is also the band that is tattooed on his back. So can y'all pray for him? His name is Gage.