Dragon Ball Super 83

I adore Vegeta in this episode!!  The way he is struggling to stay his grumpy self to avoid showing he cares (he so does!) in such an important moment is wonderful. His behavior is completely different then to the time Trunks was born.  For starters he is there and refuses to leave Bulma’s side even when he is tempted into fighting powerful opponents. Secondly, he is trying to be a supporting father and husband.  He was worried if Bulma should be doing all those movements while pregnant.  He reminded Trunks of the bed and was thinking of names for his child (this is insane and sweet). Then he gets jealous when everybody is all over his baby girl (yes Vegeta we all know Yamcha is her ex but no need to worry about him). Vegeta was a jerk with baby trunks. It was clear he didn’t want to be involved but now he does. I’m very happy to see Vegeta be so caring. We saw a change in the Majin Buu arc but DBS is taking his development into a different level. What was a one night stand became his entire world. I’m not even a hard core VegeBul shipper yet I can continue ranting how beautiful this is. 

Side comment: I am glad Bulma’s daughter was chosen to motivate the characters and to see characters respect (aka fearing lol) her. A reminder she will be always be important (especially for Vegeta haha) :). 

And so ends the first episode of the strawberry milk laden fever dream that is Tokyo Majin. I can’t wait to watch the next episode instead of Tokyo Ghoul next week too!

All my Majin Bros, feel free to send in suggestions of who I should draw drinking strawberry milk next!