Groaning, Shibuya’s heavy eyelids managed to slightly open, her vision blurred. “Uggghh….” She was aching in several places, and something in the area seemed to be giving off a faint purple light. Her arms felt like they would fall right off and she didn’t seem to be touching the ground. “….the hell…?” Opening her eyes a bit more, she looked around. Seems she’d been moved to the ceiling. “Great,” she mumbled, “fucking great…..”

A Night with Mayu

Jiena takes in the rather immense size of the Guest House as Mayu makes the appropriate preparations for her. Once they are ready, she enters her bedroom, furnished with some photos of Mayu and her friends, a modestly-sized television with the recently purchased Wii U connected to it, and a large bed fit for two people. Quietly, Jiena moved to the wall of photos, looking at how happy Mayu looked with her many friends, some from abroad, and others she knew herself. “Wow…your room looks lovely, Mayu-chan~”

→Hail that primordial Shadow

“Tonight there will be more resurrections.”

The woman in black, in a voice that resounded through the cemetery, walked slowly. She wondered, where would her lantern take her this time? Will she resurrect a dancer, a gangster or butcher? “Shame. I was looking forward to reading that new how-to book on knitting. Something to do for the night.”

Customarily, the mystical item glowed and swirled in its light – until it suddenly sent a spark out into the night and towards to an unknown destination.

“…uh-huh. I don’t think that’s new. This doesn’t bode too well, now. Who would it–”


The cup rattled in her hands, as she tried to calm down. The refrigerator door almost went off its hinges as she peered inside. No tea tonight, no water – just possibly good old fashioned mixture of coke soda and tonic. She’s never even found out whatever tonic is, save for that one time she drank scotch and tonic but that was just her being nice at parties. Just something to drink is what she wants, something to get those images out of her head so she can stay up all night again.

As someone obscure once sang, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’.

The green light had other plans for her, as it broke through one of the apartment windows and struck her back. Barely a response came out of her mouth as her blonde locks flowed upfront and her body started to dissipate into the green light. Spectrums merged as she felt herself being thrust again through inter-dimensional pathways, across the Bleed, and out to wherever the lantern saw fit to take her.

It’s a sensation she had grown accustomed to, but not particularly liked where it left her at times. Case in point: Lia popped up under a very oddly-looking large bell and–


              –into some sort of well.

To Lia’s credit, what she hadn’t realized is that she appeared at an entrance to a Shinto shrine; the bell, a Suzu, came at the end of a red-and-white entwined rope. The well in actuality was a box, in where people would offer money to whichever animistic deities they prayed. So…breaking the box was a very bad thing indeed.

“Ow!,” she clamored, trying to get a leg up in the air. “Like, what just happened?!”

Shibuya had been sleepless the last few nights. Tossing and turning in bed, unable to so much as rest. She was still angry those fucking Yabakune ruined her night with Ookabuki. She wanted to go to their school and give them all a thrashing. But that damn Maeda was occupying the Shitennou’s time. Maeda this. Maeda that.
Fuck Maeda, she thought. She hurt Tomo. She’ll pay. Her hands curled into fists.

It didn’t help that someone- or something- had been tormenting her the past few days. At night, whispers would come to her- “worthless”, “mistake”, “weak”, even. That was one thing- but then they started calling her name. “Tomomi-chan~” they’d call out. It was no one she could remember talking to, but it had a familiar pitch and tone.

Not to mention the approaching holidays. It’d be December soon. Christmas and New Years would pass. And this year she was skipping out on both. There’d be no Ookabuki to comfort her, either. She would truly be alone this year. Sighing, she looks at her alarm clock. The alarm was still off, from that night. It was nearly 6:30. Might as well get up. Sighing, Shibuya dragged herself out of bed and got ready for another long day. After dressing, she slung her Rappapa jacket on and grabbed her gloves.

She had a feeling she’d need them.

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Mayu stares just a little. "Yuzuru-kun?" she ventures cautiously ((Hi and thanks for the follow. How far have you watched Wizard?))

“Mayu-chan.” Yuzuru watched as she advanced slowly. After what he did he couldn’t blame her. “It wasn’t me. I was put under some spell… I think. I can’t remember but it wasn’t me. I wasn’t myself.” He pleaded to her to understand what he still didn’t himself. “I’m sorry.”  ((I am up to date with everything. No problem. It’s only natural.))

Another Beast Rider? (RP with majiridermayu)

It was just another day for everyone in the world of Kamen Rider Wizard, with the phantoms gone, everything has gone back to how it was before the Sabbath, or normal in other words, that is until Henry, guised in his human form, landed somewhere, someone has brought him here, and obviously, Henry doesn’t know why, thankfully, he had his Beast Belt in buckle mode, Dice Sabre, and Beast Rings on him just in case, as he explored the area, he decided to find help, he started to ask people if they could help, they either ran away or gave him strange looks, he soon ended up finding a girl with a hand-shaped belt buckle*

“Hello? I’m not in my world….once more, can you help me?”

Henry asked the girl, worried for his business and pets in his universe, he needed to back as soon as, he would be having tea with some guests later on that day, now he awaited for a reply of yes or no.


It had been an incredibly slow day, that much was for sure. Normally rainy days like this brought a large number of customers in, searching for something warm to fill their stomachs with when the rest of the world had turned cold.

Gata sighed wistfully as he slowly wiped off the bar counter for the millionth time. It didn’t even need cleaning as no one had been around to use it, but it gave him something to do. The inventory was all accounted for, fresh coffee bubbled in their pots, and every surface of the dining area was squeaky clean, but the cafe wasn’t set to close for another four hours.

What to do, what to do?

Catching Up (@majiridermayu)


“I know that you fool.  Medusa is what my sister became, and I’ve accepted that." 

Mage then leans backwards, letting the fire bolts sail over her before using a ring.

"Connect, Now.”

Drawing forth the purified Hamel Cane, she quickly intercepts the large blade, pulling it aside and aiming to slash you twice with her claw.

Phoenix grunted as the claw battered him, sparks flying and making him take a step backwards. The attack wasn’t enough to faze him, but their was more force behind it than he expected. Flames swirled around Catastrophe as he heaved it in an upwards slash, swinging it around and giving a downwards diagonal one as well.

Wizard's World? || majiridermayu

Walking through the dimensional wall, Sora’s school uniform did not change, surprisingly. She feels a sudden chill on her neck. She adjusts her gloves out of habit before walking on. 

As she walks on, trying to find the Rider of this world, she hears a gruff voice screaming out ’Zetsubo’ accompanied with the screams of fear.Sora runs around the corner to see a kaijin screaming at the crowd. She grabs her DecaDriver from her bag then places to a wall. “Hurry up and run away everyone!" She then runs and kicks the kaijin into a wall.

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What, a transfer student? You’re new, then. I’ve got one rule- stay out of my way. Actually, no, two. Don’t say anything stupid.
Stick to those rule and we won’t have problems. Got it?

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She looks up at him, just a little.  ”I wanted to see and heal your scars…and from how you’ve handled this, I thought you would want to do the same.  Do you?”  Mayu mumbles softly..

Nairu smiled softly before lifting Mayu up, his red eyes lightening a little. “…Are you sure….you want this?….Truthfully….I’d still do it…but I want you to make that choice…”

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you’re legen… wait for it… dary!!!! like a pokemon? u w u

LEGENDARY EMMA!! Like what hmm… Lugia? I’m Lugiaaaa~ Did you know Topegi evolves into Lugia???

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((You’re unique rare and beautiful ;) ))

Ah you’re too generous ;D I’m only a quarter of that. BTW I hope you saw my debt writing off textpost because of our para..