TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your 10 favorite blogs and tell them they’re it. :)

1: My teddy bears name is Alfredo! 

2: I live on the top of a hill and spy on my neighbours, one of my neighbours farms I nicknamed ‘Shouty farm’

3: On a trip to Scotland I made them stop the van so that I could buy a whole bag of lettuce and ate it all in one go because I felt so unhealthy. It made it alot better.

4: My mother makes friends with moths, I used to but then I lost the art of moth whispering after school beat it out of me

5: All my friends have banned me from swearing around them because apparently it 'Just sounds wrong’

6: When I daydream, my name is Wethra and I am a dwarf of the White Mountains, I tame wild goats and go around hitting all of the canon characters, telling them to 'man up’ or that they are stupid and should just 'calm down’

7: My accent is so ridiculously english that I would fit in a PG Wodehouse novel

8: I have never worn make-up

9: I currently have 5 spiders in my bedroom and their names are Jack, Meredith, Mag, Mackenzie and Fiesto, I talk to them often

10: I have just found out that I am one of someone’s ten favourite blogs and this makes me bouncy, Mag’s web does not appreciate this.