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Put your music on shuffle and answer the questions. Tag your friends to do the same!

First song describes how you die: Animal - Miike Snow
Love life: Home - Dotan
Played at your wedding: No Angels - Bastille
Add “in my pants” at the end: Remember the Name in my pants - Fort Minor
Funeral Song: Oblivion - Grimes
Theme song: Sad Machine - Porter Robinson
Song that plays when you think of someone you love: Bit by Bit - Mother Mother
Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” at the end: Rainy Days and Mondays with a shovel and a screw driver- The Carpenters

I will tag: *shrugging noises*

Ah! I just remembered! I was tagged in a sexy or beautiful Mun post thingy-majigger-thingy-thing sometime last week (or over the weekend), and I was going to do it, but it vanished. I’ve no idea where it went. So, if you tagged me in it, please don’t think I’m ignoring it. I merely am no longer able to find it.

Just got Splatoon ((with me own money, babus first adult like thingie majigger))


Shizzah me mum would love it too, and she hates games…

well not really, she really enjoys pikmin, and was the one to introduce me to Nintendo…..

I say would because the WiiU gamepad doesn’t really work if u got ((lowkey))  arthritis in ur hands

((also a doctor guy shoved a needle, SHOVED, in her thumb to do … something??? IDK, so her thumbs aint workin right now))