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Erica had been fighting her entire life. She’d grown up in a family full of boys and to her brothers she was just like them. She enjoyed the rush of getting into a fight and then winning, surprising everyone who underestimated her. She spent her whole life pushing people to take her seriously and finally she was taken on as a knight.

When she heard that the queen was looking for female knights, she was the first one that was put on her detail. She quickly became one of her favourites. Erica had been asleep in her bed, filling the wishes of the queen, when she felt fingers on her cheek and she instantly sat up. She had to be alert. “What did you have in mind, your majesty?”

:::developed on a ship:::

Fandom: The Chronicle of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Character: Edmund Pevensie

Reader: Pirate!Fem!

Summary: Caspian considered you as a great friend, almost a sister and took you onto his voyage on the Dawn Treader. But as the younger Pevensies return to Narnia with their cousin, a certain boy took a liking to you.

Notes: THIS MOVIE IS ALSO MY FAVORITE. I enjoyed writing for this, I loved this movie, I was so emotional. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

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aquarius finds intimacy with the divine in rapturous bursts of intellectual intuition; the pleasurable sensual roam through their own boundless imagination, where they can luxuriate in their ultra matrix of innovative ideals. this is a synergy with god for aquarius, the travel through the crystallized road maps and valleys of the mind to extract futuristic galactic particles, relish in the crayon box of art, science and sacred, water bearer knowledge. god is staring back at him when he is saturated amongst the collective, watching people dance in elation together at music festivals or come together out of love for a surprise birthday party, observing the invisible threads that tie humanity together and delighting amongst the acknowledgment of a shared communion. the celestial rapture ripples through their high voltage arteries when they participate in dismantling structure and experience the exhilarating streaks of social revolution. the godhead is working like an electrical impulse through aquarius in their buzzing frequency that sets shock waves through holy water and shatters crystallized structure through voice, ideas, debate and embracing individuality. the aquarian experiences meditative ascension when they are simply being and wholly absorbed in their own, unique cosmic energy cluster that delights in having a free, unbound universe of free spirited expression where the soul can dance under its own symphonic masterpiece. the experience of god comes through the highest octave of love and creativity for aquarius, when relishing amongst their love of many things in the mindful indulgence of the majesty of creativity.


() Elizabeth stood. ”She may be married by proxy, but not sent away! Not yet!”
“This is ridiculous, she is at the age that most women marry!”
Henry said, unable to believe his wife’s temper on the subject. “My lady mother among them. Please, talk some sense into the queen, mother.”
Lady Beaufort looked up from her place by the fire, a blanket over her legs as she had read from her book of psalms. She was surprised by her son’s imploring, having tuned out the argument. However, she knew where she stood on the matter, always firm on her opinions.
“I am afraid I agree with her majesty,” Lady Beaufort answered.

c.1502, based on historical facts (Elizabeth and Margaret Beaufort teaming up against Henry and his idea to send Princess Margaret at just 13 in Scotland to be wedded) and based on this llittle drabble :D

Sharlto Copley as older!Henry VII
Lotte Verbeek as older!Elizabeth of York


Kenzi had been awake most of the night, she’d gotten up and just stayed up but as soon as it reached near noon she’d made food for Zee and moved back through to the bedroom. She crawled up the bed once she’d set the food down and she shifted so she was half laying on top of him and pressed a kiss to his jaw. “Wakey wakey your majesty.”