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Who says all male models look the same? Selecting our favourite faces of the season is a sport of its own. These breathtaking lads might have only appeared in a show or two (some of whom are not even searchable on Google!) across the 3 fashion capitals; yet from the few shows, they’ve exposited a distinct character on the runways that instantly won us over. As for the rest, they seem to be enjoying a prolific season indeed. 

In no particular order:

  1. Classically handsome with enchanting green eyes, Nathan Saignes is fast becoming one of our top favourites this season. We are definitely drawn to his brooding yet slightly playful appearance. The Frenchman is off to a good start as the face of Balmain’s lookbook FW14, following the footsteps of male model greats Adrien Sahores, Anthon Wellsjö and Clément Chabernaud. 
  2. We first chanced upon Andreas Sandby’s portfolio a few months back whilst looking out for upcoming faces of the show season. Our verdict? Andreas pretty much makes us want to scream the cheesiest love songs down a building. With a radiant and lively face that can transform into a steely expression from show to show, the Dane has definitely made a much more lasting impression this season compared to his first.
  3. Of course we appreciate Miuccia’s collections each season, but you can say we were a little distracted as Nathan Laurent sauntered down the runway. Armed with a carefree demeanor and a youthful appeal, Nathan’s look is reminiscent of French male models of yesteryears - well, if you consider 2006 as such.
  4. Resembling a forlorn Romeo, Max Mondo’s woeful blue eyes and refined beauty will surely make him a staple model. His versatility has secured him FW14 shows in London, Milan, and Paris.
  5. Marc - André Turgeon’s expressive face landed him the most coveted FW14 shows. From Prada to Louis Vuitton, Marc brings forth a sophisticated energy that is fairly hard to find as of late - definitely a breath of fresh air from this new face!
  6. Andreas Lindquist’s youthful, boyish face is transposed on an unprecedented shapely figure. From Burberry to Lanvin, his bewitching stare and elfin-like ears are hard to miss. Keep a look out for this boy from Success!
  7. Where do we begin? Wannes might have only made one appearance throughout fashion week but his sculpted features, hypnotizing eyes and full lips make him a truly arresting and unforgettable face. Watch this space.  
  8. With raven hair hanging over a tense, elegant face at Raf Simons, Flint Hignett instantly captured our attention and hearts. Also walking for Kenzo and Haider Ackermann FW14, this Dutch newcomer is both enigmatic and versatile, a winning combination of traits making Flint one to keep an eye on.
  9. Matthias Bex’s fierce tangle of brows and piercing blue eyes is truly a sight to behold. Youthful and simply charming, we can see why Miuccia favoured him and had him walk for two looks in Prada FW14. Nonetheless, it was at Dries Van Noten where wearing blue, his own azure eyes were complemented like a dream, and solidified his position on this list.
  10. With a stunning balance between sharp and delicate features, it’s little wonder that in his very first season Hyeong Seop had graced 5 Paris Fashion Week shows. Coupled with his mesmerising eyes and angled brows, Park leaves a lasting impression.
  11. What is there not to love about Jake? His boyish charm, plump lips and deep set eyes are made for both runway and print. With Raf Simons and Kenzo already under his belt, we are confident the best is yet to come from Mr. Love.
  12. There’s definitely something alluring about Major Milan’s new face. Making his mark with a Prada debut, Timur Simakov exudes a mix of mysterious yet self-assured confidence on the runway. Do keep your eyes peeled for the young Russian in print. 
  13. This brown-eyed babe from Why Not Models stopped us in our tracks debuting at Damir Doma with two looks. Full lips marked by the faintest scar and a dimpled chin, we can’t deny Axel Cornet’s beauty any more than you can deny the grass is green.
  14. It’s almost impossible to overlook Dirk van der Graaf’s full charming face and gentle blue eyes at Jil Sander FW14. Hailing from the Netherlands, Dirk’s comely face is sure to impress many editors and casting directors in seasons to come!
  15. How do you keep your eyes away from Kim Sang Woo? With an immaculate set of cheekbones, hardened stare and enigmatic walk, all we’ve got to say is: this assassin is a lady/man killer.
  16. Ringo Lukas instantly caught our attention as the fresh-faced model who opened Lanvin FW14. Let’s be honest here, not many can pull off that haircut as well as he did. We see phenomenal potential in the young and striking German.  

Season after season, we look forward to greater ethnic diversity in some if not, most of the shows. We would like to say we are hopeful for seasons to come yet, diversity has never been at the forefront of casting decisions in menswear shows including this Fall/Winter 14 season.

With that said, we are thrilled that several boys from previous seasons are gaining much more recognition, appearing in multiple shows in each city. For that, we would like to give them a special mention.

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Felix Hermans, Jack Chambers, Linus Wördemann, Joseph Brandon, Yulian Antukh, Adam Butcher.

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