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Witch Tip: How to foresight your next relationship

If you’re single, you probably wonder every so often when your next relationship will happen and how it will go. Asking your deck about your potential next potential significant other can prevent bad surprise and/or heartbreak. With the help of astrology, you can even guess the time range !

First and foremost, you need to be open-minded in your reading and analysis. Don’t do it with *that* specific person in mind, it will rig the whole process, because you might never get back/with that person, and the reading assumes you can.

I believe Time is like a probability tree: depending on your choices, you will get on a different timeline. But it doesn’t mean the timelines can’t reconnect at some point. Your choices aren’t always significant in the big picture and you can’t always escape a situation. Your journey can unfold in a million different ways, but at the end, you’ll reach the same destination.

I highly advise you to record the whole process in a file, it could be helpful later.

Now, here is an example of the reading you can do:

Concerning the time, you can ask your deck if you’re good with time guessing, but my favorite way is to check the sky.

Go to your favorite astrological website, and check your transits + natal chart for today. Where are Venus, Mars and Pluto ? Are they aspecting some of your personal planets ? Is there planets in your 5th, 7th house and 8th house ? (spoilers: if Saturn is transiting your 8th house, it’s gonna be pretty dry for a while)

Now, estimate what next aspects/placements would be meaningful and move forward the chart clock to estimate the right time. These clues includes:

  • Venus Return (when the transit Venus conjunct your natal Venus)
  • Venus, Mars, Pluto transiting your 5th, 7th, 8th house
  • Transit Venus aspecting your natal Moon
  • Aspects between the natal Venus/Mars and your natal Venus/Mars
  • Sun transiting your Moon and Venus sign
  • (don’t mind much the transit moon, it aspects your whole chart every month)

You need to have several clues to truly estimate a period, ex: Venus Return + Transit Moon trine Natal Venus.

Now that you have found a time range, you’ll use the transit of the moon or the sun to get the right day. The trigger can be a new moon, a full moon or the sun/moon aspecting your major clue element.

Note: I avoided a major heartbreak that way. I foresighted it 6 months before. Since I was distant with the guy I met on purpose, on the day I guessed, he got with another girl and dumped her a month later when his ex came back to him. When I learnt it, I was like “OMG it could have been me, OMG I almost got in so much deep shit”.

* I don’t recommend doing foresights if you’re already in a relationship, it could fuck it up

I don’t think I can truly express just how satisfying this season was??? okay there were major heartbreaking moments like will’s dad dying and wolfie being captured and tortured and all the other sensates feeling but?? there were also so many raw, emotional ones?? the sensates had such a deep connection this time, they were all there to help each other, they know each other so well by now. when wolfgang was in trouble they all knew it and helped and that fight between lila/her cluster and wolfie/ou sensates was just so good. they were together all the time, they were in synch and everything felt so much deeper and much more meaningful and emotional than season one?? i was on edge almost every episode, i cried, i laughed, i screamed, i got so excited i jumped up and down the sofa, and it was so beautifully executed?? it was as a true masterpiece and i am so thankful for this season of sense8

The only person who’s been in my life for 10 years has been Taylor Swift. Everyone else has come and gone. Even after we met again, she didn’t abandon me, she is still here for me, checking in on me. I love you Taylor, thank you for being a constant in my life. From getting me through major heartbreak, to helping me make some of the best friends, to helping me meet the love of my life, and for loving my children. THANK YOU WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH ❤️


Tom Petty Dead at 66

Tom Petty, the bandleader who shot to fame with the Heartbreakers and enjoyed a successful, four-decade career, died late Monday.

He was 66.

Petty suffered cardiac arrest early in the day and was rushed unconscious to a hospital. He was taken off life support and CBS News reported his death that afternoon before the Los Angeles Police walked back the confirmation it provided.

”Sending love to Tom Petty and his family at this difficult time,” Paul McCartney tweeted at the time.

Confusion persisted until manager Tony Dimitriades confirmed Petty’s death on Facebook late on Oct. 2.

”On behalf of the Tom Petty family we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty.

”He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived. He died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PST surrounded by family, his bandmates and friends.”

”So sad about Tom Petty, he made some great music,” Mick Jagger tweeted. “Thoughts are with his family.”

Petty and the Heartbreakers found massive success with their third album, 1979’s Damn the Torpedos. It spawned the hits “Refugee” and “Don’t Do Me Like That” and cemented a partnership that continued through the band’s 40th-anniversary tour, which wrapped Sept. 25.

Dwight Yoakam took to Facebook to eulogize Petty and said he arrived at just the right time.

”Just about the time when the punks had overrun the music world, sacked and burned Rome, this cat showed up still redneck, hot rod, rockin’!! … Never got to know him, except as a fan, but I’m sure gonna miss him.”

Ted Nugent called Petty a “great gifted hardworking American soulmusic master” in a Facebook post.

”We thank and salute the great musician for enriching so many peoples lives with his brilliant songwriting, soulful performances and virtuoso bandmates,” he said. “… His music and soul will live forever.”

Outside the Heartbreakers, Petty was a successful solo artist with albums such as Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers. In 1988, he was the kid (dubbed “Charlie T. Jr.”) in the Traveling Wilburys, with George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan and recently toured and recorded with a reconstituted version of his first band, Mudcrutch.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Dylan called Petty’s death, “shocking, crushing news.

“I thought the world of Tom. He was a great performer, full of the light, a friend, and I’ll never forget him.”

An unabashed Byrds fan, Petty often played “So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star” in concert and produced Chris Hillman’s just-released Bidin’ My Time LP.

“[He’s] very subtle. He has good ideas, and he … lets the music flow,” Hillman told The Boot in discussing Petty’s production skills. “He was very good, a very good producer. I’ve worked with some good ones, and he’s up there with them.”

”Tom Petty was a kind friend with a beautiful soul,” Eddie Money said. “Our condolences go out to his family and may he rest in peace. We will miss him.”

A “heartbroken” Brian Wilson offered “love and mercy” to Petty’s friends, family and fans.

”He was just too young and still in his prime,” Wilson wrote. “Tom was a hell of a songwriter and record-maker and he will be missed by everyone who loves music. I’m so sad to hear about this.”

At the height of his success, Petty fought against record labels’ efforts to raise LP prices and was revered for his band’s live shows.

”His music will endure,” Huey Lewis said on Facebook.

Outside of music, Petty provided the voice of Lucky on “Family Guy.”

”Devastating loss in Mr. Tom Petty,” George Thorogood said on Facebook. “He will be remembered as a true rock legend - so many classics. Thoughts and prayers to the Petty family and team.”

Petty had said the just-wrapped tour would be the Heartbreakers’ last major outing, but the band, which released an unlikely No. 1 album Hypnotic Eye in 2014, had a handful of dates scheduled for later this year.

Kid Rock noted Petty’s death came less than 24 hours after 59 concertgoers were murdered and more than 500 injured in Las Vegas.

”Just when I though today could not get any worse … R.I.P. Tom Petty,” he said on Facebook.

“Thank you for your beautiful music and inspiration.”


It hurts, so much
Watching you fall in love again
It fucking stings
You’re still my best friend
And I wish you the best
But I also wish the best was me
Yet it wasn’t
I wasn’t the best for you
And now you’ve moved on
I guess that’s what you're​ supposed to do
Yet I didn’t
I’m still as in love as ever
And you’re clearly over me
Me and my petty feelings
Me and my annoying habits
Me and my fucking love
I hate you, so much
Except I don’t
And I can’t
Because I broke it off
I pushed you away
When all I wanted was for you to stay
But now you’re gone
You’ve moved on
And I don’t blame you
He’s perfect
Everything you’ll need
But he’s not me
And I hate that
Yet I have to live with it
With the hurt and pain
Of watching you fall in love
From a distance
We’re still friends, we’ll always be friends
Yet sometimes I want more
Sometimes I want to hold you’re hand
Sometimes I want to say I love you
Sometimes I want to kiss you
Sometimes I want to cuddle
Sometimes I just want you
Yet that’s the one thing I’ll never have
And I hate it
But I don’t hate you
I couldn’t
You’re my ray of sunshine on a dark day
You’re my closest friend
You’re my favourite maybe
You’re my favourite what if
And you’re my favourite almost forever
But he’s your everything…
And he’s not me
—  He’s your everything( and he’s not me, have you noticed?)
The song is actually about a heartbreak. And it’s not something that I really am used to writing about. It took me a while to be able to figure out how to write about that. It was my first major heartbreak. The song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards. I say, “She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a liar”. What the fuck, she thinks you like the beach?! You don’t like the beach! It’s those little stupid things. It sounds so happy and then the lyrics are so intense obviously. And I realized I was like, “how come this thing is coming out so joyous sounding?” And I realized this is that drunk girl at the party dancing around crying about her ex-boyfriend who everyone thinks is a mess. That’s her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. And that’s the song for me.
—  Lorde on “Green Light” in her Beats1 interview
I'm Sorry- Bucky Barnes

Title: I ’m Sorry

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and Bucky are together, but Reader notices him being a little off. She comes home to find out that Bucky has been cheating.

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST, break up, heartbreak, crying

A/N: If you’re gonna ask me why I do so much angst, it’s because I do good on it 😂


You and Bucky belonged together. Or so you thought. You did everything together. Eat, talk, sleep, mess with Steve and Sam, and it was heaven. Those strong arms would hold you tight, radiating his love for you.

But for the past couple of months, you noticeed that things were changing around you and Bucky. He would always be on missions, and if he wasn’t, he was always busy. “What’s going on?” You muttered as Bucky walked away from you the hundredth time, saying he needed to go.

“I should ask Steve.” You thought as you walked down to the kitchen, where he always was, probably thinking “What are Poptarts?” You laughed at the thought and was right as the elevator opened to reveal Steve with the colorful box.

“Hey Steve.” You greeted nicely as you sat in one of the high stools. “Hey.” He answered, not looking up. “You still figuring out what to do with those?” You laughed as he smiled. “I guess… but I don’t know what to do with them!” Steve exclaimed.

Then you asked him. “Can I ask you a question?” You asked as he put down the Poptart. “Sure.” He replied giving you his full attention. You bit your lip and said, “Have you noticed anything off with Bucky lately?” Steve thought for a moment.

“No, he’s perfectly normal. Why are you asking?” He said, looking confused. “Well… lately he’s been avoiding me.” You blurted out. Steve raised an eyebrow. “Avoiding you?” You nodded as you frowned. “I know he has work and has to train but, everytime he’s free, he goes rushing somewhere else.”

“Well, then maybe you should go ask him. Come by his room and ask.” Steve answered. You were of course anxious but accepted the advice. “Okay. Thanks a lot Steve!” You exclaimed and you got up and walked to the elevator.

“No problem!” Steve yelled out as the door closed. After a few seconds, the door opened to the floor Bucky’s room was on. You walked down the hall with your head full of questions. “What was he gonna say?” You thought. You finally stopped at the end of the hall, where his room was.

You breathed in and out and knocked. There was no answer. “Bucky? It’s me, Y/N!” You called. You heard shuffling footsteps and quiet murmuring from the other side. You started to get worried. There was someone in there.

You wanted to open the door, but it was locked. Luckily, you had a bobby pin in your hair and started to pick the lock swiftly. You heard the click, and stepped inside. But the image before you, made your heart stop beating. Bucky was there, shirtless, and with another girl.

Your mouth suddenly went dry and you froze. “B-Buck?” You stuttered as Bucky had the same look on his face. “Y/N! I d-didn’t know you w-would be back this early!” He said, stuttering. You ignored him as you clenced her fists. “That’s all you could say?” You shouted as Bucky winced.

The girl was fully dressed and looked scared to death. “James, you said you didn’t have a girlfriend.” She said as she glared at you. You glanced at Bucky as he looked like he was panicking. “Bucky? You said that?” You asked, shakily. “Look, Sarah, why don’t you go outside for a minute.” Bucky said to the girl as she grabbed her shoes and closed the door behind her.

Once she was out, Bucky turned to you. “Look Y/N, I can-” “No! You can’t explain! There is nothing too explain here!” You shouted as you blinked away the tears. “You were in there, caught with another girl in bed! And you knew you were with me!” You said as Bucky stared at the ground.

“Y/N, I know you’re hurt, but let me explain.” He said as he looked at you. You hesitated, but you let him talk. “I- I was at my last mission. When we were at the Hydra base, we found her, Sarah bleeding to death. She was getting beat and she needed medical attention fast.” Bucky said as he continued.

“When Sarah was all patched up, we talked. She said that she was brainwashed to be an assasin, but somehow, she fought it. She escaped Hydra, and tried to go back to her family. But she wasn’t there in time. Hydra found out, and-” He stopped for a moment. “And they killed her family.”

“We talked about my history. We found a connection between us, so of course we fell in love.” Bucky said, not looking ashamed. You were furious. “Then why didn’t you tell me, Bucky? Why didn’t you tell me about this?” You shouted, with tears streaming down your face.

“I didn’t know how to tell you this. If you could just-” Bucky said exasperated, but you cut him off. “I tried to give you everything, Bucky. I gave you all that I had, but instead you go around frolicking with some other girl.” You screamed, not caring who would hear anymore.

“But I’ll ask you one thing. Do you still love me?” You asked, crying. Bucky looked down then stared into her eyes.

“I’m sorry. But I don’t.”


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Part Two

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Penpal AU: What if the letters stop and Sid thinks that Zhenya died? So, when he wins his first Cup his dedicates it to Zhenya. In fact he dedicates everything to him, his awards, his Cup and even his Olympic gold. When he kisses his cross before each game he says a quiet prayer of rest for Zhenya, because Sid owes his career to him. Sid would have given up without him, without knowing that there were people out there who liked him.

“So,” Geno starts, as casually as he can. “Ever date nice boys before?”

Olli groans, none too quietly, an Geno kind of wants to groan with him at himself, just because that felt so tactless. Sidney gives him a look. Geno wonders if Sidney regrets telling the team at all.

“No,” Sidney says. “I almost had one, I think.”

“Oh? That’s great, Sid,” Geno says, sitting upright again. “What happen?”

“He died,” Sidney says, expressionless. But Geno sees his bottom lip waver a bit. He then finishes his drink before rising to head for the kitchen. “Excuse me.”

It’s quiet in the den again, save for Jake’s snoring where he’s sprawled on the bean bag.

“Great going, G,” Olli mutters, then looks as if he wants to join Jake and find a bean bag to nap on, too.


Geno finds Sidney in the guest room, long after Olli and Jake and some of the other rookies have dragged themselves out of Sidney’s house and into their respective rides. He sees to be looking at a letter.

“Hey, Sid,” he says quietly. “I’m head home now.”

“Okay, no problem,” Sidney says, tucking whatever he was reading behind himself discreetly. He calls out again, just as Geno turns to walk away. “Hey, G, hold on.”

Geno comes back. “Hm?”

“Hey, um, I’m sorry about…being weird, back in the den,” Sidney says. “I didn’t mean to say that.”

“No, is okay,” Geno hurriedly says. “Not mean to—“ Shit, what was the word? Starts with a p…pie? Pray? “Be snoopy.” That didn’t sound right, either.

Sidney chuckles. “You look like you want to ask.” Before Geno can protest, Sidney starts talking, “I had a friend, a long time ago. Pen pals. We used to write each other.”

“I’m have, too,” Geno says. He doesn’t really like to think about it; it was his first major heartbreak, and it still stings whenever he thinks about how his pen pal, a different Sidney, ever returned his letters at the end, when Geno had sent that first and final declaration of ‘I love you.’

“Yeah?” Sidney sits back on the bed, staring at the letter he has in his hands again. “It was just supposed to be a school project. But we kept writing. I needed a friend. And he was there. I think I always hoped that—it could’ve been something more, I don’t know. It’s embarrassing. I’ve never even met him.”

“Oh, Sid, is okay,” Geno says, sitting next to Sidney. “What happen then?”

“He stopped writing letters. He send me the last one when I was 17, and then nothing. I couldn’t even send him back one, because his address had changed.” Sidney shrugs. “Something must’ve happened.”

“Maybe he was joking. Maybe post office broke,” Geno says.

“He’d never joke about this,” Sidney says glumly. “I owe my entire career to him. I never told anyone this.” He sniffs, and Geno realizes with a start that Sidney’s crying, a little bit. “I always said it wasn’t a big deal, that I got over it in pee-wee, but sometimes it’d get so bad, I wanted to run away to him. He told me to wait for him. He promised we’d play hockey together one day.” Sidney wrings his hands a little helplessly. “Well. I’m waiting. I’m almost 30 now. I’m still writing letters to him, when things get hard. I just. I think it’s time. To let go.”

Geno remembers Sidney kissing his cross every time before a game, always murmuring a name and a prayer under his breath. He remembers seeing Sidney kiss the Cup every time they won it, whispering a quiet, ‘For you,’ when he thinks no one is watching. He never thought much of it, until now. And the strangest thing is that Sidney’s story reminds him of something he’s once said to his pen pal, who’d been a lonely boy from Nova Scotia, who had been desperate for a friend in a rink where he’d constantly be bullied.

“Sidney,” Geno says, his heart pounding. “Where you live, when you little?”

Sidney looks at him strangely again. “Cole Harbour.”

“Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia,” he recites like a forgotten daydream. He then lists the street address that he’d long memorized after a dozen of these letters, and watches Sidney’s eyes widen.

“Yes, that’s where I used to live,” Sidney says slowly. His entire body is frozen, and he seems to be thinking a million things at once.

“Your pen pal, he—he Russian, maybe?”

“He is.” Sidney’s expression morphs into something very peculiar.

“You—“ Geno gulps. Please, please, please let him be right, please. “You call him…call him Zhenya?”

“Yes,” Sidney whispers. “Yes, that’s his name.”

“Zhenya from Magnitogorsk,” Geno says, his hands moving as though they had a mind of their own to grasp Sidney’s trembling ones. “Last letter he send you, on your birthday, he tell you to play best hockey, that he love you.” More than anyone he’s ever loved, Geno doesn’t say.

“Yes.” Sidney’s barely audible at this point, his throat thick as his eyes grow wet. “He did.”

“I’m sorry for make you wait,” Geno says, as if in a trance. “I not know—think different Sid—I—”

Sidney kisses him silent, quick as anything, pulling back too fast for Geno’s liking. Geno ropes him back in almost immediately for a real kiss, a deep, heartfelt one that leaves Sidney gasping and breathless. He’s smiling as he pulls away. Sidney’s crying, a little bit, but he’s grinning and hiccuping like all his prayers have been answered.

“Zhenya,” Sidney garbles out, clasping at Geno’s hands like he can’t quite believe he’s able to. “Zhenya.

Geno’s helpless to do anything other than kiss Sidney again, and again, and again.

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day 1: kc + "we're both in the hospital wing with your bed next to mine, and wait are you actually hitting on me or is that your concussion talking? Hogwarts AU

Happy AU Week guys! It’s my first Klaroline HPverse drabble, so I’m a bit nervous (not to mention hella rusty) but I hope you guys like it! :)


Concussions & Confessions

She was going to kill Kol.

Caroline glared up at the man she was currently murdering in her hand as he stood at the foot of her bed in the hospital wing giving her a sheepish grin. Her arm throbbed with pain from the Bludger that he accidentally sent her way during the Quidditch match. It shattered her wrist instantly, sending her flying straight into his brother, Klaus, where they knocked heads and fell to the ground. Thank God they were only about six feet from the ground or she’d currently be haunting the hell out of Kol for the rest of his life.

Klaus was in a hospital bed next to her, rubbing his head angrily as he glared at his brother. He smacked his head pretty hard on the ground, leaving a nasty cut that made Caroline wince every time she saw it.

“I’m going to kill you,” Caroline stated, going to cross her arms over her chest.

She winced, inhaling sharply when she moved her wrist. Klaus’ eyes snapped to her quickly at her cry of pain and then winced from the quick movement of his neck. Kol snorted at the comedic timing, placing a hand over his mouth as he tried to hide his amusement.

“Shut up, Kol. I’m going to pull out your brains through your nose since you obviously weren’t using them,” she continued through clenched teeth.

“And after I’m done holding you down for her, she’s going to hold you down for me while I tear out your liver,” Klaus chimed in, leveling a stare at his brother.

“It was an accident, I swear,” Kol pleaded, smoothing down his green Slytherin playing robes. “I was distracted.”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “You were distracted because Bonnie flew up to you and started flirting with you in the middle of the match. She does it every time we play Gryffindor to keep your attention off her Chasers and the Bludgers.”

“You would think after the past two years you would finally start to realize their tactics,” Klaus muttered. “Bloody idiot.”

“Yeah, I hate to agree with Klaus-” Caroline started, lip curling up in disdain as she shot Klaus a look, “-but he’s right.”

“Would you look at that?” Kol grinned, ignoring her chastisement. “My mistakes are finally getting you two to agree on something.”   

“It’s the pain in my wrist,” Caroline gritted out. “It makes me delirious.”

Klaus snorted, rolling his eyes.

There was no lost love between Caroline and him. Their numerous disagreements dated all the way back to their first year meeting in the Slytherin common room. Neither one of them can recall exactly what the fight was about, but a poorly timed jelly-legs jinx and a levitating spell retaliation left them both humiliated and at each other’s throats. They left the common room that night with detention and a thirst for fighting each other.

Since then, they fought on everything, which left behind an amused Klaus and completely frustrated in many ways, Caroline.

Damn teenage hormones.

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Got7 working in a Company

: Nora’s sugar daddy, in a affair with his boss’s daughter just to get a raise. Major heartbreaker hint the red hair swept back. His fashion and his face get him a lot of girls, his cat is probably more important than anyone’s existence. The ‘I’ll fuck you hard so you won’t walk tomorrow’ Typa THOT, jinyoung is his plug when it come to work, in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit squad’ with jinyoung and bambam and yugyeom also youngjae.

Jinyoung: looks like your ‘perfect Korean oppa’ but is a savage ass bitch with a pretty face. His like the apple in snow white, pretty from the outside ugly from the inside. WILL snake you in and out, works for the same company as jaebum, his boss tells him to marry his wife but he says no because he got more bitches already and she dump for falling for jaebum, ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ is his fam

Jackson: very enthusiastic, the ‘imma hype the fuck outta of you’ person, known for being a savage during meetings, never is early to a meeting, he almost got fired 5 times, he’s hot and funny that gets him major girls, always wants to be the center of attention, never failed to get a girl to give him a head.

Bambam: better than you in fashion, ready to talk shit 30/10, always ready to come straight at his boss with facts in meetings, his boss hates him but can’t fire him, the ‘how do you know I’m not big??!’ is what got most of the girls at work weak af, always on his phone, in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad, will fuck you up if you come at his legs, known as ‘snakeandwitch’ due to his friendship with yugyeom.

Yugyeom: straight outta savagery, the ‘newbie’ in the company, has a very sharp jawline, eye fucking all the time, never is on time, his coworkers always forgive him, part of the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad, their known as the ‘snakeandwitch’, will get you fired, never failed to get the girl he wants, barely cares for his job,  the ‘daddy’ type, will fuck up the bitches who look at him in a wrong way.

Mark: nice guy, very quiet, doesn’t want to get fired, always on time, he’s the boss’s pet, always being showed off in meetings and work parties and dinners, BARELY talks, very sensitive, ‘sugar daddy’ typa guy, hates bambam and yugyeom also can not tolerate jaebum and jinyoung, jackson is his only friend

Youngjae: never is in office, always works from home, when comes to work (which is never) gets all the attention (reason jackson hates him), doesn’t bother talking in meetings even if he has a great idea or a plan, has the ‘resting bitch face’ on all the time, more likely to quit but his boss’s doesn’t let him whatsoever, somehow friends with jinyoung and jaebum and bambam and yugyeom, somehow got in the ‘bitch talk shit get hit’ squad , yet can not like jackson nor mark, hates them both just because, coco is what makes him stay home.


Heyooo, I am the person who has been doing these Got7 reactions or Got7 as bestfriends and etc. First of all, thank you guys for all the likes on Got7 as bestfriends, honestly I just wrote my thoughts and didn’t really care but I am happy a lot of you like it! Also if you want to send in requests you can! My asks is open so please do so, and if it isn’t a request you can just hmu for fun lol.

Simon vs from Bram's PoV? Nope can't handle it.

So I’m rereading Simon vs again and I can’t stop thinking about how heartbreaking the majority of it would be from Bram’s point of view. He’s pining for Simon for the majority of the book, and hopes so badly that he’s Jacques, and even though Simon sometimes looks at him like that, he doesn’t seem to consider him an option. And I can’t stop thinking about Bram maybe trying to find out if Simon is Jacques the same way that Simon kept wanting to find out if Cal was Blue. Wanting to know, but at the same time not wanting to give away his own secret.

Bram stressing over whether he should talk to Simon in English. Maybe he could ask for a pen? But no, he’s got five pens on his desk already, and surely Simon’s noticed; he’s sitting right there. And if he hasn’t noticed, Bram doesn’t think he wants to know about it.

Maybe he should casually mention Oreos at lunch and see how he reacts. But no, that would be too obvious, and he doesn’t want Simon - if he is Jacques - figuring out his secret identity. Not yet.

And then he sees Simon standing at his locker and wonders if he should go up to him then. He could ask him about the English essay. But no, they never talk about English - at least, not in real life. He’s certain Simon is Jacques now; he doesn’t know anyone else who’s recently been outed to the universe. It still seems a little too good to be true. The very person he was hoping … but then Leah appears and it’s too late to go over; Simon already thinks he’s got a crush on Leah so going over at the exact moment she appears would be bad timing to the extreme.

And besides, every time he even thinks about saying something to Simon, it’s like his brain stops communicating with his mouth, and he instead sits in silence wondering, “what if?”

What if.

With You

“I can’t do this without you”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: you and bucky have been friends with benefits for close to a year. An unexpected surprise causes problems.

Word count: 3.2k

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

Everything had been going fine.

Sure things were getting more complicated as feelings developed but that was always going to happen at some point. Friends with benefits was never simple and ended in heartbreak the majority of the time.

The two of you were still good friends. When you were with everyone else nothing seemed different. It was when he creeped into your room at two o’clock in the morning kissing your neck that things became unconventional.

Bucky still wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship whether it was with you or any other woman. He felt damaged and unstable but was able to find an escape with you.

He would come to you if he was upset, angry or feeling lonely. It was probably unhealthy, using each other for sex as a form of escapism. Late at night or midday you were there for him, and him there for you although most of the time it was Bucky who was vulnerable and in need of release.

It had started as a joke. You had both been stood in the kitchen whilst everyone else slept. Neither of you had been able to sleep, Buck commenting that he needed to blow off some steam to tire himself out. You teased that only sex would do the job, an hour later you had decided it wasn’t a half bad idea and you were pinned against the countertop desperately tugging on Bucky’s hoodie.

You ended up coming up with different excuses to get into Bucky’s bed until the agreement was made.

Just sex. Always consensual. To be kept a secret, no exceptions. The friendship would remain.

You had never been best friends. Bucky was still as reserved as ever but after a few months at the compound he became more open with you. He could crack jokes and spend hours talking with you, telling you about his childhood whilst you filled him in on the latest celebrity gossip and recent football scores.

All of that was still the same despite a year of fucking, still unknown to the others.

The attraction had been there from the start.

You remembered the first time you saw him, Natasha joking for you to close your mouth and stop staring. He was mesmerising. Bucky was indiscrete with the way he checked you out as well, Steve smirking at the obvious sexual tension between his two closest friends.

Bucky had made it clear that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He believed he was damaged goods to which you always reminded him of his worth and importance. One day he’d be ready but Bucky was still fragile and you had to respect that.

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Gonna be frank, there is probably a 90% probability that Harry is going to be Eggsy's best man at his wedding so I think we should just prepare ourselves for that eventuality.

anon did you major in Heartbreak bc mine is in pieces 

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Can I request headcanons of Akira and Ryuji reacting to their crush panicking when they confessed and rejecting their confession at first but later explains to them that them feel like they're not good enough for them and thinks that there're people who are more suitable for them?

- Ryuji would be absolutely crushed when they reject him. His face would be so downcast and he’d mutter a , “Oh. Okay, ” and leave silently after that. It would be a major heartbreak for him and he’d be pretty shaken for a few days , avoiding his crush as much as possible.

- However after he finds out that his crush thinks that they’re not good enough for him , he gets pretty mad. If anything , he thinks that he’s not good enough for someone like them.

- He outright yells at them for thinking of that , saying that he thinks that they’re the most amazing person in the universe.

- “I love you for being you , so please , go out with me!”

- Akira shakes it off , accepting the rejection pretty calmly although he feels pretty heartbroken over it. He tells them to forget it and asks if they can continue to be friends.

- He doesn’t try to ignore them or distance himself , since he knows that it wouldn’t help him get over them any quicker.

- Once he hears his crush say that they believe that he’s too good for them , he immediately denies it , saying that it doesn’t matter. He tells them that love comes in all shapes and sizes , and that he thinks that they are the perfect puzzle piece that fits him.

- He takes a deep breath and confesses to them once again , saying that he won’t give up and will be the best boyfriend that he can be.