major frozen spoilers

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Another drabble request! If you're so inclined. How about a dark angsty confrontation scene between Anna and Hans ( sometime after he's betrayed her). Heartbreaking lines and moments are preferred tbh. Thanks!

Man, you really know how to tickle my fancies. Have you joined the Hanna chat? You should join the Hanna chat.

Anna hadn’t expected the dungeon to be so cold. Or wet. She pulled her cloak tighter around herself as she padded down the stairs after the guard who had been assigned to lead her below ground. He didn’t seem happy about it. She couldn’t really blame him, though.

“Not too late to turn around, m'lady,” the guard grunted, stopping at the end of the stairs and offering a hand to help her down the last few. “Can’t imagine why you’d want to speak to him.”

“He owes me answers,” Anna said, taking the guard’s hand and with a sense of regalia she had never known crossing the threshold to the only inhabited cell in the dungeon. “Don’t you?”

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#frozen spoilers

12. Unpopular opinion on the movie?

idek if this is unpopular but i think the duke is the funniest character in the movie after olaf

17. Scene that made you laugh?

okay there were three specific bits that made me laugh way too hard when i first saw it

first was the duke dancing with anna, then “i’ve been impaled”, and the whole “just knock” thing all had me in tears oh my god

21. What do you think of Hans as a whole?

(major frozen spoilers!!) fuck hans