toolkitty asked:

N - U

N - Favourite animal?
I actually really really love rabbits
O - Where would I like to travel
Everywhere, probably Scandinavia
P - What kind of music I like. I like all sorts of Metal and electronica
Q - Favourite flower? I like orchids
R - Is cheating ever okay? HELL THE FUCK NO
S - 2 habits. Chewing on things, biting my lips
T - 3 things I love unconditionally. The singer of Marduk (idk why), fat animals, Majin Buu (idk)
U - Favourite time of year, and why. Any stormy day, because stormy days are the best days

Storm of July *update*

I’m probably not going to be on Tumblr a lot if things get rough in the God Eater tags, I’ll be on the God Eater Paradise forum instead.

Link to forum:

White list:

Any members that joined before July of 2015

*Every other regular in the God Eater tags I did not list are welcomed as well if they PM me on Tumblr and ask if they can be apart of the forum. the same goes for my followers as well.*

If you cant find the registration its on the upper right corner and looks like this:


It seems not quite the end, just yet! Bebi and Majin refuse to call End Game!
And both Not Gokus in Team Goku seem ready to take on their challenge!

To Clarify Regarding the Recent Boruto Spoilers

Apparently there’s been some confusion (to put it nicely) over what was legitimate and what was fan theory.

This is what we have regarding a recent preview: (Thanks, majin-lu for finding that on 2ch)

Boruto throws Himawari’s birthday cake, and we see Hinata sad about this. It does not specifically say that he throws the cake on anyone, and there is no mention of candles. 

These spoilers also mention Naruto being busy as usual and Boruto getting angry saying “But he promised he would come home soon…”

There was also this, which was seperate:

It says “It looks like Hinata and Sakura were the only moms in the preview. Hinata with a sad face because of the cake, and Sakura using medical ninjutsu.”

It looks to me like the one who wrote this just wanted to point out what Hinata and Sakura were doing in the preview. It does not necessarily mean that these things happened in the same scene.

The thing about Sakura healing Hinata and Himawari after they had a cake with lit candles thrown on them is completely made up. An NF user was attempting to connect all of the different spoilers together, and I’m pretty sure that this theory was intended as a joke to begin with. Don’t take it seriously.