so you feel entitled to a sense of control
and make decisions that you think are your own
you are a stranger here, why have you come?
why have you come?
lift me higher, let me look at the sun

author: almaasi // artist: majestiel
posting date: november 18th

On a narrow lane, right at the edge of San Francisco city, there is a boutique flower shop with a single employee named Dean. The place is Dean’s world; it’s tiny, filled with bright colour and sensational beauty, and it’s the only sanctuary he ever finds amidst the commotion of his new life. Then, there’s Castiel. From the first time he steps into the shop, Castiel can’t help but become deeply enchanted by what’s inside. However, it’s not just the flowers that keep him coming back: with each visit he makes, he grows fonder of the bespectacled florist, learning Dean’s hands and his laughter as Dean shows him how to romance a woman. There is nothing either of them can do to keep from falling in love, despite Castiel’s path already being paved, cemented, and thoroughly set in stone: he is supposed to marry Daphne. It becomes clear that they all have their vices, addictions. Castiel has kept things from Dean… and maybe Dean has a few secrets, too. What with all the lying, cheating, and dauntless emotional vulnerability, they may as well be living in a soap opera.

Dean’s not sure how to tell Cas that black coffee is not for everyone. Hell, he sees what the guy drinks; some whacked out caramel-mocha-something that twists Dean’s stomach just by the look of it. So Dean’s not sure how to say then, why Castiel shouldn’t take a sip of the drink in his hand. Part of him is willing to believe it’s because it happened too fast, the guy snatching up his cup with reflexes that reminded Dean of a freaking super-hero.

The other part of him, the more honest part, knows he just wants to see the look on Cas’ face.


And just like that, the wasted sip of coffee is worth it. The guy’s eyes are scrunched, forehead creased with heavy distaste as he swears around the bitter liquid in his mouth.

Dean’s laughing, head thrown back as the chuckles rumble in his throat. He’s only ever heard Cas swear in times of dire emergency - and the fact that black coffee counted as a dire emergency? Freaking priceless.

“Cas,” Dean’s gasping, trying to regain some semblance of self-control as he meets the man’s eyes and Cas’ glare turns icy, “I’m sorry man - but - goddamn, Cas-

“This isn’t funny, Dean,” Castiel cuts off Dean’s stifled laughter as his arms fold indignantly across his chest. “I burnt my tongue.”

Dean and Cas at the movies.

The armrest in between them is lifted, and Dean is curled up against Cas, whose arm is around him. Dean keeps kissing the tips of his fingers and Cas’s lips are in his hair. Who cares about classes or finals or even the movie when life is as good as having your boyfriend press kisses to the top of your head? And who cares about the people staring when they kiss in the lobby of the theater after the movie, pressing close and giggling about how ridiculously bad the writing was? “I love you,” Cas murmurs against Dean’s lips, “but next time I choose the movie.” Dean just grins and covers Cas’s mouth with his own.

anonymous asked:

List 5-10 blogs you're currently obsessed with and why? And one sentence bullshit explanations don't count. I know you and you've probably guessed who this is but you still have to answer! <3

yOU SON OF A BITCH I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS. goddammit and this is why i hate you but fine.

this is in no particular order because that would be ridiculously difficult to figure out/decide? so DEAL.

  1. majestiel
    bc this bitch is actually very lovely and nice and puts up with so much of my shit it’s embarrassing. she says she’s going to “live vicariously” through me but idk that’s probably dangerous. she’s wonderful to all her followers and holy shit have you seen her edits? i mean damn. even if she spouts graphic crack idc i still love her.
  2. plaidintheimpala
    ok ok so this chicka i started talking to like not so long ago but hey, so far she’s wicked awesome. but she’s also one of my babies so if you hurt her i have guns and i will find you. she’s funny and talks to me about music and shit and we’re evening doing this little playlist thing? idk what it is but it’s pretty cool.
  3. heywinchester-manup
    goddammit this is like the second time i’ve been nice to this asshole today. but yeah he pretty much has my sense of humor? idk at least i think he does but i might be wrong. also will be listed under one of my tumblr crushes because i give no shits and will not apologize for him being amazing. fantastic dean winchester rper and don’t let him tell you any different. puts up with so much of my shit and my ambushing his inbox that it’s almost pathetic.
  4. mycroftgetoffmysheet
    okay so this bitch is my poppins and will forever be my poppins. i actually haven’t talked to her much lately but HOPEFULLY THAT SHIT WILL CHANGE. she’s hilarious and also makes me cry on multiple occasions but she’s been there for me when i had to deal with shit outside of tumblr. basically knows the epic fail love story of mine and HEY BITCH I JUST REALIZED I WON THAT BET because you said it would be canon and it wasn’t. she’s a boss at art and don’t let her fool you.
  5. sugarywings
    hahahah okay so this one is fantastic. idk why they put up with my bullshit but hey maybe being an archangel gives you infinite patience. funny as anything and we fight over tags even when i give you milk and cookies. just started talking to you too you asshole but it’s awesome and i hope we’ll still keep in contact even with school starting.

congratulations the winner of my september botm and all the runners up. there were so many people who entered this and i had an amazing amount of hard decisions to make because there were so many perfect blogs out there, but I did manage (after hours of painstakingly hard decisions), narrow it down to 5 so thank you and well done again! 


galaxstiel - her theme and layout are beautiful and her posts are super quality and perfect. she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and basically she is perfect. 

runners up:

arrchangels - her blog is absolutely beautiful (the faded hover kills me every time bc its so perfect) and her posts are super quality and beautiful and basically she is very very perfect 

majestiel - first of all her edits and graphics are the best ive ever seen and i am still completely confused as to how someone could achieve that. her posts are perfect and she is really nice and perfect and her songs of the day are what make my life complete and yep she is perfect. 

ofpurgatory - her theme is amazing and her posts are super quality and she is super organised with her tags and i love her blog a lot 

haloism - her perfect graphic making skills make me want to die and then to top it all off her amazing personality and the fact she is amazing and super sweet tops it all of and basically this story ends with me sobbing on the floor so basically she is super great

if any of you want help with anything like reaching goals or voting or promos just message me and i will do the best i can and thank you for being perfect 

soooo i’m thinking about making custom URL graphics with a requirement to donate ~$5/graphic to haiyan relief efforts. this wouldn’t start for another week, because i simply don’t have time to get all the logistics set up until then (submission form, list of charities, proof of donation, etc.), but i’m putting this out there just to gauge interest… would anyone be interested…??

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I just…I love you.