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“Soooo Shockwave…you decided to give a bunch of stranded amnesiac Eukarians the memories and identities of known Autobots and Decepticons and then leave them to fight each other down to last spiritually broken, nihilistic, suicidal steampunk scout why exactly?”

Shockwave: I’m Shockwave.


My top 10 favorite Skater Family images in no particular order

because the official illustrations spoil us so much :’)

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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Twenty-One Questions - Peter Parker

Words: 6,320 (sorry its super long, I got carried away)

Warnings: Unedited, very mild makeout session (;

Paring: Tony Stark’s Daughter x Peter Parker

The Avengers compound was quieter than normal Saturday night. The television flickered in the corner as the men switched flipped back and forth between NFL games. Natasha and Wanda chatted amongst themselves ignoring the sporting event like it was their job. Shouting resulted to a bare minimum much to the surprise of the young teenager propped on the kitchen bar stool. Peter Parker had been apart of the Avengers for a little over three months and never in his time apart of the team had he witnessed them so lifeless. The Avengers slumped around like deflated balloons lacking interest in all activities.

A soft sigh fell from Peter’s soft lips while he pushed himself off the metal seat. His warm brown eyes fell to the watch fasten around his wrist. 10:06, Aunt May would expect him home by midnight but with the lack of activity, calling it a night didn’t seem like such a horrible option. Peter was use to hating the time that rolled around when he was forced to take the long haul back to his apartment. The train rides were sketchy, the walk in the cold was gruesome, and the local New York civilians had a tendency to be the most bitter people in the world. But out of all the things Peter hated about having to leaving the tower, Y/n was by far the most.

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Imagine Loki finding out another man was flirting with you. Of course he trusts you, but he can’t stop the lingering fear of not being strong enough to protect you. As a consequence, he overcompensates by tearing into any man who treats you improperly. You wish he’d stop, but it is fairly arousing.

Jeremy’s heart has gone from his throat to the bottom of his stomach. “What are you afraid of?”

It’s a stupid question, said from numb lips. Jeremy is a step behind, desperately trying to catch up, probably just digging himself deeper into the pit he’s already in. Have you ever held someone down and hurt them on purpose – or asked someone else to?

“I just told you,” Jean informs him. It sounds like I won’t repeat myself. “What are you afraid of?”

“You,” Jeremy says, before thinking, reckless and dangerous and the absolute truth.

He thinks, Fuck.

thick skin, an elastic heart - chapter ten

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Lena: *bites her lip while staring at Kara* *treats Kara better than her supposed ‘boyfriend’* *filled Kara’s office with flowers* *is always there for kara*

Kara: *bites her lip while staring at Lena* *saves lenas life several times* *believes in Lena when no one else does*

Both: *had a canon date* *major heart eyes towards each other with concern on their faces* *have had eye sex multiple times*

SG writers: they’re just friends

But consider this:

Eric “Bitty” Bittle, great-grandson of Howling Commando Dum Dum Dugan (on his Mama’s side), has a cousin coming to Samwell and needs to crash at the Haus for a while until they can “sort out his living arrangements.”

Bitty’s cousin Steve is a Brooklyn boy from New York, an art student, is about five foot and change of sass and kindness. 

Also, he can cook too. 

(“Bless your heart, is that colcannon, cousin?”

“Trust me on this - the boyfriend loves it.” )

Shitty is over the moon because “Cousin Steve” has an amazing tolerance to the Haus’ infamous “Tub Juice.”

Of course, Jack the History Major promptly has a heart attack because World War II is one of his major interests and he totally recognizes Bitty’s “Cousin Steve” and he actually fumbles when Steve smiles ruefully and just shakes his hand. 

Jack mumbles something about his thesis on the Howling Commandos and Steve tells him it’s a “Yes.”

Also, Jack is not sure whether to be thankful or completely pissed off that Steve proved that Bitty is a full body blusher.  He tries not to understand what it meant when Steve looked Jack up and down and turned to Bitty and said, “Cousin, we definitely have a type.”

“Oh my lord,” Bitty moaned. 

“Brunette, killer cheekbones and blue-gray eyes, Bits.  We’re definitely related." 


Jack begins to understand about brunette and killer cheekbones when he realizes "Cousin Steve” has a shadow who, for whatever reason, trips all of Jack’s internal alarm bells.

Shitty is all:  “He’s ex-military and is taking engineering.”

“How do you know this?”

“Elementary, my dear Watzimms - you don’t get that murder strut on America’s Next Top Model.”


“Okay, so maybe I saw him take down one of the few known assholes on campus - the one who tried to drown our Bits in the toilet?”

“The one who still has your sneaker prints on his ass from when you kicked him out of the Haus.”

“Not that you didn’t sock him on the jaw too.  That was beautiful, bro.”


“Well, Mr. Murder Strut put the fear of God into him, so much so that I hear he’s dropping out and moving to some other campus.”

Jack comes into the Haus one day to find Mr. Murder Strut sprawled out on the couch and Cousin Steve curled up on top of him, purring contentedly. 

Mr. Murder Strut calmly regards Jack and then says, “Your fella’s in the kitchen.  Try not to keep him waiting.”

Jack blinks. 

Mr. Murder Strut has a nice smile.  “He’s a keeper, you know.  Shouldn’t let him get away.  I know I’m not going to let go of mine.”

“Buck,” Cousin Steve manages to sound reproving even sleepy. 

“I’m just sayin’!”

The other shoe drops.  If James Buchanan Barnes, former Howling Commando, is dispensing love advice to Jack Zimmerman, he probably needs to pay attention.

Jack manages to get himself into the kitchen where Bitty and apple maple crusted pie awaited.  It took a few false starts but it did end with apple maple-flavored kisses and an armful of happy, giggling Bitty. 

Cousin Steve and Mr. Bucky “Murder Strut” Barnes became constant Haus guests.

—  And Lo, I Have Fallen Into Gay Hockey Hell With Stucky, a Blanket Fort Headcanon In Which There Is No Civil War, Everything is Happy and Nothing Hurts

Who would have thought that Sharon getting punched would create more of a stir in the fandom than Sharon kissing Andy and marriage talk at the dinner table :-)  I gotta say, I damn near fell out of my chair when Sharon got socked in the face and then went giddy with girly excitement when Andy shoved the son of bitch up against the wall and said if he tried anything like that again he’d beat him to a pulp. 

Oh my shipper heart!