major organ adding machine

its attiiiii

okay so this is some abt me bs watev

my names Atti, im from NYC.

i like takin trips (hehe), music, space, movies, hiking, the beach, trains, fashion nd makeup.

fave movies: 2001: a space odyssey, interstellar, wall-e, its such a beautiful day, trainspotting, scott pilgrim v the world, superbad, moonrise kingdom, and major organ and the adding machine

fave bands: STRFKR, of Montreal, Spiritualized, Anco, Porches, Psychic Twin, GBV, Pink Floyd, Ariel Pink, LCD Soundsystem, Music Tapes, OTC, NMH (good pals), P Bear, Sufjan Stevens, Danny Brown, RTJ, DEATH GRIPSSS, Kendrick, MGMT, BTS, Alvvays and some others im p forgettin

I travel between toronto and nyc so i can see my wonderboi Luke (u should follow him @luketheidiot

probably a engineering or astrophysics major but architecture is rlly cool idk im confused.

im in a band called Sunhappen as of right now but who knows its space synth pop acid disco shit

my tags r p obvs

words- shit i say

poetry- crappy shit i say

music- music i like/my own music

L- my bfs tag 

space- exactly what u think

art- same goes, my art binch

i rlly just wanna die and go to space my life isnt that cool bye <3