majesty that is thorin

It still baffles me how the fandom used to be all about “majestic Thorin”. Broody majestic Thorin who’s too majestic for you folks.

Then that nerd gave himself away with all the dopey smiles in BoFA. Now we know he’s just a big marshmallow hidden in a crust of dark chocolate 90%. 

get it together Thorin.

(Fili is the only guide to majesty now)

It's a good thing Tolkien wrote this and not me
  • Thorin: We're going to need a burg-
  • Bilbo: Okay. You can stop right there. If you think a song number complete with hot rugged men can convince me to join in this dragon-slaying business're obviously right! Now when and where your hotness- I mean your majesty?
  • Thorin: Gandalf, do we really need to bring the hobbit?
  • Gandalf: Yeah, for shipping purposes, we need Bilbo Baggins.