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How Not To

Song fic based on Dan & Shay’s How Not To with Jason Todd x reader.

listen to the song here…“

Summary: Jason tries to get over losing you. f/p=favorite print

Word count: 1,076

Jason wakes up to the sun streaming through the blinds. He reaches for you with a lazy smile. He can never really start his day without a wake-up kiss from you. The way you look at him through the haze of sleep, like he’s the only person in the whole world, with your eyes so full of love, and kiss him back his heart turn to mush. He cherishes being the only person who gets to see you smile in the morning. Usually you’re quite grouchy in the morning, at least until you’ve had several cups of tea.

You used to be a coffee drinker. But when he’d told you he couldn’t drink coffee because it made the nightmares worse, you’d given it up in a heart-beat to support him. He’d tried to talk you out of it, but you had refused to hear it. It was in that moment, as you stood there and faced him with your hands on your hips and defiance etched all over your face and tiny little body and told him “Jason Peter Todd, I care about you and I’m going to support you. And you’re going to let me!” that he’d realized he loved you. He hadn’t fallen in love with you all at once, but slowly. He’d always thought he would never fall in love. But with you, it was like breathing. It came so naturally.

“Good morning, my princess.” He smiles at you, but you don’t smile back. You don’t roll over and reach back for him. You don’t kiss him and call him “my knight” You’re not there. Puzzled, he calls out for you. “Babe, you up already?” When he doesn’t get an answer, he kicks the sheets he’s tangled in off in frustration and stumbles to the bathroom. “Sweetheart, are you in there?” No answer. His heart drops a little. But he’s not ready to give up on you just yet. He rubs the sleep from his eyes and makes his way to the kitchen.

When he sees your favorite (f/p) teacup sitting next to the empty kettle on the stove, it all comes rushing back like a torrent. The wave of realization crushes him, knocks the breath out of him, and sends him sinking to his knees. Now he remembers. You’re gone. You’re not coming back. You left him. You finally had enough. He gets it. He understands why you walked away. He really does. You always were too good for him. Too good to be true. You were a majestic and elegant bird. He was just a scaly, lowly fish. You’re an angel. And he, well, he’s a demon. You two could never last. He knows why it’s over, but the knowledge does nothing to ease the ache. He tries to be strong, but he can’t. You were his strength. Without you, he gives in to the convulsing sobs that overtake his body. He sits there, shattered on the cold tile floor too long.

When he finds he has no more tears left and his eyes burn and his throat is raw; only then does he pick himself up off the floor. He hates himself for not being stronger. He berates his weakness. It’s been three whole days since you walked out on him. Three days, and he’s still a wretched mess, barely able to move forward. Maybe if your things didn’t still litter the apartment you shared. Maybe if you’d given him back your key. Maybe then he could move on. But without that, he’s stuck in a sort of purgatory. A tiny piece of him dares to hope you might come back to him. But you haven’t yet. For three nights he’s fallen into an empty bed and silently cried himself to sleep.

He begins to go through the motions of his day. Numbly, robotically, he showers and gets dressed. The shirt he pulls on still smells like you though. He growls and tears it off in frustration. Eventually he finds one that your scent doesn’t haunt. Jason heads out the door and begins to look for things to fill his day. To fill the emptiness you left inside him. He walks the city in silence. He’s joked about being a zombie before. Now, he really feels like one. He knows he must look like one. He hadn’t bothered to check the mirror before he left, but he hasn’t truly slept since you left, so by now the shadows under his eyes must be glaringly obvious. At some point he realizes he’s heading to the pier. He tries to get his feet to stop. To turn around. To go anywhere but there. But like a pair of rebellious teenagers, they refuse to listen. They drag him against his will. He tries not to think about you, but this was your favorite place to come with him. He tries not to hear your melodic laugh mixing with the symphony of birds chirping, seagulls squawking, waves tumbling over the rocky shore, children playing, and lovers talking in hushed voices meant only for each other. But he can’t. He just can’t forget you.

Not soon enough for Jason, the sun begins to set and it’s time for him to head home to prepare for his nightly activities. The past few nights he’s hurled himself into his work as the Red Hood. It gives him something to do. It makes the nights a little more bearable.

When he returns home, he finds a (f/c) envelope in the mailbox, with his name written in your elegant script. When he opens, a key falls to the ground. The sound assaults him and rains down on him like a thousand bullets. When he enters the apartment you’d shared, he finds your dresser is empty. Suddenly he can’t breathe. Suddenly he’s back in the coffin. He needs you. God, how he needs you. But he steels himself and pushes through the agony. He suits up. There are people who need the Red Hood tonight. Lives to save. He wants to go out and show no mercy. To kill the scum of Gotham because he can’t kill the pain of losing you. But he doesn’t. He shows mercy. Because that’s what you would want. Your love changed him. But now you’re gone. You don’t love him anymore. But he can’t let you go. You were his everything. His life. His reason. And he doesn’t know how not to love you. If only he’d told you while you were here.


Refraction - 1 (Angst, M)

Summary - Smokey nights filled with empty glasses and empty hearts. A one night stand that leaves Jungkook breathless…in more ways than he could imagine.

Trigger Warning - Contains mention of suicide and mental health issues. I am sorry if this makes someone uncomfortable, but I was totally in the mood for some wretched angst.

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader.

Imp. A/N - This will be a two-chapter fic, with the first one in JK’s POV and second in reader’s POV and second chapter will have smut.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Music blared loudly all around, the neon light casting a soft glow on the dancing couples. Ever so often, the door to the tiny club would be pushed open, letting the cold night air in, sending chills down his spine all while he sipped on his icy drinks. It was a dingy, cheap place, filled with people who either came to get drunk or laid, or if they had lady luck with them, maybe both. The redeeming qualities of the club came with its location, almost hidden around the corner of a deserted alleyway and the constant dim lights within, providing enough anonymity and privacy to anyone, who so wished.  Only the people who knew about the place ever came, all of them being regulars, chasing after the feeling of being distanced from the world in this little, smoke filled haven.

Jungkook was no exception.

With a struggling career in music and a relationship that seemed more like a burden after the initial petals of romance had wilted, he too came there for a distraction, sitting in his usual spot, almost unnoticeable in the dark, drinking till he got nauseous. His bored eyes had racked over the crowd, taking in the scantily clad women grinding on men and the occasional drunk making a move on a girl here and there.

But tonight he saw more.

His concentration grew focused on the spot directly across him on the other side of the room. His gaze travelled up from long, high-heeled legs to something he could barely make out as a black dress until finally landing on her face. She sat on a corner couch, one leg majestically sprawled on the other, a glass clasped firmly in her hands. In the neon lights of the club, she gained an element of fantasy, an exotic creature posing for his eyes. He quietly got up, too riled up by her aura, not caring if he bumped into people on the way. He just needed to get closer and see her properly. His breath hitched in his throat as he got closer, watching her bring the drink to her lush lips, tilting her head up and letting him get a view of her neck. He hadn’t even realized that he was still moving towards her until he stood exactly in front of her seated form.

Her eyes had looked up and locked gazes with his.

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A veil of flowers.

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One Shot

A/N: At this point, to be honest ,I don’t know from where all these story ideas come from, I just roll with it.😂 By the way this is a historical scenario.It is a bit short.Sorry for any mistakes made and I hope you like it.

Word count: 1,817

Warnings: None.

On the day of the flower festival many maidens gather to dance, but only one was as majestic and elegant as a falling petal.Almost like blown away by the wind, she disappeared at the end of the song.She was always dressed in clothes that showed her innocence. No one knew who she was, where she lived or why she disappeared.Many said that she was a goddess, others that she was a fairy.Her beauty was able to take any man’s heart with just a look.

Among those men was a young poet who had fallen deeply in love with this mysterious girl.Once ,a couple of years ago ,he saw her run to a tree and disappear.Since that day the man had been sitting under it and writing about her beauty.His heart screamed for her, his mind showed her to him and his hand wrote.Yet the young poet soon realized that no matter how much he longed for her he wouldn’t be able to have her. The only thing he could do was wait for spring, when he will be able to look at her dance.

One day as he was sleeping he heard a voice, opening his eyes he saw in front of himself an old woman.She smiled at him and gave him his poems.

“The wind was about to blow them away, you should keep them safe.” the boy took them from the old lady and thanked her “I would like to read some of them.” the boy chose a few and passed them to her, but she declined “Not now child, I don’t have time.It was nice meeting you.”she smiled and walked away.

 The next day when the poet reached the tree, he saw the old lady sitting under it. She tried to get up, but he stopped her.

“There is no need for you to get up.”he sat next to her and looked up at the sky, pulling out his brush and paper.He stared at the ink for some time and placed the brush down sighing.

“Is something wrong?”she asked him

“I don’t feel inspired at all.” he said

“You have so many already done, why don’t you use them?”she suggested, pointing at the small bag next to him

“The once that I have here aren’t about nature.” he pulled out a few and handed them to the old woman with a smile on his face “You said that you would like to read some.”

 Her mind entered the world of the poet and begin to see what his heart did.Her eyes weren’t able to stop readying until the last piece of paper came. Giving them back to the young man she leaned her head onto the tree and closed her eyes.

“You write with passion and love.The poems you gave me were for someone special, weren’t they?”

“Yes they are, but she won’t be able to read any of them.”he looked down at the growing grass under his gat ( traditional men’s hat ).

“Why is that?”

“She is very special not only in my eyes.She comes here only for one day and then leaves.”explained the boy

“Isn’t that enough time for you to tell her?”

“I wish.That day I can only observe her and noting more, before I know it she disappears.”

“You should leave her the poem somewhere where you are sure she will see it.”

“Maybe you are right.”

 The old woman stood up and patted her hanbok clean. “I should be on my way now.”she smiled and left the boy to think.Her words were able to give him an idea.The same night he left a letter under the tree and went home. Even if he knew that she would probably never read it, his heart still wished to believe.

 Once the hill was silent and all alone, a gentle wind blew the letter in the tree branches.The next day he came and noticed his work stuck. A part of him was sad, but he knew it already.Taking it down he opened it up and noticed that there was a white flower in it.

 The way he had closed it wouldn’t allow anything of this size to get in. For a second ,even for just a moment, his heart started beating with hope. He felt, no he knew that she had received his letter. Since that day he started leaving new poems. Slowly days turned into a very long time.

The boy noticed that the old lady had stopped coming to the hill, from time to time he thought about her and even left her a letter as well.As time passed she never came again.He wanted to thank her for the advice she had given him.

 The day of the flower festival had came and he left his beloved, one last poem before being able to see her again.He wished to meet her that night, thinking that she might show up earlier.The moon was out and illuminating a path on which he was alone. He waited and waited, but she didn’t show up.Turning around to leave he saw a little girl with black hair looking up at him.

“What are you doing here little one?”he asked her and the child smiled

“I was searching for my grandmother, she loves coming here.” the boy presumed that the old woman he saw was the one the little girl was talking about

“Would you thank her in my place?She helped me a lot.”

“Mhm.”the girl nodded and ran up to the tree

 The boy started walking away when he heard the child speak.

“What isn’t of the same kind shouldn’t be touched or seen.” the man turned around

“I don’t understand.”the girl looked at him

“Take it as advice. The same way the moon looks at this hill, but can’t touch it, is your story.Be careful.” the man reached out, but the child ran down the hill

“Wait!”he felt like she knew something and so remembered her words

 The next day he woke up early and waited for the festival to start.This year was different, the preparations took longer than expected and it started during the sunset.Once everything was ready, the night had already taken over the sky.The women started dancing as best as they could. Suddenly out of the forest walked out the maiden in her white and light pink clothes.Her feet left behind her a trail of flowers that were glowing. She began dancing as she always did and enchanted the people watching. Before the song ended she made one last move, looking for a split second at the young man.

 She than ran to the forest, but unknowingly so did he.They reached the tree when he grabbed her hanbok and pulled her back a bit.

“Why do you run?Am I unpleasant to you?” he looked into her eyes, letting go of her clothes.Pulling back the fabric she spoke.

“Yoongi…”her voice as sweet as honey, made his head look up in shock

“You know my name.”

“You always sign your poems with your name and a little turtle next to it.”she smiled and he felt his heart almost stop

“Why did you never let me see you?Why do you come here only on one day?I have so many questions to ask you.”

“I know you do, but I can’t tell you.”she looked down “If I did you would probably be disappointed.I don’t wish to hurt you in that way.”

“Can I at least hear your name?”

“Y/N, my name is Y/N.” she said.

 Looking at the moon you stepped back “Yoongi, please you have to let me go.” his heart felt your words like an arrow

“Are my feelings for you that bad?”he asked taking a step towards you, as you took one back

“No, that is not true.What I feel for you is more than you think, but it is not allowed to be.” you tried to get to the tree when he reached out and grabbed your hand.Skin touching skin he had done the forbidden. You gasped knowing what was going to happen now, but didn’t fight fate. If this was your last moment you decided to spend it well. You ran into his arms and pulled him into a kiss, one longed for ages.Placing your forehead onto his you smiled.

“I am happy I was able to do at least this.” He was confused as you stepped back.Your body started slowly turning into petals that the wind scatted away. Yoongi ran to you, but he was too late, only holding a few flowers in his hand. He was able to hear the sweet ‘I love you…’ as you disappeared.

 His mind went blank as he realized what had happened at that moment, the words of the child echoing in his mind. Lifting himself off the ground he started walking towards the edge of the hill. What point had his life without you? None.His body reached the end as he felt it falling down.The cool wind felt like your embrace as he fell asleep.

 Stupid child. I warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.

Yoongi’s body flew up back on the hill as the little girl walked over to him.With each step her body grew bigger and her dark hair longer. Lifting him up she placed his body next to the tree.

I will let you sleep now, I hope you will be at peace.Don’t be foolish next time.

What happened that night no one knew of.The poet disappeared and so did his work.Years later, people created a legend around him.Many gather around that hill and marvel the trees. 

“Grandmother?”a child asked


“Why are those trees intertwined?”she pointed 

“They say that a man fell in love with a goddess on this very spot and that those two trees are the incarnations of their souls.”

 The little girl stared at them for some time as her grandmother was slowly walking down the hill.A slight wind blew scattering the petals and making the little girl’s hair pin fall off.She ran to grab it when someone picked it up for her.A woman dressed in white.She clipped it in place and smiled as another figure placed a small flower in the little one’s hair. The woman and man grabbed each others hands and smiled once more earning a laugh from the child.She then ran to her grandmother waving goodbye.

“They will be forever together.”the little one looked at the plants one last time “They look happy.”she smiled

“Maybe they do.”

 Yet the old lady didn’t know that the little one actually saw the two souls waving at her, hand in hand. Only when they left one world were they able to be united .They will be forever in each others embrace the same way the trees are wrapped around each other.The wind will protect them and their legend will never be forgotten, living on in the people of this village maybe beyond.


I’ve been in the mood and this has been around for a long time. I blame this on @weeklyfangirl but… It’s just short and… Fluffy, I think. And a bit cheesy. Maybe I’ll rewrite it later. But till then…

He stood there pulling on his lips as he watched you fumble with your dress. The tears have dried but still stained your rosy cheeks.

“You hear me? It’s fine. I’ll take care of yeh.” He says half pleading, half reassuring.

His green eyes are set on you, noting your each movement trying to decipher them.

You yourslef hide away from him with head hanging low and biting on the insides of your cheek holding a coming sob. You can feel his frown and the small flinch of his hands each time you moved. He’s there you knew, whatever happens, he’s there.

“Love, I promise, you’ll be happy here. You’ll be the Queen and this whole realm’ll be at your feet.” He says in one breathe.

He has been ranting for hours since you have woke up to find yourself here, in this hell. Though ‘hell’ is a bit overrated, you thought. It was like any other palace you have seen but with a different architecture. Everything here was more elegant and majestic, like the God standing in front of you. And you would consider this place as, in fact, better than a lot of places you have been to.

You look up at him to see the despair clear in his eyes. He was desperate, you can see that. And why wouldn’t he be? After living for thousands of years alone, devoid of any relations or feelings, devoting himself entirely to serving his people, he deserved a companion. Someone to talk to ,someone to listen to, someone to love and someone to spoil. God, he might be, but he too couldn’t run from the loneliness that enveloped the walls of this majestic and elegant castle.

He looks back into your eyes, pleading silently fearing the approaching faith. “I’ll take care of you, promise.” He mumbles in a weak voice which you cannot allot to the Lord of Death. But here he is in all his glory begging you to stay, just stay.

“I know what they say, I know all of it, love. And I’ll understand if you’ll be afraid of me. But, love..” he sighs slouching and for one moment you think he might be giving up and panick strikes you. Your back straightens up and mouth opens to say something, anything, but closes when he continues. “But you should know, I’m not like what you’ve heard. I have got a heart and a soul too. An’ believe me I’ll use them both when it comes to you. I know it’s hard t'believe when we’ve had the start tha’ we did, but, love…. Love, I want you and I want you t'be mine and…. If you…. I won’t stop if you wanna go… I’ve lived a thousand years and I will… Just, I don’t wanna be alone anymore. If only….”

You turn away to hide the fresh tears rolling down your cheek. How could you ever tell this silly God that these are not the tears of sadness or fear of him but unbound happiness of the fact that he found you at last and you found him. Yes, you were distressed that you were being separated from your mother. But this is the place you belonged to and you could feel it in your bones the moment you walked in. The steep dark walls, the cool air, the flickering torch flames and the splendid carvings, everything about this place has been calling to you and this was your home. The place where you belonged, you were home.

But his shaky hesitant hands and constant pleading of “Don’t cry, li'l one. Please don’t…. I’ll go away if you want.” didn’t give you a chance to tell him that. Hearing this didn’t sooth you at all, instead, you jump to grab the hand flying mid-air unsure where it belongs and you guide it to where it does, wrapped around your dainty hands.

You look at the odd pairing through your glassy eyes, your small, pale, cold hands in his huge warm ones and you feel a stab in your heart. You sigh at the thought of how long it’ll take to get him to understand that this is what you want for yourself, for the both of you.

“Lord” your voice is meek and cracked from all the crying and you had to swallow back the lump to assure him that you were in fact not running away anywhere.

“Lord, I know it’s hard to be alone in this empty castle, but…. But its harder to be lonely in a crowd. I’m not… I’m not saying this because I fear you or sympathise you…. But Lord, I want to…. I want you to keep me and take me away from that world where I never belonged. I…. I want to stay…. And be yours.” The realisation in his eyes sparkles through the restrained tears. Seeing him light up with a wide grin and dimples popping up you nearly forget that he is in fact a thousand years old and your somersaulting heart doesn’t help.

You suddenly feel shy with the colour raising in your cheeks. Your head alarms at the warmth of his hands still held in yours and you pull away slightly when he holds your wrists and pulls them to his lips planting a kiss.

You look up at him slyly with burning cheeks and the glare from his piercing eyes shoot your heartbeat faster than Hermes.

“It’s Harry, love. It’s always Harry for you.”

Thank you for reading. All feedback are always appreciated. Here are my other works.