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Oh, it's your birthday? Happy birthday!! I hope it's a great one and you get to do something fun!

<: Thank you so much! Today’s gonna be kinda slow because everyone’s working, but this Saturday I’m going to dinner with a bunch of friends so that’s when the fun really starts!

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First name: Savannah, Nickname: Glitter Tits, Poket, Gender: Are you fluid at this point?, Sexual Orientation: Bi, Nationality: Murican, Relationship status: Single, Likes: Apparently marble hornets right now but idk what that is, also buffy and angel, and madoka and lots of other things, Dislikes: Embarrassment, Random fact: xiiidiots.

- omg glitter tits
-yes fluid
-you might like marble hornets, it’s creepy and well written.  the acting isn’t amazing at first, but by the end everything is amazing.
-also yes to buffy, angel, and madoka <3
-xiiidiots tho

3DS get!

Hey losers! This is the first original post I’ve ever made on Tumblr, and it’s been over a year since I made this account, I think!

I got a 3DS today to play Pokemon Y, and whether or not you’ll be playing Pokemon - I’d like friend codes if you also have a 3DS. For reasons?

My friend code is 0447 - 6415 - 1529 so send me a request if you’re able and I’ll accept when I can. Thanks! I hope this is how I tag people…