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Majisuka Gakuen Refresh Challenge

5. Best Fight Scene(s) - Maeda vs. Gekikara; Salt vs Sakura

Maeda (and Friends) vs. Gekikara - This fight turned out to be exactly how Gekikara was: frantic, brutal, and bloody. She bit ears, smashed heads, stabbed people… and did it so with such a creepy laugh and a maniacal look on her face. The initial flash of terror on Maeda’s face says it all. Gekikara was beaten up, but not defeated. She ended up walking away out of boredom.

 Salt vs. Sakura - Sleek and stylish, but more than that, never have I seen a lead character dealt with such complete and utter defeat. Every kick was deflected, every punch was countered and returned three-fold. Sakura was simply outclassed by the Rappapa leader, never landing anything other than that one hit. And for which Salt made sure Sakura got well-acquainted with the floor. Over and over again.  


Majisuka Gakuen Bloopers Part 1

A video full of laughs, mess ups and random silliness during the making of Majisuka Gakuen. It’s always entertaining to look back at videos of the past doesn’t it?

0:11 - Witness Sayaka’s amazing aikido skills, until they stopped to fix the bottom of her shoe that got ‘destroyed’ in the middle of the take. Oops. Luv the mischievous look she gives to the camera. She even says “destroy” in English.

0:36 - Speaking of destroy…Yuko’s adorable as usual…and clumsy too after breaking those glasses. XD

And for another destroy…For Sae, I guess she seriously got into her role that she keeps accidentally hitting people in the face. From an extra(0:59), to Acchan(1:55), to Sayaka during training(2:40), and even herself when she slipped and fell on her face(2:12). XD The way she fell down is so hilarious! And when she goes “My face hurts…”(while Takamina’s hysterically laughing at her and saying “Kawai!”) I just went “Aww!”

1:20 - You think that Shibuya is tough and scary that she can kick a simple chair out of the way easily…or so we thought. XD So funny when Tomochin missed.

2:40 - It’s striking to see Sae sitting atop of Sayaka and punching her as if they are enemies even though they’re buds in real life. It’s too bad we never got to see Choukoku and Gakuran interact with each other in the drama.

2:52 - Tomochin accidentally spilling her milk right after a take.

3:13 - Yukarin takes on a difficult challenge her character does in the drama, handling a moped bike. She was mainly supposed to just walk and push it, but after seeing it go out of control when the staff was holding, it freaked her out.

3:38 - Acchan and Takamina, best buds for life, happily runs off into the sunset…but has to come back after the crew say cut.

4:09 - The helpful extras introduce themselves. As you can see we have a nice group of extras in this drama–Huh? Wait a minute… Nachu you aren’t an extra! XD

4:25 - Not just Sae. Everyone else seems to be experiencing slips everywhere. From Yukirin, to Tomochin(that’s twice now in this vid), and even poor Takamina. She got to experience some of Sayaka’s superior aikido strength up close that made her yell “That was scary!” while lol’ing at the same time. I’d feel the same as her if I had a tough looking person who’s a black belt in aikido attack me. XD

4:55 - The serious suspenseful silence between Gakuran and Maeda gets ruined when Acchan unexpectedly sneezed. How cute.

5:47 - Tomochin once again being funny. While relaxing, she realizes a bit later that she’s sitting on someone’s laptop that she didn’t notice earlier and hides what she’s done. And later (@8:00) she finds a pair of glasses and pretends to be Atsuko for fun. “Maji da yo…”

7:03 - While taking a quick snack break, Acchan didn’t notice until a minute later that her actions are being watched by a camera filming behind her.