majestic flowers

Finally ready to start posting pieces from my Johtodex project.  The goal is to paint a watercolor of every Pokemon in the original Johto regional Pokedex using their original GBC color pallets.

Starting things off with the Johto starters, still personally my favorite batch of starters from any generation.  The first of which is Chikorita’s evolution line.  I love how this spunky turnip becomes a feisty herb and then a majestic pacifist flower.

this is my newest background for my desktop - hopefully these adorable dorks will inspire me not to fail all of my assessment this term

You’re Like a Butterfly

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 634
Summary: 5 year old Jungkook likes three things for certain; ice cream, slides and his pretty babysitter  | #fluff #babysitter!au

He watched shyly from around the corner as you fluttered around the kitchen. It was like watching a majestic butterfly fly from flower to flower. He’s not quite sure why he thinks that but he does and it’s something he’s always thought whenever he looks at you – fluttering as free as a butterfly. Or maybe, more probably, it’s because when you hugged him the other day, he caught sight of something down the back of your top, on your right shoulder blade.

It was dainty and small but was seared into his memory for eternity. A tattooed butterfly, wings spread in flight. Just like how he’d always seen you.

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