maja rants

People in this fandom seem to have no idea that shipping real people isn't in the same league as shipping characters

These are real, fucking people! Honestly, I don’t like RP shipping. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Am I curious about an idol’s private life? Yes, of course I am. It’s natural to be curious. But to outright demand information about their private life first hand? Are you fucking crazy?

This isn’t JK Rowling, who you can ask about characters’ lives. These are real people! It’s their personal life, for God’s sake! 

Ugh, sometimes I just can’t with this fandom. Occasionally, much as I love all of you for your craziness, some people who call themselves ‘fans’ disgust me with their lack of manners and unfounded feelings of entitlement to some things. Simply because you support someone’s work and have an affection for them does not mean they are automatically to let you in on every little detail of their life. Their private life doesn’t concern us. Interest us? Yes. But it’s none of our fucking business. Just because we pay to see them doesn’t mean we own them. 

Which is why I prefer to call myself an admirer of someone’s work. Do I try to dig up information about them? Of course I do. I want to know everything they’re willing to tell me. That’s the key, in case you missed it - WHAT THEY ARE WILLING TO TELL ME. 


Of course, in the end, we all know what “fan” is short for.