The thing about an Institute Sole Survivor is that they’re suddenly made the leader of the most scientifically advanced group in the Fallout universe, having no major scientific knowledge other than maybe hacking terminals or duct taping robots together.

SS shows up to the board meeting wearing a Groknak costume and high on Jet and the board will just sit there and tell them how their new hyper-tubular-quantum-fizzler-majigger project is coming along.

Just smile and nod, SS.

Since I made a new icon I wanted a new little ‘banner’ thing for when you hover over the icon thingy majigger (IDK the actual term) I did a more Python type snout just cuz I was drawing a python for homework and I wanted to try.

So enjoy the Chunky Snoot!


[So I breached 150 followers at some point during the day but I’ve been busy getting some stuff done, so here’s the celebration majigger!

As a select few of you may know I’ve spent the last week working on a Fire Emblem themed shirt. That’s right, an FE thing you can wear preferably on your torso! The design is 98% finalized and I’ll get getting a demo (or whatever you want to call it) printed hopefully sometime this week so I can see what it’s like and touch it up where necessary.

So what’ll be the prize of this giveaway? If all goes well with the shirt the winner of this Reblog give away will receive the first non-test printed shirt and on top of that I will ensure that the back is customized with your name or your muse’s name or the name of whoever the hell you may be handing it off to as a gift. Of course, I will need your mailing address should you win and all of those details will be sorted out in post.

One reblog per person, one reblog = one entry, contest ends 11:59pm EST July 27th, 2014.

Thank you for all the wonderful support you guys have continued to give me over the past however long this blog has been up. It feels like a long time and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it :)]