maje skirt


The TV series Preacher and it’s beautiful and strong Tulip O’Hare played by Ruth Negga has it’s own way to lead me into hours of internet research.

I am so in love with the costume design especially for Tulips perfectly arranged outfits. Last season it was this combination with the green flowing skirt which I have searched for like a madwoman and never found, until a few weeks ago I saw a beautiful cosplay made by lude-n-lascivious with the exact same skirt and finally the information were it was bought at (It is the “julien” skirt from “Maje”). Sadly it was too late and already sold out. It wouldn’t fit me anyway I guess, but maybe I could have changed it to my size. I could also sew it myself, but I have never found such a beautiful fabric like this green neoprene/mesh combi, which is the reason this simple pattern works so brilliantly. 

ANYWAY. The 2nd season is over and I’ve fallen in love with another piece of Tulip’s wardrobe. That perfect dress from the end of the last episode.. you know what I mean. It is playful and sophisticated and well combined, it has a beautiful length (which you can’t see in that picture), and a nice back. So now my problem is the same… where is it from?

Does anybody know?

Seriously. :)

(and if anybody knew where I could get the nice green fabric of the skirt, I would be incredibly grateful, too!)