How I went from Lookout to Vampire, and won with 5 people

Story time! So I played on AllAny, and I was Lookout. Working with the town, I fingered the arsonist, he left. I pointed out possible Mafia, and Serial Killer. We got the SK lynched, and both Maf members were killed overnight thanks to a witch making the GF shoot the Mafioso, and the GF left the game afterwards. Then we realized, there’s a lot of Vampires. 

External image

At that point we started talking about how to get the remaining players to all win. It came to the point where Monti was Survivor, and I was Lookout. The other 3 were Vampires. Since survivor wins with anyone, the vamps all agreed. They’ll bite and convert me, that way all 5 of us could win. And sure enough…

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They did! I became a vampire, and since there were now 4 Vampires and a Survivor, all 5 of us won! Surprisingly those who were still in the game but in the grave were taking it pretty well. They actually congratulated the vampires for not only playing fair, but also planning their moves out. So overall it was a fun game!