majestic longhair

As I said, I’ll be doing a series of pictures of Tiny Fierce Thorin in adorable fierceness moments. This one is in progress, I’m too sleepy to finish it now. 

You can see my sketches are always so “clean” (oh irony).

“DU BEKAR!” *adorable fierce voice*

Good night my friends!

lookforanewangle  asked:

Hi!! I was wondering if I could request some askbox fic about Kent's concussion and/or stroke recovery from your Parsewhumping fic about the Zimmerman Story please??

YES YOU CERTAINLY MAY.  I would be pleased to oblige! Because if there’s a thing this disabled girl likes, it’s writing snarky crips.

The only thing that makes Bitty look twice at the @cutestanimalpixx Twitter account when he gets the notification that they’ve followed him is that Taylor Swift follows them.  He’s not totally susceptible to peer pressure but some people just… know their social media stuff, okay?  So he takes a gamble, follows the locked account back, and gets on with his day.

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