majestic beards


From that day, Yen had a new goal in life

To grow a majestic beard that will be the awe of all the beards in all of Thedas!


Holy fudge this took me ages to finish! TT _ TT Here’s hoping I can even squeeze out something for the Dorianmancer Week.

It has been a while since I uploaded something of my own creation so I hope you guys like it x u x

Robert Plant with the caveman look he adopted for Zeppelin’s Return to the Club tour of March 1971.

This was Zep’s attempt to return to their grass roots. The goal was to reconnect with fans , like playing venues similar to when the band first formed , and charging the same low ticket prices. It was a gesture to thank their fans. They also road tested songs from their upcoming LZ IV album on this tour.  

Why You Should Scale the Wall:

aka Iz’s very compelling reasons why you should romance Blackwall on your next DAI playthrough. 

  1. If you romance Blackwall, Sera will try to give him sex advice. That alone is worth the price of admission. 
  2. That beard is majestic. You could probably braid it if you wanted.
  3. He scales your balcony and there is no explanation to how he got up there. Did he ask Cullen to use his ledge? Did he make a grappling gun? Did a mage float him there? Who knows? 
  4. Surprise angst is both amazing and awesome (with added parallels if you play as a dwarf or a Quanri) 
  5. Height differences in the Bull romance carry over for elves and dwarves. For quanri, you can just tower over him. It’s fun. Trust me.
  6. Probably tries to court you the old fashion way. With flowers. 
  7. He contains the power of all the Grey Warden’s in his beard.
  8. He’s a dedicated cosplayer. 
  9. It is a very good example that love takes work. Which you know, is true to reality.
  10. Did I mention the sex advice from Sera? Because that’s my main sell, here.