I am trapped in indecision!!
I can’t decide what to name my new majin OC in dragonball xenoverse
I have been stuck staring at the name entry box for legit two hours now
I can’t continue the game just in case i pick a bad name and have to start all over :(

so umm.. could you help? people’s opinions would really help me decide
or even if you could just tell me which one to pick. I’m better at obeying orders rather than making my own decisions >_>

Food name ideas:
Ravio, Gateau, Tea
Which one sounds coolest?

majiinboo asked:

why are you claiming my identity, when I am the majin boo? I'll see you in court

Tbh I do see you as majin buu

Can I be trunks?

cerisiel asked:

So the drink on Majin Buu's gifset is called an Ice cream Float, basically take any soda you want + a scoop of any ice cream flavor you think that goes well with it. My personal favorite is Dr. Pepper with Lemon sorbet. Don't mind me, just doing my job as a Dessert Scholar.

oh my gosh, i can’t believe i didn’t recognize it as being a float, and i can’t believe it never occurred to me to try one with a soda beverage other than root beer

i have to have one now, the one you described sounds amazing, this is going to drive me out of my mind

thank u Dessert Scholar, you have saved me in my hour of need