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Critique of a Certain Cracked Article, Part 2 - The Ugly

Before we get started, I want to say something.  I am very, very snarky in these posts.  This is because Cracked is a very popular website and they promoted this article ostensibly to demolish myths about mental illness in the media.  They did a great job on some of them.  If they had stopped there, I would have been pretty happy.

They did not stop there.

The majority of the things they say are not only inaccurate, but downright wrong.  They promote new myths about mental illness instead of actually addressing and countering existing ones.

Alright, we’ve seen the good, now it’s time for the ugly.  These are the ones that while not totally and completely wrong, there are too many inaccuracies to be considered “Good”. 

From @thingsairafound​:

I’ve never seen the film, so I may not be fully qualified to comment. However, it is a common misconception that autistic people are unfeeling, disconnected from others, lack empathy, when in fact the opposite is true. Most of us are overly empathetic and sensitive, and avoid social interactions for other reasons (constant rejection or a feeling of being overwhelmed by others’ thoughts and feelings). So if a character is portrayed as being a calculated killer because he’s autistic, then that’s totally messed up.

However, that’s not to say that it’s impossible for an autistic person to be a psychopath. Every single autistic person is totally different, so there are plenty of crazy assholes in the mix. Assuming the film *doesn’t* try to claim that this guy is crazy *because* he’s autistic, the thing to be horrified about here isn’t so much the suggestion that such a person could exist as it is that in one of the few portrayals of an autistic character in a film, they chose such a negative one, when society’s attitudes towards autistic people are already so negative overall.

In case you couldn’t tell, @thingsairafound​ is a much nicer person than me :).  I was on the fence about this one being in the Good or the Ugly posts, so it’s kinda inbetween.

This critique comes from @thingsairafound​:

Yes, the odds of any one person being a savant aren’t super high, but that film is based on a real-life actual autistic savant, Kim Peek. He exists and the actor spent a lot of time with him to prepare for the role, so he’s even fairly realistically portrayed.

I suspect the point the author was making is that not all autistic people are savants, which is true. Most are not. But a surprisingly high percentage are (estimated about 10% - that’s not “incredibly rare”, that’s one in ten people). Of course, they don’t actually define what a savant is here. It generally just means “better than would be expected of the average person” at one or more things. The thing that’s actually rare are prodigious savants who are so good at something that their skill would be superhuman even if they weren’t otherwise impaired. There aren’t too many of these people in the world. My favorite is Daniel Tammet, who can learn a new language in a week and  is able to do incredibly complex mathematical computations almost instantly in his head.

They say about half of savants are autistic and half are the result of things like seizures, brain injuries, etc. So if you’re autistic, the odds are fairly good you’ll be a savant. If not, the odds are extremely low, unless you hurt your brain somehow. 

Shrink’s taking the helm now.  Buckle in, Shrinky-dinks.  I get fucking MAD in this post.

First.  Why the fuck is Law and Order SVU up there?  They don’t ‘profile’ criminals.  It’s a normal cop procedural show.  They investigate crimes - any profiling they do is incidental.

Yes, profiling has its inaccuracies. However, saying that it’s “nothing more than cold reading” is laughable.

And you know what?  Criminal profiling is a really fucking new practice.  It’s only been around since the 1970′s.  You know what dominated the first 40-ish years of psychology?


That doesn’t mean that the entire school of psychology as a whole is worthless. Psychology has evolved and become more accurate over the years, and criminal profiling will do the same.

This particular thing is correct in that psychologists would not classify Norman Bates as a psychopath.

“Psychopath” is not a term used by modern psychologists. It’s dated, unscientific, and inaccurate.


The term you’re looking for is “antisocial personality disorder”.

Okay, yes, movies tend to overemphasize a sudden ‘breakthrough’ from the character’s past that suddenly cures their mental illness.


Are.  Are you serious.  What.  This is a fucking insult to everyone with PTSD. You can’t treat PTSD without addressing the trauma in some way.

Tell me, are the feelings of someone who is traumatized by the abusive actions of another person something that needs to be “justified”, in your eyes?  Or are they whiny babies who need to move on from their mental illness?

Also, why the fuck are you citing YOUR OWN PODCAST, Cracked?  Are you too afraid someone will actually fact check you?

Uh. Seizures?  THAT’S NOT A THING.

And that last sentence.  What in the actual hell?????

Also, why the fuck is the source from Prezi?  WIKIPEDIA WOULD BE A BETTER SOURCE THAN PREZI.  At least there is SOME kind of peer review process and there’s a chance that an expert could have looked over it.

First, no one says “shock therapy”.  And ECT stands for Electroconvulsive THERAPY, not treatment. Also, there’s no hyphen in the name.

Seriously, did the author even bother googling “ECT”?  THE CORRECT NAME AND SPELLING ARE LITERALLY THE FIRST RESULT.

While ECT is by far less severe and nowhere near as brutal as the movies depict it, it is not without its risks.  For some people, the aftereffects (especially memory loss) are far from mild.  

Also, why wouldn’t you mention that ECT takes place when the person is UNCONSCIOUS?  They literally don’t feel a damn thing while it’s happening. I think that would be worth mentioning, but then again, I write about clinical psychology, not badly-researched “comedy” listicles.

First off, wow.  This is really, really insulting.  Way to completely ignore the fact that people with schizophrenia are more likely to be victims of violence than be violent themselves.  You brought this up in one of the “Good” things!  Is your memory really that short?

Also, what the fuck is with your source for this?  It’s a website where you ask people to refer you to treatment centers.  It’s not a reliable source of information.

There is a grain of truth in this that part of schizophrenia involves “disorganized” symptoms.  But saying that all schizophrenics “definitely wouldn’t be able to stay focused on a week-long murder plot” is like saying that all of your writers are too lazy to perform a simple google search when writing their articles.  I’m sure it’s true for some people, but you can’t say it’s true for ALL of them.

Stay tuned for part 3, where somehow, I get even angrier.

Dammit, what the hell had he been thinking?  The more he berated himself the harder and faster Andy chopped the garlic for his tomato sauce. He’d been so careful with Sharon prodding her along as one might a skittish colt and now he’d gone and blown it. He’d worked so hard to restrain his natural urge to push things further and faster than she was ready to go, tried so hard to be respectful of her need to move slowly. Never in his life had he courted a woman as carefully as he had Sharon Raydor, but Sharon was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he didn’t want to screw things up.  

Classy, intelligent, nurturing and, yes, close to his own age, Sharon was so different from the many other women he’d dated since his divorce. He’d had no expectation of sleeping with her on their first date, no expectation that she would be anything but cautious. From the start she’d been completely upfront and honest about wanting a more old fashioned courtship.

But things had been progressing lately; she’d been granting him far greater liberties on the few nights that they had time alone on her couch. In fact there were nights when he thought for sure she was so deeply aroused she’d finally just let go and invite him into her bedroom. But just before it got to that point, usually as his hand was starting to slide inside her pants, or up her thigh if she was in a skirt, something inside her would shut down and she’d ask to call it a night. It wasn’t easy to hold back, God only knew. Sharon was beautiful and sexy as hell and he desperately wanted to make love to her. Sometimes he tried to convince her to just let go, just feel, and just let him love her but in the end he always respected her wishes. Cold showers had become an unfortunate part of his evening repertoire.

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Masters Of Confidence


BTS - You

Word count: 1,885

Summary: Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel…

                       And these angels wanted to be remembered….

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7

Criminals are often portrayed as villains. They are shown to be unhonourable, only working for money and power, or inhuman, monsters that don’t have any emotions other than hate.

Majority of the earth population sees them like that because they like to play by the rules. The rules, laws, however, are created to favor the rich, the strong. In real world, underdogs are seen worthless even within their criminal peers.

Putting someone behind the bars or getting rid of them is the easy way and as humans, lazy creatures, without learning about their motives we choose the quick road.

Of course no one can deny the fact that some people are just bad, evil, or mad. But most are just mislead or were forced to turn to crime. Forced by the laws that didn’t protect them, or to protect someone from the law itself.

That’s why I never questioned their reasons. Didn’t bother to learn about their past, or put my finger in their business.

As long as their motives didn’t involve me.

Trying to balance shopping bags on my both arms I climbed the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Television series and movies show these houses as these romantic, cute and aesthetically pleasing places on the top of the ugly buildings. Sadly when you are trying to shelter yourself from the rain that drips between the cracks while the wind might blow your house away, you don’t really think about how nice your little complex looks.

That is the reason that they are cheap and also the reason why I live in one of them.

The bags, that were almost ripped, were filled with tangerines and milk, one being a gift from my part time job, other the only thing I could afford in my economic state.

I opened the now unlocked door by pushing it with my back as I showed everything I had in my hand inside. A few tangerines fell and rolled towards the fridge.

Removing my coat and shoes that were worn out, I stepped inside of my one story apartment.

The bed was unmade and the cups from last night, was in the sink, unwashed.

Lying on the bed I pushed the voice mail button on the phone as I tried to get rid of my uniform. A female voice echoed in the house a few minutes later.

“Hey you!” it said “It’s Hwasa. You remember that you promised to cover my shift tonight right? Be there or I will print a thousand copies of your sleeping face and hand it to random people.”

I let out a giggle and shook my head as the familiar sound came to an end.

After the incident that happened a week ago, me being stupid enough to have a conflict with what seemed like a gang with pretty faces and creepy personalities, I haven’t been to the part of the city that had their storage. Was I afraid? Of course not.

I was horrified.

But a promise was a promise and if it was between you and your best friend, you had to make sure that you kept it. Especially if they had a photo of your drooling face.

Getting up and putting on something clean, I decided to leave a bit early and head downtown, to the café that needed my help.

Almost a year ago I used to work there as well. But when I couldn’t pay my rent, I decided to take more than one job, which made my schedule a mess. It was a small café, only serving terrible coffee and sweet cakes, and they couldn’t pay well. That’s when I left it for good to take two more jobs in its place. Still, when I got lonely, I missed the atmosphere and seeing similar faces every day.

When I finally reached my destination, my fingers were numb from the freezing weather. It was almost evening when I went in, which didn’t help my nerves that were all over the place.

“Welcome back!” the manager, Soonkyu, said with a high pitched voice. She was a petite woman who had a cute face just like her personality. Yet it was questionable how she took that position considering her hyper attitude. “Aprons are still in their old place and you know what to do.”

They never had many customers, only people came for a drink being the regular ones. We used to always complain about the long, boring nights and talk till our shifts ended before closing the place.

That’s how I thought the night would pass. But just after I put on the uniform, and walked towards the counters, the door opened with a bell sound as young man walked in.

His leather jacket and ripped pants screamed danger but when he smiled, all of my worries vanished to thin air.

He sat beside a window and made a gesture for me to come.

“Hello.” He said smiling as I handed him the menu. His black clothes matched his dark hair that was almost hidden under a beanie. His face looked like it belonged to the silver screen and his confident posture resembled a models. “It’s a cold night isn’t it?” he asked, putting the bag in his hand down. “What would you recommend?”

“Well” I answered, leaning towards him and lowering my voice “I should probably recommend something expensive but anything other than Americano tastes like sugary mud here.”

He let out an airy laugh as he gave back the menu without looking at it. “I will take an Americano than.”

“Smart choice uh-“

“Jungkook” he completed.

“Yes Jungkook.” I repeated before giving my name. “Your order is coming right away.”

Soonkyu was talking with an older lady while I prepared his drink. I made sure she was not paying attention before putting a piece of cake in the tray as well.

His table was now filled with papers and an open laptop as he typed furiously.

“Hard work?” I asked as I gave him the coffee.

“Homework.” He smiled as he opened some space in the table for his orders “I didn’t order a cake.”

“It’s on us.” I answered “So you are a student.”

“First year business major.” He replied proudly.

I wondered if I was given the chance I would study a degree or not. When I left the house to live on my own even if I decided to stay in school it wouldn’t be possible. If I stayed home it would be the same story. We were never financially stable to begin with.

“Good luck.” I said, turning back.

I returned to talk to him a few times as the hours passed slowly. It was near midnight when Soonkyu informed me that he was the only customer that was left. That’s when I realized his head was buried between the sheets, his hands resting on the table.

“Hey.” I said, touching his arm “We are closing.”

His eyes shot open as he took a deep breath. Papers that were once empty were now filled with numbers. “It’s late.” He said more to himself, than to me “I am sorry.”

“No, its fine.” I replied helping him with his papers after taking empty plate and half full glass.

Walking him out a few minutes later I pulled down the shutter, saying goodbye to other workers. A voice stopped me on my tracks when I finally turned to leave.

“Wait” he said “Let me walk you to your destination.”

Thinking about the last time someone offered something so nice to me, I turned to face him. “You don’t need to.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s late and can be dangerous.” He replied waving his hand in the air “For the free cake, at least let me take you half way.”

We started to walk towards the opposite direction when I accepted, laughing. He stroke up a conversation a few minutes later.

“Is the café your part time job?” he asked “I thought you were a student.”

“No.” I shook my head “It was a one-time favor.”

He furrowed his brows, facing me. “You didn’t get paid?” His face looked angry and defeated for a second, leaving me confused before he tuned to his normal state.

“I didn’t. Why?”

He smiled pointing his head with his finger “My head is filled with economy questions. That’s why I asked.”

I laughed when he made a funny face before turning the topic to the café and told him about the past I had with it to the attractive stranger.

We traveled for another ten minutes after we turned towards an empty street. “There is a bus stop somewhere near.” He said “It will take you to your house in five minutes if you catch the last one.”

I stopped, shocked, making him turn to me as he put his hand on my shoulder, dragging his feet.

I felt cornered.

So much for déjà vu…

“What’s wrong?” he asked smiling innocently. Facing him, I tried to get rid of his hand but his cold palms stopped me.

“Jungkook,” I started “I never told you where I lived.”

His mouth opened wide as his smile disappeared. Scoffing and rolling his eyes he grabbed me with both arms, pushing till my back hit a nearby wall.

“They didn’t tell me you were smart.”

This would probably offend me if the situation was a little bit different. But as we stood there, alone, I could only think about how to escape and the people he referred as ‘they’.

“How did you even find me? You weren’t there that day.”

“We never lost you Fast Hands. I was the reason that they let you leave.”

I remembered the message their leader received and the parting words Jin said with a smug look on his face as I left the building.

“So you stalked me to do what?”

“To take back what is ours of course.” He said between his teeth. “We are not bad guys you know. We need that money as much as you do. It was more than a few thousand for god’s sake and you gave it to a homeless man! And he didn’t even question where you got it.” He said letting go of my shoulder and turned around himself.

Opening his arms he bent his neck slightly before pointing his finger at me.

“But you are broke and this is like a shitty movie plot. I thought you would get paid tonight. What am I supposed to take now? Your tangerines?” He laughed before kicking a stone and letting out a sigh “I can’t mess this one up either.”

Silently I tried to walk towards my left when he was busy with his thoughts, and get out from his sight as quickly as possible. His head turned to me so fast that I thought it would break.

At least it would help me escape.

He advanced and took a hold of my arm in the blink of an eye, the bag behind him shaking as he moved.

“Where do you think you are going? I know your every step idiot. You can’t escape.” He said angrily, squeezing my upper arm. “I was told to do this right and if you can’t pay us back,” he paused for a second,

“Then you will work for us.”

So I have this full plot on my head but I feel like the way I write is not as good as I want it to be….

Ugh, should I stop writing this series? 

Let me hear what you think guys.

The story is mine. Do not copy without my permission.

Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


IMPORTANT EDIT: I need another group and a member of it to mention in this series….Any suggestions?