majestic wolf

ACOMAF Patronuses
  • feyre: a majestic ass wolf
  • rhysand: a bat, but like... a hot bat. or maybe a black kitten.
  • cassian: a mighty stallion
  • morrigan: a golden retriever
  • azriel: a sneezing panda cub
  • lucien: you think im gonna say a fox!! well i am yeah bc he's a fox totes magotes
  • amren: mothafukin!!dragon!!
  • elain: cute lil bunny wabbit
  • nesta: incredibly agitated owl
  • tarquin: the most beautiful ass dolphin you eVEr did see
  • ianthe: snake bitch (bitch snake)
  • king of hybern: cockroach?? do i look like i give a motherfuck??
  • tamlin: turkey. no wait, rat. no wait, a lion, but like a badly animated lion. like a really fucked up simba. no actually this asshole is scar. that's right, scar the evil ass lion. you know what fuck you tamlin you piece of shit you don't get a patronus fuck off m8

Found across the entire North American continent, but seen in pop culture as a south western iconic animal. 

Between a fox and a wolf in size. The Coyote is the dominant predator in the Mojave. They can be solitary or hunt in packs. Typically the pack will communicate by yips, barks, howls and screeches that sound like something is dying. They don’t have any of the majestic howl that a Wolf does. 

They can grow fairly large to the size of a big dog and in packs they can take down cattle however they prefer to go after goats, sheep, chickens and even dogs. A Coyote will kill a dog and not eat it. I know of many ranchers and friends in the Mojave had lost dogs to Coyote. 

They’re fast, reasonably intelligent for a Canine and viscous. I will freely admit I do not like them at all. I tend to shoot them on sight whenever and wherever possible. Coyote are a real problem in the South West not only for livestock but because they have grown bold enough to attack Humans also. There have even been packs that have killed Children. Many states offer bounties now and then to Hunters to cull the population because it can explode easily. They’re hardy animals that can eat everything and are true survivors. 

Merry Christmas, @hobrien!

For my dear recipient Hobrien! Hopefully I managed to capture some of the elements which you love so dearly about Sterek, or at the very least, entertain you for a few minutes. Merry Christmas!!

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A Wolf in My Bed, A Man in My Heart

Featuring King!Stiles, Knight!Derek, and wolf!Derek.

Rating: T


White. Blotches of crimson. Flashes of silver.

Derek opens his eyes, blinking rapidly to clear his vision.



He whimpers and ducks his head, trying to block out the harsh noises.


An arrow slices through the air next to Derek’s fur and he scuttles onto four feet. He scampers away, seeking shelter amongst the thick trees at the edge of the clearing, his bushy tail swishing behind him.

Slithering behind two trunks, Derek peers out to survey the scene. A coppery smell fills the air and Derek suddenly realises that the patches of red painting the pale white snow is blood.

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