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Witch Tip: How to foresight your next relationship

If you’re single, you probably wonder every so often when your next relationship will happen and how it will go. Asking your deck about your potential next potential significant other can prevent bad surprise and/or heartbreak. With the help of astrology, you can even guess the time range !

First and foremost, you need to be open-minded in your reading and analysis. Don’t do it with *that* specific person in mind, it will rig the whole process, because you might never get back/with that person, and the reading assumes you can.

I believe Time is like a probability tree: depending on your choices, you will get on a different timeline. But it doesn’t mean the timelines can’t reconnect at some point. Your choices aren’t always significant in the big picture and you can’t always escape a situation. Your journey can unfold in a million different ways, but at the end, you’ll reach the same destination.

I highly advise you to record the whole process in a file, it could be helpful later.

Now, here is an example of the reading you can do:

Concerning the time, you can ask your deck if you’re good with time guessing, but my favorite way is to check the sky.

Go to your favorite astrological website, and check your transits + natal chart for today. Where are Venus, Mars and Pluto ? Are they aspecting some of your personal planets ? Is there planets in your 5th, 7th house and 8th house ? (spoilers: if Saturn is transiting your 8th house, it’s gonna be pretty dry for a while)

Now, estimate what next aspects/placements would be meaningful and move forward the chart clock to estimate the right time. These clues includes:

  • Venus Return (when the transit Venus conjunct your natal Venus)
  • Venus, Mars, Pluto transiting your 5th, 7th, 8th house
  • Transit Venus aspecting your natal Moon
  • Aspects between the natal Venus/Mars and your natal Venus/Mars
  • Sun transiting your Moon and Venus sign
  • (don’t mind much the transit moon, it aspects your whole chart every month)

You need to have several clues to truly estimate a period, ex: Venus Return + Transit Moon trine Natal Venus.

Now that you have found a time range, you’ll use the transit of the moon or the sun to get the right day. The trigger can be a new moon, a full moon or the sun/moon aspecting your major clue element.

Note: I avoided a major heartbreak that way. I foresighted it 6 months before. Since I was distant with the guy I met on purpose, on the day I guessed, he got with another girl and dumped her a month later when his ex came back to him. When I learnt it, I was like “OMG it could have been me, OMG I almost got in so much deep shit”.

* I don’t recommend doing foresights if you’re already in a relationship, it could fuck it up

I don’t think I can truly express just how satisfying this season was??? okay there were major heartbreaking moments like will’s dad dying and wolfie being captured and tortured and all the other sensates feeling but?? there were also so many raw, emotional ones?? the sensates had such a deep connection this time, they were all there to help each other, they know each other so well by now. when wolfgang was in trouble they all knew it and helped and that fight between lila/her cluster and wolfie/ou sensates was just so good. they were together all the time, they were in synch and everything felt so much deeper and much more meaningful and emotional than season one?? i was on edge almost every episode, i cried, i laughed, i screamed, i got so excited i jumped up and down the sofa, and it was so beautifully executed?? it was as a true masterpiece and i am so thankful for this season of sense8

The song is actually about a heartbreak. And it’s not something that I really am used to writing about. It took me a while to be able to figure out how to write about that. It was my first major heartbreak. The song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards. I say, “She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a liar”. What the fuck, she thinks you like the beach?! You don’t like the beach! It’s those little stupid things. It sounds so happy and then the lyrics are so intense obviously. And I realized I was like, “how come this thing is coming out so joyous sounding?” And I realized this is that drunk girl at the party dancing around crying about her ex-boyfriend who everyone thinks is a mess. That’s her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. And that’s the song for me.
—  Lorde on “Green Light” in her Beats1 interview
Got7 working in a Company

: Nora’s sugar daddy, in a affair with his boss’s daughter just to get a raise. Major heartbreaker hint the red hair swept back. His fashion and his face get him a lot of girls, his cat is probably more important than anyone’s existence. The ‘I’ll fuck you hard so you won’t walk tomorrow’ Typa THOT, jinyoung is his plug when it come to work, in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit squad’ with jinyoung and bambam and yugyeom also youngjae.

Jinyoung: looks like your ‘perfect Korean oppa’ but is a savage ass bitch with a pretty face. His like the apple in snow white, pretty from the outside ugly from the inside. WILL snake you in and out, works for the same company as jaebum, his boss tells him to marry his wife but he says no because he got more bitches already and she dump for falling for jaebum, ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ is his fam

Jackson: very enthusiastic, the ‘imma hype the fuck outta of you’ person, known for being a savage during meetings, never is early to a meeting, he almost got fired 5 times, he’s hot and funny that gets him major girls, always wants to be the center of attention, never failed to get a girl to give him a head.

Bambam: better than you in fashion, ready to talk shit 30/10, always ready to come straight at his boss with facts in meetings, his boss hates him but can’t fire him, the ‘how do you know I’m not big??!’ is what got most of the girls at work weak af, always on his phone, in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad, will fuck you up if you come at his legs, known as ‘snakeandwitch’ due to his friendship with yugyeom.

Yugyeom: straight outta savagery, the ‘newbie’ in the company, has a very sharp jawline, eye fucking all the time, never is on time, his coworkers always forgive him, part of the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad, their known as the ‘snakeandwitch’, will get you fired, never failed to get the girl he wants, barely cares for his job,  the ‘daddy’ type, will fuck up the bitches who look at him in a wrong way.

Mark: nice guy, very quiet, doesn’t want to get fired, always on time, he’s the boss’s pet, always being showed off in meetings and work parties and dinners, BARELY talks, very sensitive, ‘sugar daddy’ typa guy, hates bambam and yugyeom also can not tolerate jaebum and jinyoung, jackson is his only friend

Youngjae: never is in office, always works from home, when comes to work (which is never) gets all the attention (reason jackson hates him), doesn’t bother talking in meetings even if he has a great idea or a plan, has the ‘resting bitch face’ on all the time, more likely to quit but his boss’s doesn’t let him whatsoever, somehow friends with jinyoung and jaebum and bambam and yugyeom, somehow got in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad , yet can not like jackson nor mark, hates them both just because, coco is what makes him stay home.


Heyooo, I am the person who has been doing these Got7 reactions or Got7 as bestfriends and etc. First of all, thank you guys for all the likes on Got7 as bestfriends, honestly I just wrote my thoughts and didn’t really care but I am happy a lot of you like it! Also if you want to send in requests you can! My asks is open so please do so, and if it isn’t a request you can just hmu for fun lol.

letter 3

     To be honest, I don’t quite know how to start this letter. What words could I tell you after all of the words we already exchanged to each other? When words were the only thing that held us together for so long. It’s amazing how long we lasted in that fantasy world we created. Even more amazing considering that fifteen-year-old me would’ve never thought what we had was even possible. But looking back on it, I hate to question if what we had was ever anything.
     I never stopped reminding you what our relationship meant to me and how crazy I thought it was that we ended up together. From the moment I saw you in that Italian class, I had a crush. But for me crushes only meant one thing, disappointment. I always thought I liked girls that were just way out of my league, so I usually just ended up settling for whoever saw me first. You know the story though, the whole valentine’s thing, you having a relationship with someone else, yada yada. I already knew what time it was, but I tried anyway. At the least, I saw joy in just seeing you in the hallway. Imagine how big my disappointment when I found out at the end of the year you were moving to Texas. I thought I’d probably never see you again because truthfully we were never that close. My feelings were one-sided.
     But some way some how, years later after graduating high school and starting college, we got back in contact. It probably started with social media and then to texting, I don’t remember. And I don’t know when it turned into a full blown relationship, but I found myself going to sleep on FaceTime with you every night. My roommates knew who you were. We exchanged “I love you’s” every night. I never asked you to be my girlfriend, but the relationship was understood. This went on for months, you were everywhere in my life, but nowhere in it at the same time. The physical part of our relationship was non-existent, but the emotions were so strong it felt so real. It was weird, how could I describe to people my girlfriend.. but not really my girlfriend.
     To make a long story short, one that I know you’re over, we went on for sometime until I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. There was a couple different reasons I felt that way. One of them wasn’t a something, but a someone. But I think regardless of her I felt the same, she only quickened the process. We were “together” for about a year, some up’s and down’s, but you were truly my best friend during that time in my life. I couldn’t take it anymore though. We lived in a dream world, where only you and I existed. Every new thought to our future added a step in a staircase I started to think I’d never reach the top of. Gassed on those overly optimistic ideals I think we lasted way longer then we should’ve. But months before we were done being friends you admitted the same thing to me.
     I had hurt you once then, I felt it in your voice. After that we didn’t talk for some time, I decided I only wanted to handle what was in front of me. I swore off long distance relationships, but it’s ironic that my subsequent “relationship” became just that. I admit that I didn’t give myself the ample time to separate the feelings I had for you and I had for her. So those feelings for you hung over like a dark cloud into that next relationship which then effected it negatively. Who did I think I was? Trying to balance and juggle like I did in my past, but I severely underestimated my own feelings. I gave no regard to your feelings either. And that’s something I didn’t realize until we spoke again.
     We would write each other here and then, but I tried to avoid it, out of respect for who I was dealing with at the time. In retrospect it was wrong, but you were my best friend so it was hard to not talk to you. Especially when there was no true sense of closure. After I got out of that relationship, we spoke. I told you how heartbroken I was. How I fell in love with her and how I didn’t realize it until it was over. I told you those things out of my vulnerability, I needed someone to listen and you were always the best listener. But what I didn’t realize was even though you listened, it only hurt you more. Realizing that I dealt with her at the same time as you, realizing that I loved you, but I was in love with her. How nai- no, how insensitive of me to not think of how that made you feel. I’m sorry for that. That probably played a part in our final departure.
     But still, like the ever strong person you were, you took that on the chin. We remained friends. You told me how you dealt with your life and your love life after me. You told me how I affected you and how hard it was for you to trust people and let them get close. I hate that I did that to you at that time. And eventually after some time of us being just friends, you made a trip to New York and I got to see you for the first time in five years. I don’t think I could do it justice, describing those feelings, words, and interactions that night. But that night was the closest that I’d ever get to you.
     We slowly drifted apart in the months that came after. You started to see other people, I even encouraged you to. And by some miraculous way I saw you again. This time you were not privy to my advances. You took my advice and stuck with that person, wanting to be loyal. And then I realized how stupid I ever was. How important it was that you stuck by loyalty and it really hit me how I hurt you. I apologized to you for thinking you were just always going to be mine. Those might’ve been empty words at the time, saying the right thing, but it took time for that to hit me.
     Eventually our days of talking ended, I think I pushed you away with my dryness. Part of me was upset you did me like that, but that was just selfishness. I saw you one day on social media with a boyfriend and you know what? I was happy for you. Happy that you decided to let someone in. Happy that after all of the bullshit I put you through, it was your time to be happy. I’m stuck between releasing this letter and just keeping it to myself. Some of these letters I hope are read, but this one it’d be cool if you don’t. And if you do? Good luck in life and congratulations. You’re one of the realest people I’ve ever met. What we had was definitely something. Something I’ll never forget.

From your old high school admirer,
Bernard Alexander.

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Can I request headcanons of Akira and Ryuji reacting to their crush panicking when they confessed and rejecting their confession at first but later explains to them that them feel like they're not good enough for them and thinks that there're people who are more suitable for them?

- Ryuji would be absolutely crushed when they reject him. His face would be so downcast and he’d mutter a , “Oh. Okay, ” and leave silently after that. It would be a major heartbreak for him and he’d be pretty shaken for a few days , avoiding his crush as much as possible.

- However after he finds out that his crush thinks that they’re not good enough for him , he gets pretty mad. If anything , he thinks that he’s not good enough for someone like them.

- He outright yells at them for thinking of that , saying that he thinks that they’re the most amazing person in the universe.

- “I love you for being you , so please , go out with me!”

- Akira shakes it off , accepting the rejection pretty calmly although he feels pretty heartbroken over it. He tells them to forget it and asks if they can continue to be friends.

- He doesn’t try to ignore them or distance himself , since he knows that it wouldn’t help him get over them any quicker.

- Once he hears his crush say that they believe that he’s too good for them , he immediately denies it , saying that it doesn’t matter. He tells them that love comes in all shapes and sizes , and that he thinks that they are the perfect puzzle piece that fits him.

- He takes a deep breath and confesses to them once again , saying that he won’t give up and will be the best boyfriend that he can be.

Cut to… a genuinely heartbreaking scene. Major props to Bedo’s voice actor, ‘cause damn.

Greed 2.0 strung Bedo along, almost making it seem like he was actually starting to remember…

But no.

“You must have been buddies with the previous Greed. Sorry, pal, but you and I have never even met.”

Dear past boyfriend, I thought for so long that you didn’t deserve the satisfaction of knowing what you did to me. You treated me like I was your whole world, until you got bored and threw me under it. You told me you loved me, and I stupidly believed you. If you hadn’t hurt me the way you did, if you hadn’t broken my heart and treated me like an option, like a child who didn’t matter, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have this amazing boyfriend, who loves me and made me hopeful again. I would still be hung up on you, when there were better people waiting for me. Thank you for hurting me, you made me into someone who knows what she wants and knows how she should be treated. Sincerely, the girl whose name you probably don’t remember (Shannon Major 2016)
—  A letter you’ll probably never read and I’ll probably never send (Shannon Major)
Season 12 Finale And Season 13 Spec

So because I’ve read a number of specs for the finale and season 13 now (especially by @amwritingmeta, @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, @tinkdw and lots of other lovely people whose URLs I don’t remember, apologies), their ideas kept going in my head and mixing with my own ideas, so I decided to post my first very own speculation post.
First of all, DESTIEL. No, I don’t think it’s going to become canon yet (because I’m 98% sure that season 13 isn’t the last and I don’t think they’d go there too early) but I do think something major and probably heartbreaking is coming, especially with the situation that Cas is in now (I’ll get to this in depth later). From what we have now, I find a one-sided love declaration (if there’s going to be one and if it’s going to be one-sided, because you never know) more likely to come from Dean at his point, given the emotional state that was shown in 12x20 and 12x19 also, whether it includes the l-word or not. If that were so, it would most likely be one that Cas, for whatever reason, doesn’t remember or something like that (I’m wildly speculating here) or that is just never talked about again for a certain amount of time towards the end of the series.
The nephibaby: personally, I think it’s neither good nor evil. This isn’t even something I can really base on cold hard facts, more of a feeling. Also I’m certain that he is in fact manipulating Cas and Kelly, because yes he is powerful and wants to protect himself while he isn’t born yet and most vulnerable. Manipulation might be the wrong term here, but he’s definitely taking their Free Will away, at least partly, and using his power to somehow convince them from the opposite of what they were originally thinking, not because he’s evil but because he still needs protection. In my opinion, he chose Cas over Dagon because Dagon wasn’t treating Kelly very well, which led to her suicide attempt, and he wanted his mother to be safer. What might also play into this is the fact that Lucifer, when possessing Cas, left some of his grace mixed with Cas’ grace (as Gadreel did with Sam) so that the baby was feeling something of his father’s inside of Cas. I find this idea very interesting; it’s not mine though.
For whatever reason, I imagine some kind of scenario where the baby or Lucifer or both don’t make it to season 13, however I’m very curious how Dabb will play this out if the baby does make it.
This leads me to my next point, Cas being manipulated/controlled/brainwashed by the baby. Again, I don’t think the baby is doing this because it’s evil, but because it’s trying to protect itself. I also firmly believe that what we saw at the end of 12x19 was, as Dean already stated, not Cas, at least not all Cas. The baby definitely did something to him that changed him, but like in season 8 I’m sure this change won’t be permanent and that somehow this mind connection/control thing will be broken *cough* Dean *cough*, hopefully still in the finale and not next season. In the same context, I can’t imagine Dean pushing Cas away because of their differences in opionon now (like he did in season 6 and 8), I’m sorry again I don’t remember who posted this. Given his emotional state that we’ve been shown, I think he’ll do everything in his power to get Cas back, and he won’t give up on him until his angel is with him again. I forgot to mention this above, I think what also plays into this situation is the unreciprocated “I love you” from Cas in 12x12 (because noone can convince me that it wasn’t directed to Dean): Cas is feeling rejected, Dean is feeling guilty because he knows and because he’s still not able to express his feelings properly; that’s why he makes him the mixtape (I’m guessing he made it between 12x12 and 12x13, before Cas left again to look for Kelly). Now with Cas being “sock puppeted” by the baby and most likely not fully himself and in danger, Dean’s emotional state is getting worse, as we saw in 12x20 in his conversation with Sam and when he called his Mom.
Part 2 of this spec is yet to follow, featuring the cosmic consequences, Dabb’s comment on “opening up new worlds” and Jensen’s comment about something “purgatory-esque” coming up.

HELLO !! waves aggressively at all of you. I’m naomi and I’ll be playing midge klump and temporarily I believe I’ll be playing jughead and luca. their player had something pop up this morning so I’ll be taking them over for the time being. thank you all for joining me for this roleplay, I’m actually so extremely excited. below is some stuff about midge and I’ll go post on the boys pages about them in a second. like this or hit me up if you’d like to plot. I might end up coming to you anyways lol.

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