majin buu arc

The “Society Survival arc” is a story that takes place when the country bumpkin Son Goku miraculously decides to find a job during a universal economic depression, said to happen once in every 100 years. The main visual has been released, in which Goku, Vegeta and Kuririn appear as the new employees of the “DB Commercial Affairs”.

Business Ball Z April Fool’s

Now that’s how you do April Fool’s in style!

Compare it to the original.

Bet you never thought Piccolo could rock a business suit so hard. I actually kind of want to see an alternate universe where Piccolo’s a hardcore business man.

One of the things I love about the Majin Buu arc, is that while DBZ never ENTIRELY lost its sense of humor, it was downplayed a lot of the time compared to the original Dragonball. So to contrast that, here is this very silly man-child as the ultimate evil of the final arc! And we haven’t even reached peak silliness yet.