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[Vivi interview] Baekhyun, D.O., Xiumin, Chen & Suho talking about each other’s voices

Xiumin: Suho’s voice is like a soft youth. Chen has a voice that can pierced the sky. D.O.’s voice is trendy. Baekhyun has a very soothing voice that makes you want to keep listening to it.

Baekhyun: Thank you~! Xiumin Hyung’s high tone range is very charming. D.O.’s is soft and soothing. Chen’s is like a majestic tree. Suho Hyung’s voice is very delicate and sweet.

D.O.: I’m next. Baekhyunie has a very emotional voice. Xiumin Hyung has a delicate singing voice. Suho Hyung’s is exemplary and steady. And Chen’s, we’ve agreed that he is “our high notes” (laughs)

Chen: Hahaha~ This question is really refreshing! Same as D.O., i too think that Baekhyunie’s voice is full of emotion. D.O.’s is soft / fluffy like the cloud. Xiumin Hyung’s is light like the wind. Suho Hyung’s sweet singing voice is his charming point.

Suho: I’ll use colors to describe your voices. First, D.O.’s voice is Grey. Although he has a deep and husky tone, it also has the clarity of a young boy’s voice, that’s why it’s not Black but Grey. If i have to compare it to food it would be ice cream with a sweet topping. Xiumin’s voice is Blue because it is clear and refreshing. Chen’s is Yellow because he has a powerful voice. It’s not a burning color like Red but a sweet feeling that is like Chen’s personality. Baekhyun’s is the exact Chocolate color like Americano. With a bitter taste, his voice moves into your heart and touches your emotions.

Baekhyun: As expected of Leader! EXO is a group that has different voice colors.

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This beautiful core world is a little niche of land covered in tall, majestic trees and fed by a small pond and several running streams. This world is constantly stuck in the season of Summer, making it the hottest of the core worlds in Avalar. Inside the castle are small pools of water, marble statues, and a few indoor gardens.

aaaaand heres summer forest to top it all off!! i couldnt get over how pretty this world was as a kid :’)