major heartbreak

about jackson’s “sexist” comment and jb’s homophobic

goddammit, every single time it seems that i wrote an essay about got7. Anyway, I’m surprised to see of people accusing things. let’s get started.

- so the story is they had a fanmeeting in Indonesia. Jackson said to a girl to not wear a shorts/skirts and Jaebum said that he likes girls after hugging Youngjae. Please read this, it save you a major headache and heartbreak.

I am assuming they acts like that because they are respecting Indonesian cultural value. (I am born and raised and lived in Indonesia, I could give you actual info about our cultural value)

- Here in Indonesia, sometimes it still is considered not polite (too vulgar/sexual if you ask any 30 yrs old and up) to wear shorts and/or short skirts (and too revealing top) in public if you are not a kid anymore, A lot of people here are wearing hijab. Since most of Indonesian are Muslim and one of its rules is for girls not to show a lot of skin.

I’ll have you to know most public high school girl uniforms in Indonesia nowadays are a white shirt and long skirts, since the teachers were getting sick of student wearing skirt higher than knee. They changed it to long skirts instead. Middle school skirt uniform has to past the knee, too. 

Nowadays it’s common to wear shorts/skirts at public place in Big Cities but it is still considered not ethically correct for our traditional values. (If I want to wear shorts/skirts, I have to covered it with long coat or I couldn’t leave the house. sigh)

- Assuming Jackson was told of this information beforehand, what he said was correct. “Since you lived in Indonesia, don’t wear shorts/skirts.” So, to not worry our parents and be polite (another point that the fan is girl and meeting boys with shorts/skirts). The assumption probabilities is pretty high, since Jinyoung knows not to touch a Muslim girl’s hand back in Hi-touch in Malaysia (I don’t remember)..

- FYI, Indonesian citizens are mostly Muslim. Islamic as a religion considers homosexual are haram (illegal), according to Quran and Hadist. So the homophobic attitude here is worse than South Korea. (I know there’s a lot of LGBTQ+ Muslim. I don’t judge them. I only state the facts. I’m sorry.)

- Most of Indonesians are not as open as Koreans to give touchy affection.A girl with another girl gives public affection are all right but it is considered weird from a boy to another boy. I already said the homophobic is pretty damn high. If boys do that, they will be called “maho’ short to “manusia homo”(it’s “gay people” in english). It is considered an insult. I’m not proud of this fact. please don’t judge all of us acting like this. Most of younger generations respects people’s choice and sexuality.

You’ll rarely see couple kissing in public. Hugging is alright but not common. And it is rare for parents to say ‘I love you’ to their child if the parents are traditional in Indonesian standard.

- Even though you’re not homophobic, it’s not nice to be accused like that. I have once was accused of being lesbian in high school days because I’m too close to my bff. Although I have bi-orientation and demisexual to boot, I denied it automatically. A little bit of rumor like that could ruin my social life here. I, of course, can’t tell my orientation to anyone. it is bad to be not hetero here. In most of traditional eastern countries being not straight (or not wanting to get married) is kinda a no-no. Parents dream their child will get married normally.

- Assuming JB knows that Indonesian don’t show touchy affection (especially between boys) in public and the homophobic part (i’m not sure for this part). the sudden clarifications made senses. 

If JB was brought up in an environment where being not straight is bad, he would be more sensitive to this kinda things. Especially when he knows people ship him with his own member. He will be uncomfortable.

(Yes, it’s kinda rigid in Indonesia. Not all Indonesian is homophobic. Not all Indonesian is rigid. But you can’t accused the rest of them being too rigid or too homophobic, since most of them are raised that way. Environment is one of factors that influence our moral values and views. Can we just respect each other’s values and choices?)

In conclusion, considering they had to adapt to Indonesian fans, what Jackson said was not in purpose to tell a girl he prefers girls to dress this way or that way. Probably because he knows in here it is preferred for girls to not show that much skins.

And JB, probably to clarify that his closeness to Youngjae is just a playful act, and not to get accused of anything. (I don’t know if he’s actually a homophobic or not. But let me think it in positive way. To remind you,his career will come to the end if there’s a rumor that he’s not straight whether it is true or not.)

Please considers the time and/or place it happens, before accusing anyone of anything. You have to know all the context. 

Yes, that’s the end of my another essay for got7.
 goddammit, i love them so much that I wrote this much.

Really sorry for the long post


I live everyday in a paradox. I am the true definition of it. Paradox is indecision, they are opposites.

Therefore I tread through life with indecision.

Believe me, that’s more hell than you’ll know. It’s also known as Aboulmania. (…)

—  Paradoxical


This 00Q-Vid deserves more love, so I’m reccing it here. Beware, it’s heartbreaking. Major character death warning! But I loved watching it.

Clara dying doesn’t equate major heartbreak for me okay sure i was sad but really what breaks my heart is that her family and friends and students are just left to wonder where the fuck she’s gone. I have a lot of complaints about moffat who but while clara died nobly and faced the repercussions of her god complex, i just can’t help but feel like building up her family/life a little better would’ve made her departure more heartwrenching. Brian Williams kiLLED my feels with the whole “keep them safe” thing and jackie and wilf helped to flesh out the humanity that rose and donna could lose track of when being immersed in the diversity of alien life. I guess it makes Clara’s death a little sadder or even more hollow (depending on your take) that she gave up her human life and everyone in it in order to carry out the fantasy of space life with the doctor. Rigsy was a lad and did a little tribute but how many people has clara pushed away and forgotten about in order to pursue a life in the tardis? If anything, that’s where clara lost some of her believability as a person to me because she didn’t live her human life (danny is not a thing okay don’t even mention that lost potential ok) we saw donna and rose and martha and even amy (somewhat) see family and mention friends and really humanize themselves but clara just falls flat. her grandma’s probably still touching her ring somewhere and blabbing on about the hot mysterious stud she met (and there’s a problem when that’s ALL i can define about her)
This basically turned into a rant about the deterioration of companion believability and family relationships oops 😌

I know you will probably never see this but I’m writing it anyways. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You once said ‘people haven’t always been there for me, but music has’ and I feel that way with you and your music. Your songs have helped me through so much in life. From my first major heartbreak where I sat in my room crying listening to ‘Cold As You’ and ‘You’re Not Sorry’ for hours to happier times and jamming out to 'Shake It Off’ in Times Square with you to everything in between. In February 2012 I lost my 22 year old ex boyfriend/best friend to a car accident. He fell asleep at the wheel. At 20 years old I was heart broken. When Red came out later that year I could relate to it so well. I was in a deep depression and going through one of the hardest times of my life. One song that really helped me was 'Holy Ground.’ It reminded me so much of me and Zack’s relationship. He used to beg me to dance with him all the time and I hated it because I can’t dance. Now I try to dance when I’m out for him because I regret not doing it when he was alive. 'Red’ was another song that helped me. The colors and emotions described fit perfectly with my feelings at the time. None of my friends could relate to what I was going through and how I was feeling. I felt alone in everything and I shut out a lot of people who really cared. Finally in the beginning of 2014 I started to come out of my depression. I removed some very toxic people in my life that were holding me back. By the time 'Shake It Off’ came out I could relate to that so well. It became my anthem. It was a song that I could listen to and forget all my worries. It was a new chapter in my life. I decided to go back to school, I apologized to friends I pushed away and I became happier. I want to thank you for being there for me when people weren’t, or I wouldn’t let them. You have been the one constant in my life for the past 9 years. I’m proud to be the person that every one thinks of when they hear something about Taylor Swift. Thank you @taylorswift for everything you’ve done for me. I love you 💗💗

Kiseop's Tweet 110910

더 멋진 모습으로 보여드리고 싶었는데…요 몇일동안 몸이 좋지 않아서 다 보여드리지 못했습니다. 빨리 회복해서더 좋은 무대 보여드릴께요!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 항상 응원해주시는 팬여러분 감사합니다.

[TRANS] Although I want to show a cooler appearance, lately my body is not feeling well so I can’t. I’ll have a speedy recovery and show you a good performance!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ To all fans that have supported us, thank you.


Taylor, I’ve been to every tour, bought every album, and memorized every song like several other swifties. This past year I’ve had my first major heartbreak and learned what it was like to truly shake off people’s opinions of you. You’ve taught me so much this past year of my life (which has proven to been one of the most influential years of my life like EVER). I didn’t get to meet you tonight, but I did get to share this moment with you during “New Romantics.” That song taught me so much. I used to get a lot of bricks thrown at me but you’ve always taught me to use them to build castles. Thank you for being you all these years and being a constant in my life all this time. I can’t put into words how much you’ve helped me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 💜 taylorswift