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Joshler Recs: Best of June 2016 (30)

So here’s the first of my retroactive rec lists by past months! I’m still figuring out how to organize this, whether to include WIPs (I’ve included most of them just in case), etc. (** marks extra special favorites). Hope you enjoy! In no particular order:

  • creeping determinism by gardenpsyche (dorktier) oneshot. college au. roommates. Plot twist: it turns out I don’t have any problem with Josh kissing guys if it’s me he’s kissing. **
  • Stealing Cats and Taking Names by twentyoneboyfriends (sucider00m) oneshot.  Josh keeps trying to steal Tyler’s cat
  • only the trees know by minecraftwarcat. oneshot. vent fic. freeform. tw: molestation
  • Mad Sounds by PastelMess. oneshot. public blowjobs. Tyler is really bad at telling time
  • Death of a Planet by edy.  past rape/abuse. drug use. AU.The one where Tyler and Josh smoke pot under the bleachers of a local high school and talk about their problems. (They have a lot of problems.)**
  • Playgrounds Are Graveyards by franticatlantic zombie!au. tw: major character death, violence.  Cotard delusion - a rare mental illness in which an afflicted person holds the delusion that they are dead, either figuratively or literally.
  • Take It Slow by edy. vlogger!AU. deaf and disabled characters. depression. recovery.  Tyler is a vlogger—albeit a not very good one, but a vlogger nonetheless. **
  • amount per serving: calories 140, calories from fat 0 by dogf1ght.  WIP 2/3 kid fic.  Tyler Joseph, all things considered, is a brat.
  • Hey Ya! by rotosalt past relationship. sad. unrequieted? love
  • Patience by JoshDuns11inchDick. smut. funny.  Tyler is about to give Josh a nice little blow job when Josh’s impatience gets the best of him.
  • I Want! I Want! by voxious. first kiss. early days.  Josh thinks their tour van might be magic (don’t ask but he’s also really obsessed with Tyler’s mouth).
  • sleeping with ghosts by franticatlantic. ghost!AU. college!au.  Josh Dun dies on the evening of February 16th. **
  • I See A Spaceship In The Sky by StayAliveFrens. smut.  Josh wonders why they never use their masks for sex.
  • Wicked Crush by edy. burglary. trans character. falling in love/first time.  The one where Josh robs houses on the side and accidentally steals a few pill bottles, vials of testosterone, and a pair of tweezers from Tyler. Josh swears he didn’t know it was Tyler’s house when he broke in. Please believe him. **
  • The Saltwater Game by chess_boxing. Completed. 14/14. Serial Killer!AU but sweet? hurt/comfort.  Tyler and Josh meet by chance when they each decide to bury a body in the exact same place on the exact same night. **
  • De Profundis by TheMercurialGirl22. agoraphobia. blood. WIP 2/?. Up close, Josh could see the man was bedraggled and weakened, with grayish circles under his eyes. Despite this he seemed to be the most lucid josh had seen him. He raised a trembling arm and waved vaguely towards the door to the hallway outside. “You… Have to go. Now.” he gasped, gripping the counter unsteadily. “Please.”
    In which Josh meets his new neighbor and not all is what it seems.
  • Death And All His Friends by voxious. WIP 5/?. reunion. cheating. coming of age. Tyler went away to college and they didn’t see each other for years
  • Behind Doors by Smoot WIP 8/? Secret Relationship. Secrets and attempted murder  Tyler was, after all, the son of the President of the United States
  • Time Turned Back by pilotstille. Inspired by Light a Match . Superpower!AU. time travel.  Josh finds himself back in front of the grey, vine-covered building, but it’s the first day again.**
  • now we’re smoked out by spacebabedun. recreational drug/alcohol use. cute.  Tyler and Josh had never hung out outside of work before. Tyler is a nervous wreck.
  • Now They’re Outside Ready To Bust by tjstar. Heathens!AU. Prison!AU. Mental Health Issues. Hallucinations. Hurt/comfort. Near Death Experiences. Tyler can only feel alive when his hand grips the gun in his pocket, and when he almost can’t breathe through the sweat gathering inside of the mask on his face.And Josh’s wide smile makes him forget about everything that’s weighing him down.
  • Savior by PanicAtThePenetration. smut.  Brendon takes Tyler out to the club, convinced he needs to get laid.
  • The Lifeguard by Kiskillingit. WIP 7/?. Lifeguard!AU. saving a life. cute!  Tyler is a lifeguard, and Josh swims when he’s not supposed to.
  • Josh Pun by suicider00m. funny. bad puns.   Based off the prompt: “If I strangled you to death and showed the jury every pun you’ve ever told me, they wouldn’t convict me.
  • Liquor by engels. first time hooking up. voyeurism. smut. brendon urie.  Tyler likes instructions, Josh needs them.**
  • Sing Me Pretty Words by Pollarize. college!au. virgin!Tyler. first time. strangers to lovers. “How big is your dick?”   **
  • Beautiful Skies and Crying Eyes by Pollarize. coffeshop!AU. fluff.  “Would you be uncomfortable if I started crying?” **
  • please just send them all my way by vesselera angst. child abuse/neglect. major character death.  light, a grassy knoll, and 3:47 am.
  • a little bit of quiet by fantasticaldaydreams.  in which tyler is upset and josh enjoys flowers. flowershop!au. deaf!josh. tw: suicide attempt**
  • Attica by fructose WIP serial killers!AU prison!AU heathens!AU smut.**