hello i am back and finally have another design for you all

i noticed a severe lack of star wars qr codes and i am here to combat that. starting with finn/poe’s jacket from TFA! named finn since it has the shirt finn wore with it, i didn’t think the villager could do poe’s majestic open shirt justice. sorry mayor.

enjoy! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

edit: i’ve made a lot more star wars qrs, see them here!

Dear friends,

To thank you all for being amazing, I’m going to give away some gifts for the holidays. You treat me so well, and put up with me without complaints. I appreciate everyone so much.

 Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Be following me.

2. Reblogs only.

3. Be courteous of your followers (don’t spam them please)

4. Be willing to give me shipping information.

5. I will not choose the “winners” a random internet number generator will.

6. Please don’t boast if you are selected… be kind to your peers :).

Up for grabs are:

1) 1 Montreal Canadiens Axis Drawstring Backpack

2) 1 New York Rangers Slogan Drawstring Backpack

3) 1 Florida Panthers Reversible Keystrap 

4) 1 Flyers Clear Reusable Bag

5) 1 Canucks 16 oz. reusable Drinking bottle

6) 1 Ottawa Senators Majestic V-neck T-shirt Womens L

7) 1 NorthStars T-shit Womens L

8) 1 $50 gift card for the NHL online store

9) 2 $25 gift cards for the NHL online store

10) mystery prize????!!!!???

I can’t express how much you have come to mean to me over the past few years!! Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you all so, so, so, so much!

This closes on the December 7th 2015. I hope to get everything out a few days after that. Good luck, thank you soooo much!

jaws theme song.

hollstein; she can’t take carmilla anywhere, but she can try


on a03

Okay so.

            At 19, during the first semester of your flourishing university career, you managed to: vanquish an unspeakable evil; eat a truly impressive amount of cookies; not die; pass your courses with grades that didn’t make your dad’s moustache quiver; fall in love a little; learn to waltz; fall in love some more; and whatever you’re going to reiterate the not dying part because that was a miracle.  So, you know, you’re pretty happy.  You’re alive, and your girlfriend (!!) is like disgustingly hot, and your friends are amazing and reckless and young.

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