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you know how peter pan has tinkerbell? [leo’s] sorta like that [for us], only minus the tutu and the wings.

anonymous asked:

Hi there, saw your medieval book recs. Could you go in depth for the book recs on the heroic/vikings age? I love those kind of stories and would like some recs! :)

To expand on my previous post:

Nibelungenlied (I prefer the German version over the Icelandic version  Völsungasaga): This is one of the sources Tolkien borrowed from for his LotR series. It’s the story of, Sigurd and Kriemhild,Brunhilde​ and Siegfried.

Chanson de Roland (The Song of Roland): is a French text that takes place during Charlemagne’s reign. More familial drama with an evil stepfather and an epic battle, reminiscent of the battle in Two Towers movie. Oh and there are hippogriffs.

Skallagrímssonar (Egils saga): So.Much.Violence. Also major bromance.

Mio Cid(Song of Cid): Spanish text, based on historical figure El Cid who is still famous in Spain. Exiled from his homeland due to being falsely accused of crimes the hero is on a quest to regain honour.

Laxdælasaga: The semi-historical fictional account of the first Icelanders who left Norway. Strong female characters, more familial drama, betrayal, and love triangle.

Beowulf: I actually already have a Fun Facts About Beowulf post, but it is spoilery so beware.

I hope this sufficiently answers your question. Best of luck and happy reading!

A bag of Hammers, is literally a movie i watch over and over again. I’ve seen it over a dozen times. God, lot’s of people say it’s a dumb plot and it’s just crappy. These people are lying. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE. If you have Netflix and spare time, just watch it. It’s worth it. 

We all get a bag go hammers, whether it’s being poor or catching cancer, divorce or losing your brother, or losing your mother. You know what I mean, Kelsey. It’s what you do with these hammers. That’s what determines what kind of man you are. Even if you aren’t ready to be one yet