major mess ups

if they didn’t know winter training was going to be this tough,  then that means this is their first winter as trainees.

these are 12/13 year olds right here


James McAvoy Filmography: 6/??Starter for 10 (2006)

“ At some point, you’ve got to get back out there, face up to things, and confront your demons. Ever since I can remember, I’d wanted to be clever. Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I’m not one of those people. I’m going to have to work at it, put in the effort, and if I mess it up, I’ll learn from it. Besides, sometimes it’s not about knowing the right answer. Sometimes it’s about asking the right questions. ” - Brian Jackson.

Don’t be afraid about messing things up. It’s ok. We’re just humans.


There is a reason why we t h r i v e in the night,
The night holds our secrets while the day exposes them to everyone.
The night is our safe haven, we can hide our secrets within it and they
will never be found.
Night by L.E.A

♠ “It shall be done.”
Ace in Prince Kael’thas inspired regalia.

The Boss’ Girl Ch. 1

Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) x Reader x Jeon Jungkook (BTS)


Rated: G 

Word Count: 3343

A/N: Here’s the first chapter for the Jungkook project I’ve been working on.  It’s mostly just an introduction so bare with me on this one.  Warning!!! This is going to get very smutty!!!  Lots of Dom/Sub, slight BDSM, and all kinds of kinky stuff.   I feel a bit stupid I’ve had this idea all planned out since the Celebrity Bromance episode the two of them did together but just never sat down to write it.  Please give some feed back if it’s something you guys are going to be interested in?

7:55 AM you come into your boss’ office.  His morning cup of coffee placed on the coaster by the phone.  ¼ cup half and half, two teaspoons of raw sugar, and ¾ cup of Starbucks dark roast coffee in his favorite mug.  By now there’s no need to measure it out because you know by sight and muscle memory.  

The three leading business journals and newspapers are stacked in just the right order on the right hand side.  The days tentative schedule typed with checkboxes lays on top of them.  It’s also on both of your tablets but he likes the paper copy just for the satisfaction of checking the boxes when something is accomplished.  

After giving the desk and room a look over to be sure everything is neat and in place you head for the front of the office.  Your watch clicks to 8:00 AM and the elevator dings.  Like an interminable coo-coo clock your boss comes through the door with a pleasant good morning though his forward pace never stops for the greeting.  

You click the door back shut and follow along behind him.  Back in his private office he hands you his suit jacket that you hang on the rack.  He takes his seat, a small sip of coffee, a sigh, and picks up today’s agenda.  While he gives it a thorough read through you stand beside him with the tablet in hand for instructions.  

“Not too much going on today outside the office.  That’s good.  No major messes to clean up or meetings.  Also good.  And just the two of us for lunch today?  Very good.”  He finishes off his thought with a wink in your direction.  

“Alright dear, unless anything of importance comes up, which I hope it doesn’t, I’ll see you at 11:45.”  He smiles and barely waits for your “yes sir” before picking up the first newspaper.  Nothing more is needed to be said for you to excuse yourself out to your own desk.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you think Cas has had to deal with toxic masculinity in the show?? Thank you!!

Hello! Thank you for the ask ^^

Oh boi, this is a big question and I am running on a tiny handful of energy coins left after a long day, so I’m afraid I cannot really do it justice right now, but I can try.

Long story short, yes, Cas has been affected by toxic masculinity. I think there are two vectors for this kind of analysis - what Cas has picked up from his being an angel, and what Cas has picked up from the humans closest to him.

Angel society/culture as we meet it ever since the angels are introduced in the show is imbued with toxic masculinity. They’re soldiers. Heaven is structured as a military hierarchy. Compassion, love, emotionality are not valued. Heck, they’re not even supposed to feel emotions - it’s actually forbidden.

That’s where Cas come from. You can read Cas’ story as a journey towards becoming a purer (as in, more accurate) version of himself, not really unlike Dean. We talk a lot about Dean learning to shed the layers imposed on him by his upbringing and the environment he’s lived in and the traumatic experiences he’s gone through, learning to let his “soft” self shine through - but the same applies to Cas.

Look at how Cas acts in season 5 and especially 6, and compare it to how he’s been acting in the following years. It’s been Cas all along, but as time passes, he’s letting himself be softer, he’s letting himself act on his compassion and care. And that’s been a primary cause of conflict with the rest of the angels, because an angel is not supposed to be like that.

I have been writing about “angelhood” as a normative ideal that can be read as metaphorical for normative concepts of masculinity or femininity (but mostly masculinity, I may add), and how Cas defies that, in a way that codes him as queer/trans. So yeah, the more Cas distances himself from a strict angelic identity, the more he’s distancing himself from a rigid, toxic ideal concept of what an angel should be, and I find it easy to trace a tight parallel between angelhood and heteronormativity (and consequently toxic masculinity).

But even outside of the metaphor, yes, angels are imbued with toxic masculinity, which can be traced up to God being sexist (textually stated in the show, plus there’s an entire arc about him and Amara that represents that).

Cas’ journey isn’t just about embracing humanity in itself, but embracing parts of himself that heaven has tried to repress in him - the parts that represent exactly the opposite of toxic masculinity. In season 6 he was acting as an angel. More recently, he’s been acting as a human. Substitute angelhood and humanity with toxic masculinity and healthy/soft masculinity, and ta-da. Cas’ journey is about accepting his emotional, caring, soft side, not being ashamed for it, and in fact giving the angels the virtual middle finger for trying to repress those things in him.

I mentioned another vector, what Cas has picked up from the humans closest to him. The things is - Cas has learnt humanity primarily from the Winchesters. After he rebels to heaven at the end of s4, Dean, Sam and Bobby have been his models for humanity. In 9x03 he explicitly says that Dean and Sam are his teachers for being human. So, well, he does pick up things from them. Let’s be real, learning humanity from s5-s6 Dean and Sam is not exactly ideal. No wonder the guy immediately learnt how to make major mistakes that mess up the world and your closest relationships.

I think his journey and Dean’s have been strictly intertwined - they’ve been learning and growing parallel-y to each other and have learnt from each other and helped each other grow. And that growth is about shedding toxic layers and accepting their emotionality, their soft sides, the caring and loving core of their personalities.

Which doesn’t mean that those “toxic layers” are something extraneous to them. Something just juxtaposed to their real personalities. Neither Dean or Cas is 100% a pure creature made of love and softness - the bad parts are part of them too. But their journey has been about deconstructing the parts that forcefully stifled the softness in them, acknowledging their emotionality and accepting the vulnerability that comes with letting it shine though. It’s been about choosing what they want to be, and not letting their upbringing/environment/trauma choose it for them and force them to repress parts of themselves that are not included in that model and are instead necessary for their well-being and happiness - because emotionality and vulnerability are necessary for men’s well-being and happiness.

Why’d You have to do that? Part 2 (Jae/Day6)

Part 1


I looked at him in disbelief and felt every emotion hit me at once. “I’m- I- I really don’t- I’m sorry.” He said and tried placing a hand on my shoulder. I quickly shrugged it off and grabbed my things. My mind was a cluster fuck and I couldn’t think straight. One thing I did know though, I needed to leave his apartment.

“I’ll wash these clothes and give them back to you later.” I said gathering my clothes and slipping on my vans. I couldn’t look him in the eye. “Y/N, please can we talk about this?” He said, grabbing my wrist and spinning me to face him. “I can’t.” I whispered, my overspilling emotions taking their toll. I released myself from his grip and sped out of his apartment as fast as I could. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I caught the bus home.

Jae’s POV

I watched as she left, my feet planted to the floor. I felt light headed, did I just ruin our friendship? My hand came up and pushed my hair out of my face. Why did I kiss her? Why? She never showed any sign of wanting to be kissed. 

I turned around and let myself face-plant into my bed. “Idiot, idiot, idiot.” I said to myself, before reaching for my phone and dialing an all to familiar number. “Brian, I fucked up.” I mumbled when he picked up. “What did you do now, you idiot?” 

3 hours later

“She probably just needs to think about things. You were her best friend and now she know’s you were seeing her differently.” Brian said from my couch. “I don’t know why I did it.” I muttered, crashing down next to him. “Okay cheer up. Yes, kissing her was maybe a mistake but you and her, you guys are best friends. In a few weeks it will be water under the bridge.” “WEEKS?! I messed up major.” I said and threw my head back against the couch. 

That was when the doorbell rang. I got off the couch and walked to the door, secretly hoping it was her. I opened the door and saw nothing.  “What the-” I looked down, seeing my shirt and sweatpants I had leant her. They were neatly folded with a note on top and my heart dropped.  She was nowhere to be seen.

A/N: So this is kind of a filler chapter. So If you want a part 3 let me know! And @v-thedarkside-t asked me to tag them! So here you go!

Because of a bet... - chapter 2 -

Greetings my cubs! X3
Here you go with the second chapter of the story I really hope you like this one as well^^ and thanks again to @skaisummers (you will see this credit in every chapter), for beeing the co-writer here!! 😊😍

This chapter is from Ohm’s perspective agai, but there for are the next two chapter from Bryce’s perspective….°)~° …you will see the pattern…

But for now-
~ ~ enjoy 😄


Cartoonz and Delirious left, leaving just me and Bryce.

“So, Bryce about earlier…” I ask directly after our stream.

“Earlier?” Bryce asks puzzled.

“You know… the sexual innuendos?”

“Oh, that! Yeah, that was pretty funny!”

“Yeah, it was! But, seriously does it bother you?” I hold my breath in suspense wanting to hear his answer.

I really want to know if Bryce is bothered by it. I want to flirt with him, not make him hate me.

And honestly? I’ll hate myself if I drive him away.

“What? Oh no! I’m fine with it!” Bryce exclaims naturally with his trademark giggle.

What? Really?

“Really?” I ask confused.

“Yeah! I mean sometimes it goes a bit overboard, but our viewers seem to love it, so why not? Besides, it’s all in good fun! I know it’s just us joking around!” Bryce says.

Oh, Bryce if only you knew…

“Oh, Brycie! How could you say that? You really know how to break a man’s heart!” I say half jokingly, half truthfully.

Bryce laughs, taking my overenthusiasm as an honest attempt at humor.

“I don’t know man! I’m just a natural-born heartbreaker! It’s not my fault if you fall for me!” Bryce jokes.

“Well, it’s not my fault either. You’re just too damn sexy! Do you expect me to just turn my eye’s away?~” I say with a laugh.

“Yes! Yes, I do!” Bryce says and then giggles again. “Okay! Man! This fake flirting is freaking hilarious!”

“How do you know it’s fake?” I ask with a flirtatious tone.

“Oh please, Ohm! We both know you’d never actually try to hit on me. Besides, I’m straight.” Bryce laughs.

“Oh? You never know. One day I just might get that bootie Brycie~” I say in a teasing manner.

Though, I’m actually quite serious.

“Okay… I think I’m going to end the flirting here!” Bryce laughs.

I want to continue, but I can tell Bryce is getting a bit uncomfortable, so I decide to wrap up the banter.

“Too much of my sexiness for you to handle, huh? Alright, Bryce. I’ll save it for another night~”

“Oh my God, Ohm. Stop!” Bryce yells halfheartedly.

We laugh for a bit, when Bryce decides to start up a new conversation.

“Hey Ohm?” Bryce asks.

“Yeah Brycie?” I respond.

I can practically hear Bryce rolling his eyes at the nickname.

“You’re my best friend you know that? I don’t think I could picture my life without you being a part of it. ” He says with sincerity.

My heart stops at that moment. As this moment, I feel truly conflicted. On one hand, I know Bryce honestly appreciates me in his life. On the other hand, I think I just became even more friend-zoned. But, instead of a joke, I answer honestly.

“Yeah… I know. I feel the same way.” I reply.

And I absolutely mean it. Just not in the way he thinks.

“Also, if it makes you happy to fake flirt with me, then I don’t mind. Plus, I get to hear nice things from your channel sometimes! It’s nice, you know?” Bryce states.

Oh right! Those fucking hate comments!

“I just don’t get it? How could someone say that your laughter is annoying or that you’ve got a fake personality?! You’re one of the most sincere people I know!”

Sadly, that’s the majority. Which is messed up, because Bryce is such an angel! An adorable, sexy, naive, intelligent angel!

He has the most beautiful blue eyes, a perfect Colgate smile and the most melodic voice I have ever heard. His laughter is… fuck! His laughter is enough to get my blood pumping.

In more ways than one…

Okay! Not the time!

“I don’t know. People are just haters. But, sometimes it’s hard to ignore, you know?” Bryce replies seeming less vibrant than usual.

Fuck! Bryce is really letting this get to him. I gotta’ say something…

“Yeah. But, you can’t pay attention to them. They’re just jealous because you’re kind, perfect, and intelligent. You’re amazing! They wish they could be half as beautiful as you!”

I freeze as I realize what I just said. Shit! That came out a bit strong.

I hope Bryce doesn’t get freaked out.

“…. Wow, Ohm. That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone tell me…” He says quietly.

Wait… Isn’t Bryce weirded out? “Well, it’s the truth. So, don’t pay any mind to them.” I restate in an equally quiet voice.

There’s an awkward silence on the other side of the line.

Shit! I think I might have fucked up!

“Bryce, I-”

“I’m pretty tired. I think I’m gonna go to bed a bit early. I’ll talk to you in the next group stream.”


“Bye Ohm!” Bryce says quickly and then gets offline.

I sit motionlessly at my computer screen staring blankly at my monitor, as I try to come to terms with what just happened.

“Fuck!” I yell and slam my head on my desk with a hard thud.

Sometimes, I really hate myself…

Major is up next!

Major is a military commander, in Janto’s military, serving alongside her mate, Commandant. She was raised in a military lifestyle, and thus follows it now that she’s matured. When she was younger, she was horribly attacked by Harpies, and left for dead. Commandant found her and brought her back to his den, where he brought her back to life, so to speak, by giving her cybernetic implants. Her wing arms are entirely machine, and she has several more mechanisms underneath of her skin, that help her survive. She even has some in her brain, allowing machine and organics to work in tandem. Now that she’s joined the Empire, Janto has given Commandant the tools to improve Major’s functions. Though with her upgrades, some of her cybernetics have begun to show on her skin. She doesn’t mind–appearances are nothing to her.

Her hair is kept short, though it’s wavy, leading it to be quite unruly depending on the weather. She’s always seen in a military outfit, even when off duty. She apparently only wears different clothes around Commandant. Her feathered crests are actually synthetic feathers–fiber optics–that glow, when she’s using her cybernetic abilities. Despite this, they feel like actual feathers. While some of her cybernetic implants are showing under her clothes, the most prominent ones are showing on her face, going from her temples, down to her cheek bones. She doesn’t mind the look, and rather likes how it gives her an intimidating presence. However, because they’re visible, they also make for a good target. As such, Major has been training to make sure her face doesn’t remain a target.

(gijinka based off of this)

A Brief History of the Farm; Or Why Emily is the Way She Is

As requested, a brief (okay it got really really long) history of life, adventures, and my/ my family member’s fuckups on the farm.

@karis-the-fangirl I hope some of this is helpful/ amusing. Feel free to ask questions at any time if you’d like. If living in the sticks can be helpful to anyone I’m more than happy to share the knowledge I have.

So my dad has like the longest list of insane stories related to farmwork, so a lot of these will be his, and I should say that my family farm is only a hobby farm, so the work is a lot less difficult than my cousin’s dairy farm and the farms around me. We’re more of a subsistence farm/ homestead.

           When my dad was in middle school/ highschool he worked on my cousin’s dairy farm, and nearly died there five times that I know of (there’s probably more).

1.)    In the hayloft and a board broke out from under him sending him to the floor below (about a 10ft drop), which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the weak board sent him into a pile of very sharp tools that should have probably impaled him. He walked it off.

2.)    Was switching off equipment because he heard a storm was rolling in. The first strike of lightning in the whole night hits the barn, comes through the outlet, and knocks him flat on his ass, gasping for breath.

3.)    Was digging a trench for waterlines out to the barn. His little cousin was playing with her sisters in the back yard and went running, fell into the trench and straight on top of my father (she wasn’t necessarily small at that age and it was a 12ft trench). She nearly broke my Dad’s back, but it was lucky that she landed on him, because if she hadn’t, she likely would have hit a stone at the bottom of the trench and died.

4.)    Rolled a tractor (you’re not supposed to live through that), and not like a John Deere Mt or a little Ford or something, no, a huge commercial farm tractor with no cab. Again, he went flying, but walked it off.

5.)    Some kid decided to walk up to the back of one of the tractors when a PTO (power take off- basically a thing that spins wicked fast that you can use to power equipment off the back of a tractor, like a mower or what have you… this might explain better shaft was running. If you so much as touch one of those babies when they’re going it can break your arm/ leg. God forbid you get a scrap of clothing stuck in there, you’re as good as dead. Anyway, kid gets too close, my Dad sees what’s about to happen and shoves the kid out of the way. You can probably guess what happens to Dad’s pants. If it weren’t for the fact that Dad yelled for the kid to move and the kid screamed, which caused my Great Grandfather to come running and shut the tractor off, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Oh, and what happened to him? He walked it off.

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