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On May 3, 1998, a bruised and bloodied Neville Longbottom walks into St. Mugos hospital with his head, which is somehow still on his shoulders, held high. He makes his way to his parents’ room in the permanent ward and sits between their beds. 

He tells them everything about his 6th year at Hogwarts. About Luna Lovegood (I’m so mad about her I want to save the world just so she can keeping being in it). About Dumbledore’s Army (My first friends, my best friends, the bravest people I will ever know). About the Order of the Phoenix (I know how it feels now, to be part of something bigger, so much bigger than yourself). About the Battle of Hogwarts (It’s strange, it seemed like it was over before it even started, but it also felt like it lasted a life time). About destroying the last horocrux (I swear I have never been so terrified in my entire life)

After Neville finishes his story he takes a deep breath. He knows his parents haven’t understood a thing he said, but it has been so much for so long and he just can’t keep it all in anymore. He had to tell someone, and it felt right, to tell them first (it was all for them, after all). He looks up to see both his parents staring at him intently. 

Alice Longbottom is smiling, she has tears in her eyes, her hands are clasped over her heart. 

Frank Longbottom places his hand on his son’s shoulder, he nods and utters the first word he has spoken in years… “Proud.”

Drown Your Sorrows (Newt Scamander x Reader)

• prompt: reader gets jealous of tina and newts (friendship) and goes off and gets drunk
• word count: y do i even write this i never look it up
• warnings: drinking/alcohol & jealousy
(sorry for the lack of gif, tumblr is being heckin annoying atm)

• Drown Your Sorrows•

Y/N walks into the living room (of her shared apartment with the Goldstein sisters) balancing an impressing pile of various volumes on magical creatures she had spent hours showering through the archives- for Newt.
“Newt I-” Her face falls as she spots Newt and Porpentia curled up in front of the fireplace, going through his field journals. “Newt?” She asks softly, her voice cracking slightly as the two don’t take any notice of her presence, Newt speaking animatedly about his favorite creatures.
She ducks her head, leaving the towering pile of books on the smooth oak coffee table behind the two, holding her arms and turning to walk quickly out of the room.
Newt laughs, an occurrence that doesn’t usually happen, and Y/N freezes, holding her elbows, her back turned to the two, staring at the floor as a pang of burning emptiness shoots through her chest.
She quietly exits the room, sliding the door shut silently behind her, and just about walks into Queenie, who is preparing dinner in the kitchen.
The blonde takes one look at Y/N and her face softens, “Sweetie-”
“Please don’t read my mind-” Y/N mutters, staring at the floor, “Please!” She glares up at her friend and walks briskly to her room.

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well, I caved. Here are my two SRMT ocs, Maj the magenta monkey and Opal the white monkey. Theyre both girls too ^^

Maj is pretty laid-back, but can get annoyed at seemingly odd things. Opal is more high-strung but makes an effort to be calm.

I havent got a good backstory in mind yet, though ^^”

World of Wonders (Newt Scamander x Fem!Reader)

A/N: So I watched Fantastic Beasts the other day b/c I kept forgetting to watch it because nobody would take me to see it. And let me tell you, I LOVED IT. I just loved how adorable Newt was and the creatures were amazing. So this one is basically Newt meets the reader and he learns that she love creatures and he shows her his case and everything in it and it’s just all sweet sugary fluff. Enjoy!

You walked through the door of your shared apartment and set down your satchel.

“Queenie, Tina? I’m back! You two will not believe it. I saw a Niffler at the bank! I told you both that there are creatures here. Maybe they’re hard to find, but they’re here.” You said, recalling your events of the day. You took off your coat and let it float over to the hanger.

You continued speaking as you pulled your (Y/H/C) hair from its bun and let it fall in loose waves. You unbuttoned the first button of your shirt and turned to greet your roommates, stopping when you were met with two more guests.

Male guests.

“Oh, um. Hello?” You said, giving a soft wave to the men sitting at your dining table. You looked over to Queenie and she simply looked at Tina.

“Y/N, this is Mr. Jacob Kowalski and Newt Scamander.” She spoke, pointing out the guests. They waved and you gave small smiles back. You furrowed your brows and pulled your sleeves up to your elbows, getting comfortable.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you both. Um, I hope you didn’t mind my ramblings about today. It’s not everyday you get to see magical creatures out here. It makes me miss home sometimes.” You said, looking down at your feet.

“If you couldn’t tell, Y/N’s from London. She’s always going on and on about how New York needs more creatures for her to study. It was her favorite class at Hogworsh.” Queenie said.

“Hogwarts.” You and Newt said in unison. You smiled at him and he returned it. Queenie looked between the both of you and bit her lip in a smile.

“Y/N, dear. Come sit. Meet our guests. Jacob here is a No-Maj.” She said. You took a seat and glared over at Tina. She looked at her lap bashfully.

“Is he now? How swell. Now we not only have to worry about Mrs. Esposito being upset about male guests, but also a No-Maj.” You said. Tina looked up and sighed, before looking at the man next to you.

“Well, you know the Niffler you saw belonged to Mr. Scamander.” Tina said, gesturing to the brown haired man. You looked over at him and saw him quickly look down at his lap. He was looking at you already.

“Really?” You said in awe. He looked up and gave a soft nod. You smiled at him.

“Do you study creatures as well?” You asked him. He gave another nod and smiled up at you.

“I love them. That’s actually one of the reasons I’m here. I’m trying to get my creatures somewhere safe.” He said. You stared at him in awe as he spoke and you were about to ask about his other creatures, but he stood up suddenly and backed away from the table.

“Dinner was lovely, but I believe it’s time for bed.” He said quietly. Jacob stood up next and walked over to stand next to Newt. You nodded and stood up as well.

“I’ll show you to the guest room. It’s across from mine anyway.” You said, beginning to walk down the hallway. You pushed open the door and let them walk in to look around. Jacob was the first to get settled, but Newt stood for a little longer.

“Like I said, I’m right across the hall if you need anything. It was nice to meet you both.” You said, turning to walk out. You turned and jumped when you saw Queenie standing directly in front of you holding a tray with two mugs.

“You wouldn’t mind giving those gentlemen this cocoa, would you?” She said sweetly. You nodded and took the tray from her. She gave you a kiss on the cheek and skipped off to her bedroom. You chuckled and turned back to the door.

“Aberto.” You said. The door slid open and you walked back in, this time seeing Newt completely tucked in and Jacob sitting up with a book in his hand. Jacob looked up with a hazy smile and Newt never moved.

“Queenie made you gents some cocoa. She wanted me to give it to you.” You said, the mugs floating off of the tray. Jacob grabbed his, but Newt’s just landed on the table next to him. You sighed and looked down, not understanding the sudden change in Newt’s attitude.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow? Maybe we can talk a little more about creatures.” You said chuckling. Jacob laughed along with you, but as expected Newt remained silent. Your smile fell and you turned to walk out when a sudden loud movement made you turn. You were met with his shaggy brown hair tickling your forehead.

“I want to show you something.” He said. You nodded and he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards his suitcase. His hand was warm and your whole arm seemed to tingle from his touch. He let go of your hand and you frowned from the cold feeling. He knelt down and opened his case before…stepping inside?

He disappeared inside of it before his hand came back out and waved you and Jacob over. You looked over at Jacob who was giving the same shocked look as you. He stood and you stepped in first, slowly climbing down. You slipped on the last step and before you fell, warm hands gripped your waist to steady you. You smiled up at him and felt your cheeks heat up.

You were about to speak up when a noise caught your attention. You turned your head and saw a door. You slowly pulled away from Newt and opened it. Your eyes widened in wonder as you looked around at the array of creatures. Occamys, Bowtruckles, and so many more. You saw a demiguise swing and looked around when it wasn’t in sight. You felt a sudden weight on your shoulder and turned to be met with its big yellow eyes.

“Why, hello. Aren’t you a beautiful creature?” You said lifting a hand to run it over its soft fur. It made a soft purring noise and wrapped its long arms around your neck in a hug. You giggled at the tickling feeling of its hair. Another laugh echoed through the air and you turned to see Newt standing by the door laughing.

“Someone likes you.” He said walking down to stand in front of you. You smiled and helped it back into the swing, petting its head before turning back to Newt.

“I guess I’m just likable.” You said quietly, walking over to the bowtruckles and letting one walk into your open palm. It slowly made its way up your arm until it was on your shoulder. You stroked it softly with your fingers and it placed a feather-like kiss on your cheek. You smiled and went to put it back with the others, only to have it continuously climb up your arm.

“Yeah, that’s Pickett. He tends to be a bit clingy.” Newt said walking over to grab Pickett from your hand. You chuckled and pulled out your journal to document everything you were seeing. Newt heard you writing and looked over.

“What’s that, if you don’t mind my asking?” He asked. You looked up quickly and closed it to show him the cover.

“It’s just this old journal I carry around. I document everything I learn about creatures in it. How to care for them and such.” You said, pausing for a moment.

“Would you like to see it?” You asked, cautiously handing it over to him. He hesitantly grabbed it and looked down at it.

“Thank you. Come, let’s sit.” He said, walking over to a small staircase. He sat, and you sat next to him. You both sat for hours looking through your journal, and you explained everything you’d seen and done. Newt did the same.

You had just arrived at the page about Nifflers, when you felt something tug at the locket around your neck. You quickly reached behind you and grabbed onto a soft ball of fur. You pulled it in front of you and were met with the bill of the same creature on the page.

“So, you were the one causing all the trouble today.” You said petting the furry creature on its head. It leaned into your gentle touch and relaxed in your hand, your locket falling from its grasp. You walked it over to its nest and gently placed it in with one last pet and a kind smile.

You heard thunder and turned. You walked over to what looked like a desert and looked up to see a giant Thunderbird swooping through the air.

You heard footsteps coming up behind you and you turned to see Newt walk up next to you. He did what sounded like a call and the bird made its way down in front of you both. You made eye contact with it and slowly extended your hand forward to brush against its beak. You walked closer and ran your hand over its golden feathers, your eye contact never breaking.

“Frank seems to really like you. It usually takes him a while to let anyone else touch him.” Newt said walking up next to him. You smiled and rested your head against Frank’s beak, still lightly petting his feathers.

“I love Thunderbirds. They way they just soar through the air and how their feathers seem to glow when they move, it’s extraordinary.” You said stroking Frank’s beak lightly before pulling away to look at Newt, who was already staring at you with adoration in his eyes. You looked down blushing and giggled, when you felt Frank nudge you with his beak. You looked up and saw him extend his wing.

“I think he wants to take you for a ride.” Newt said, climbing onto his back. He extended his hand down to you and you smiled before taking his hand and climbing on behind him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and prepared for takeoff. Frank spread his wings and in one hard flap, you were high in the air. You shrieked in joy as your hair flew behind you.

“This is incredible!” You yelled. Frank made a happy noise and began to tilt upwards to fly in a loop. Your grip tightened on Newt’s waist and you pulled yourself closer to keep from falling off. Newt looked over his shoulder and made eye contact with you, a soft smile on his face.

“Fly steady please, Frank.” He said loud enough for the creature to hear. Frank obliged and flew straight. You looked down at all of the creatures below you in wonder and Newt just watched you in adoration. Your hair was flying in your face, but your eyes seemed to be sparkling. A smile was on your lips as you watched everything running free.

“You know, you could come with me.” He said, breaking the silence. You looked up and cocked your head to the side.

“What do you mean?” You asked. Newt turned completely so he was facing you and began fiddling with his hands.

“Well, you want to be around more creatures, and my case is full of them. You obviously know a lot about them, and how to care for them, and they like you as well, so maybe you could just come with me.” He said bashfully. You furrowed your brows and looked down.

“I don’t know, Newt.” You started.

“I’d also very much enjoy your company, i-if that matters.” He said. You looked up at him with wide eyes and you softened at the sight of him. His eyes were downcast and almost completely covered by his light brown hair. You scooted forward and placed your hand on his, making him look up.

“I’d love to, Newt.” You said with a soft smile. You brushed his hair from his eyes and rested your hand on his cheek. He glanced down at your lips as you ran your tongue over them. He lifted his other hand to your cheek and slowly pulled you in for a kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut as your lips moved against his. They tasted like cinnamon and butterscotch, and you smiled against his lips before pulling away and resting your forehead against his.

“I hope that was alright? I mean we did only meet today, so I’m sorry if it was a bit forward, but I just feel like I’ve known you forever, and maybe I have because we both went to Hogwarts, but I don’t quite remember you from then, but I’d love to get to kno-” He rambled, but you stopped him with another kiss. You pulled away and smiled at him.

“It was perfect, Newt. Now, let’s get down. I think we forgot something.” You said, pointing down to Jacob walking around dazed and confused, staring at the different creatures. Newt chuckled and looked back at you with a smile before turning and telling Frank to go down.

Newt helped you down and ran off to help Jacob. You looked around the case with your hands on your hips, and you felt something nudge your side. You looked over to see Frank lying next to you, a sort of hopeful look in his golden eyes. You pet his beak softly and smiled.

“I think I’m gonna like it here, Frank.”

Percival takes Newt to no maj aquarium. Newt is excited at first but then slowly gets disappointed.
“ Newt it’s a tiger fish for no maj to look at what you expect?” 

“ Well why isn’t the lion fish called a tiger fish? It has stripes like tiger! Also why on earth would you call a whale a shark!?” * Newt starts ranting*


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“ Going to be a  long talk tonight” 

Newt Scamander Imagine On Your Side Part 2

Requested by Anon: Could you maybe do a part two to On your side? 

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (End)

People pushed past you in the street, as you walked around New York City, wand concealed in your coat pocket. You were an auror and had moved to America after leaving Hogwarts, unable to deal with your feelings for Newt. He’d been expelled and although you’d never seen him again, you saw him in everything at home. Leaving was the best thing for you.

You walked into work, smiling at a few colleagues, before going to your office. As you went through your work, one of your colleagues looked in and smiled at you, before shutting the door.

“There’s a no maj here.” You looked up, raising an eyebrow in interest.

“What happened?”

“Some guy, with a case full of creatures came in and killed a senator. They’re going to obliviate the no maj and destroy the case.” You nodded, having heard about the death of the senator earlier.

“What about the wizard?” You asked, still looking through some paperwork.

“Sentenced to death, for working with Grindelwald. His name’s Scamander, or something. Obsessed with magical creatures-”

“What?” You practically shrieked, standing up and staring at your colleague. Newt. newt was going to die. 

“He’s sentenced to death (Y/N).” You walked out, grabbing your wand and searching for him. Eventually, you heard some shouts from a corridor and ran down, trying to find Newt. Your heart was racing, as you saw him being dragged into a room. 

“Release him.” You commanded, raising your wand. Newt looked up hopefully, his eyes widening when he saw you. The two wizards holding him let go and ran down the corridor. You took a deep breath and walked over to him.

“You’d better have a damn good excuse for showing up here.” You muttered, your voice betraying how happy you were to see him again, despite everything. 

“(Y/N), I didn’t know you were-”

“Yeah, well, here I am. But we need to deal with this. We can catch up later.” You started walking away, but newt gently held your wrist. A blush dusted your cheeks, as you tried to remember why you’d left in the first place.

“How’s Leta?” Your voice came out bitter and harsh, making Newt retract his hand. 

“She’s…I don’t know. (Y/N), I’m so sorry, honestly-”

“Save it. We’ve got work to do.”

Thinking about making this a series, let me know if anyone’s interested

Requests are open

Thoughts on the FMA live action panal. Contains spoilers

The live action FMA panal at AX was amazing but not perfect. I know that this may get me some heat….

Pros: *SPOILERS* kinda??

-December 1st release date (Japan guessing)

-Director Fumihiko Sori and Ryosuke reaffirmed their commitment to bring as accurate a representation of the original work as possible, to the point that Ryosuke did all of his own stunts. 

-They reaffirmed the possiblity of a Part 2 tot eh film, meaning that as per Director Sori, Part 1 has a very good conclusive end, however if it does very well and fans support it after theaters, there will be a Part 2.

****Start getting spoilery*** During the clips they showed, we got our first looks at Roy Mustang, Winry, Hughes, The Homunculi, Shou Tuker and Nina, and last (literally) but not least Riza. They all looked fantastic and looked the parts perfectly. Like seriously i think the casting was perfect.

-Got told that we may get a brief look at Scar and Maj. Armstrong but look “forward to part 2″ (no word on Greed/ling :( but I won’t make that a con)


Here is where I think that it kept it form being “prefect”. During the panal Director Sori said that he once lived in LA 20 years ago and worked in Visual Effects (VFX), he worked on a little film called Titanic. When he left LA and returned to Japan, he slowly began working into directing. He said; “My dream was to make a FULL VFX movie, and with this film, I finally did that” This line right here is why I was given pause. Now he did say this film has tons of “heart” and is “incredibly story driven” but during the clips they showed off A LOT of VFX shots and they looked very good, but there were a few times where during the shots and scenes they showed, the VFX looked so unnatural that I was ripped out of the immersion of what I was watching. You’ve all seen the trailer and seen the VFX in those, and they look good and feel natural. But there are 2 shots I’d like to focus on. **SPOILERS***

1. Building collapsing. This scene isn’t new, we’ve seen it in the trailers, it’s a scene where you see a tower start to get destroyed by alchemy and then the top falls over and looks like it’s coming right at the camera. This is all done in VFX and looked good and natural, but as being in the Panal we got an extra bit. Right before the tower “lands” onto of the camera, we get a jump cut to essentially a helicopter shot of the profile of the tower falling. The thing is that this tower literally falls in a perfect diagonal line that completely took me out of the scene and made me cringe, because building will never fall in a perfect diagonal line at a perfect degree angle. It was very easy to tell this was a computer simulation that was captured and edited into the film.

2. Scene where we see Lust on fire. We all know this scene form the manga and anime adaptations. Roy mustang lights Lust on fire. In this shot we see her already burning and almost calmly walking to a fence and grabbing it. This isn’t a man in a fire suit or something. It’s a VFX person walking with VFX flames on them. It certainly looked pretty but did not feel natural and I was pulled once again out of the immersion. We know that Lust screams in agony when she is burned but this scene (admittedly with no actual sound besides the loud music they played over all scenes to hide the actual audio for now) felt so unnatural of a person on fire.


I as a very big fan of FMA was excited and worried about this film when it was first announced. I was very excited to go to this panal to learn more. Upon leaving I am now very much more worried, BUT I am also very much more excited for this film to come out. So basically nothing has changed

Newt Scamander Imagine 3 soulmate au

In which people who have a soulmate will see whatever is written/drawn on each other’s skin.

Newt remembered the first time any marks from his soulmate had turned up on his skin. Of course he had tried to connect with whomever it was before, but there had always been no response. Eventually he just assumed he didn’t have a soulmate. 

But one day when he was in potions class during the beginning of 6th year, he was giving a presentation on how to make Amortentia (due to the fact that he had skipped class the day before to sneak into the forbidden forest and this was part of his punishment) when someone from the back of the room yelled out, “Woah!! What’s on your hand?” 

Newt stopped and looked over at the short, blond haired boy with large glasses confused before holding up his hand to see what all the astonished looks were about. His hand was covered, front and back, with black ink that drew out flowers and swirls and intricate designs. He pulled down he sleeve and watched as slowly, another flower was being drawn on his wrist on its own. Only, it wasn’t appearing on its own. His fantastic soulmate was drawing the art on his/her arm, which was appearing on Newts. 

“Damn!” one girl yelled out, “Your soulmate has some skills!!”

“I have a soulmate,” Newt whispered to himself, “I thought I would die alone and i have a soulmate!” 

“Ah, thank you, but shall we return to the potion,” to Professor interjected, giving Newt a glare for disrupting the class. 

Newt nodded, his spirits lifted immensely, and rolled his sleeve all the way up so he could watch the illustrations growing on his arm from the corner of his eye while continuing the demonstration. 


You rolled up your sleeve further to continue the flowers and designs your were drawing with ink when you heard your name. 


"Y-yes?” you said, snapping out of a daze. 

“What do you think?" 

You laughed nervously, "Oh, um, ha, could you repeat the question?" 

Professor Rose sighed, "Y/n, if you are incapable of focusing during my lessons maybe it would be wise of me to confiscate the quill that distracts you." 

You put the quill down, "No! I swear, I’ll listen!" 

The Professor gave you a skeptical look but turned and continued the lecture. You sighed in relief and sat back in your chair before turing back to your friend Queenie. 

"Y/n! Pay attention!” she whisper-yelled. 

You rolled your eyes thinking ‘fine, I guess I won’t tell you about my soulmate.’

Her eyes went wide and she smiled, “You never told me you had a soulmate??!!" 

"Miss Goldstein!" 

Queenie winced and looked up, "Sorry Professor." 

"Perhaps you and Miss y/l/n would like to take this conversation outside? And then come talk to me when class is over?" 

You and Queenie glanced at each other before gathering your things and going to sit in the hallway. 

"Tell me everything!!” Queenie was beyond exited. 

You laughed, “Alright, alright. So whoever it is has tried to contact me a couple of times but I haven’t responded-”


"Oh, because-" 

"Oh you don’t want to 'tempt fate’? That’s foolish, don’t you want to know them? Oh you do but you want to meet in person normally?" 

"Well, anyways, I was drawing on my arm in class instead of my paper and look what they wrote!!" 

You showed Queenie your bicep proudly, which displayed the words 'you’re a bloody amazing artist!!' 

Queenie smiled, "Aw how cute! But what’s with the 'bloody’?" 

"I don’t know. I read in a book that brits say that. Do you think they could be British?”

“Yeah, why not?" 

"God, I’m going to have to wait forever to meet them then." 

"Don’t worry honey, it’ll feel like no time has passed when you meet them.”


You walked into the living room of the apartment you had spent the night in wearing nothing but your undergarments. Queenie smiled as she was magically tending to both of your outfits for the day. You were about to ask where Tina was when the door opened and she slipped in, two men following her. You stood up, shocked. 

“Teenie! You brought men home!" 

"Tina!” you sounded much less enthusiastic than Queenie and more alarmed, “You brought men home?!" 

 She nodded, "Why don’t you two put something on." 

You were still in disbelief at the strange round man wandering around, seemingly lost in his own world. 

"Is he okay?” You asked no one in particular. 

“Got bitten by a murtlap,” the other man responded. 

“Isn’t that harmful to no-maj- woah." 

You looked up only to be meet with a shockingly handsome face with bright eyes and countless freckles. The stranger gave a weak smile and you heard Queenie giggle in the background. 

"I’m Newt." 

"Y/n,” you responded, still in awe. 

You looked down after a moment and realized you still weren’t properly dressed. 

“I-I should-" 


You walked over to Queenie and grabbed your clothes. 

She elbowed you and whispered, "Y/n! Remember, I know what you’re thinking, you naughty girl/boy!" 

You shot her an angry look and slipped away, going to get dressed and collect yourself before returning to the main room. 


 You and Newt had become very true friends, and you couldn’t wait for him to return back to New York with his newly published book. You had developed some feelings for him, but you tried your best to shoo them away, falling for your best friend was a one-way ticket to HeartBrokenville. The only person who knew of your feelings was Queenie, and only because it was impossible to hide things from her. Finally, after what seemed like hours, there was a knock on the door if Queenie and Tina’s apartment. You stood up, filled with excitement, and Queenie gave you a knowing look before following Tina to answer the door. 

"Hello.” You heard Newt’s sweet voice and you couldn’t help but grin. 

 He greeted Tina and Queenie and before turning in your direction. 

“Y/n,” he spoke your name breathlessly, as though he had been incapable of speaking or breathing or living until he saw you. 

You flashed a smile. 


He opened his arms and you ran into them, "It’s been too long, Newtie!" 

Newt laughed, "I missed you too, love." 

You pulled away, "So… Let me see it!" 

He smiled and held up the book, the bright orange cover making everything else in the room-aside from Newt’s proud smile- seem dull. 

You took it in your hands and felt the cover, "It’s beautiful! I love the smell of a new book!" 

Newt laughed, "I hope you’ll buy it for more than just the smell." 

You faked contemplation, "Nah, that’s it." 

Newt rolled his eyes and you pushed his arm gently. 

"I’m kidding, don’t worry. But I am serious when I say I am so proud of you!" 

Newt’s face turned red. "T-thank you, y/n." 


You could hear the laughter coming from the kitchen in the bathroom. Earlier you had excused yourself to freshen up before Newt’s welcome home dinner, but had become somewhat side-tracked looking at your face in the mirror, you looked over at the quill on the desk in the connecting room and back in the mirror. Wouldn’t it be kinda neat to draw on your face and neck? You could make it look like a tree was growing up your neck and around your face, then wash it off before dinner. Yeah, that would be super neat! You hadn’t drawn on your own skin since Illvermorny years, but it was worth a shot! Besides, you’d had plenty of practice drawing on paper. You dipped the tip in in and began drawing on your neck as you looked in the mirror. You had gotten a little past your chin with the branches and leaves when your ears tuned in to the commotion coming from the living room. You heard shocked tones and rushed words turning into arguing. You didn’t take the time to drop the quill and rushed out to make sure everyone was okay. Newt was looking in the mirror and Queenie, Tina, and Jacob were huddled around him, all shouting suggestions to a distressed Newt. 

"Just wash it off!” Tina recommend. 

“Leave it for a moment!” Queenie interjected. 

“Will you get ink poisoning?” Jacob asked Newt with concern, putting a hand on his shoulder. 

You remained confused and speechless for a moment before yelling, “What on earth is going on?" 

All four turned to you in a rush to explain themselves before pausing. 

You sighed, "Look, I was going to wash it off before I came back but then I heard all the commotion and-" 

"Y/n,” Queenie interupted, “Look at Newt." 

Your eyes made contact with his and you noticed the black in his neck. 

Branches, leaves, and flowers were delicately drawn all the way up to his chin, identical to yours. You remained speechless and looked down at the quill before looking back up at Newt. You took the quill while watching his face and dragged in down your cheek, watching an identical mark paint itself on Newt’s face. 

"It’s you,” you both said in unison. 

Newt and laughed, almost in disbelief, “How lucky can a man get?" 

You smiled, "I guess this would be a good time to say I love you." 

He took in a breath, "Good idea." 

You laughed, joy ringing through the gentle melody coming from your moth, and ran to Newt, who was ready to pull you into a hug and spin you around before looking into your eyes, "I think, deep down, I always knew it was you, y/n y/l/n.”  

You smiled, “I may not have guessed you were my soulmate, but hell, I knew I was in love with you." 

He laughed and smashed his lips against yours. You pulled apart and noticed your three awe-struck friends. Queenie winked and looked back and forth between the two of you, "Why don’t you two go wash that ink off, maybe a shower would work?" 

"Queenie!” Newt scolded and blushed. 

 "Honey, you’re both thinking it!“

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Lost & Found

Credence Barebone x Reader

Rating: Fluff, Angst, Mature

Word Count: 1840

Pt 1 of  ?

Future Parts: 2, 3

Warnings: Abuse

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Growing up in Brooklyn as a wizard was memorable. Your family was, thankfully, fairly well off and did not want for much. Your childhood before you started school at Ilvermorny had been wonderful. You had a loving family and even a few friends. Your best friend, however, was a little boy called Credence. 

He had lived nearby with his mother. You never knew what exactly happened to his father. Credence had only said that he had died. It was one of the first times you could recall ever hearing about death but it would not be the last.

You were really young when you knew Credence. More of a toddler really but you could never forget him. He was your first best friend and he had left his impact on you.

Your fun together was often spent in your backyard. Your family was one of the lucky few that actually had a backyard to play in. Fenced off and protected by magic so no-maj couldn’t see you both playing with magical toys that seemed to be alive.

The two of you were thick as thieves. Spending any moment you had with each other.

So many years had passed it was harder to remember all the details about your friendship. You could only remember how happy he had made you and how much it hurt you when you woke up one morning to find him gone.

His mother had been killed. Your parents had never told you how or why. Only that she had been taken from this world and because of that…Credence had been sent away. Your parents always assumed he had been sent to live with another family member but you would soon discover how wrong they were.

There was a good bit of time where you were dedicated to finding him. You wanted him back where he belonged, with you. How would any of his relatives know what games he liked to play or how he liked to practice his magic daily or know what sort of tools he liked to draw with?

You never found him. Mostly because your parents had forbidden you from searching when you were younger and even when you were older, it was impossible. You could find no one with his last name, he had never shown up at Ilvermorny and you had lost all hope of ever seeing him again.

Thus, you moved on with your life. You never truly forgot him but you did your best not to dwell on something you had no control over. You focused on your life. You had done well at school and were currently on your own. You had moved into the city recently and into your own apartment. You were about to start your training for being an Auror. You were the first in your family to have any interest in the job and they tried to talk you out of it but it could not be done. You wanted to do some good in the world and this was how you saw to do it, no matter how challenging it would be.

You had only been training for a short while at the MACUSA. It was demanding and required quite a lot of studying but in your mind, it would be worth it.

On one particular day, you were walking to the headquarters. Most would simply apparate close to the building but you preferred to walk when you could. The city was far too fascinating not to admire it when you had a spare moment.

You loved New York. Everything felt as if it was constantly moving, for wizards and no-maj. There was a comfort in that. You had never been too fond of the quiet.

The people in the city, most of them were perfectly polite but you were growing to expect the handful of rude people.

You had been staring into a shop window of a new dress shop, considering saving up some money for a dazzling new dress in the window. You weren’t sure where you would wear it. Your friends from training were few and most of your friends from school were busy with their own new adult lives. Still, it didn’t hurt to hope for something to do in a sparkling dress.

Suddenly, you were shoved quite harshly. That you were getting used to as well. In daylight, the streets were packed and standing still might as well have been a crime. You were about to apologize out of pure instinct alone when you were shoved again by another passerby, only this time, you had been knocked to the ground.

Perhaps wearing heels had not been the wisest choice for the day. You managed to catch yourself with your hands but they were scraped with cuts when they came in contact so roughly with the street. One of your knees met the same fate as well.

“Excuse you!” You shouted quite sarcastically after the man you had caught a brief glance of on your way down.

He didn’t care. He kept walking without sparing you a second thought.

“Bastards.” You muttered lowly under your breath as you fixed your skirt and tried to brush the dust off of it.

You glanced up when a pale hand was presented not too far from your face. The palms were rough and bruised. Your eyes did not linger on the state of the hand before you looked up to see who it belonged to.

It was a young man, a very stoic, handsome, man who had to be similar to your own age. He wore a nice suit but it looked just a bit too small for him. His eyes were dark, much like his hair which was cut in a style most men gave up long ago. Something about his eyes were painfully familiar but you clearly must have been staring for too long because he quickly cast his gaze to the ground and pull his unsteady hand away.

“I’m sorry, I thought you needed help.” His voice was soft, so soft you had almost missed what he said all together.

“No, no. I appreciate it. Thank you.” You offered your hand again, hoping that you could redeem yourself with him.

He hesitantly took your hand and helped you onto to your feet.

You were surprised with how quickly he had let go of your hand, almost as if he was afraid of touching you.

You offered him a smile even though he couldn’t seem to look directly at you. This didn’t bother you; in school, there had been many shy kids and some so shy and anxious it troubled them immensely. You hoped that you could seem friendly enough to him so that he didn’t feel troubled in any sort of way.

“Someone outta let people know chivalry in New York isn’t completely dead.” You stated warmly.

You felt a bit of relief when you saw the corners of his mouth turn up the smallest amount.

Then you noticed them, the flyers clutched tightly in his hands. He belonged to the Second Salemers. You had been warned to stay away from the extremist group as they had apparently caused some previous issues with an Auror quite recently. It hurt just a bit knowing someone who appeared to be so kind would hate what you were. Your face must have faltered because when you looked up, the man took a few steps back.

“Y-You don’t have to take one.” He stammered slightly and the fear you saw in him reminded you far too much of a friend in school who’s boyfriend had been hurting her.

Could that explain the mark on his hands? Was he being hurt by someone?

“Can I have one?” You inquired gently.

He looked up properly, for the first time and you were met with his eyes again. The familiar darkness in them was almost welcoming.

“Of course.” He said and he moved forward to hand one over to you.

You didn’t feel guilty about taking the flyer. Not if it somehow helped him.

“Thank you. I will consider coming.” You said as you read that there was some sort of meeting in front of the no-maj bank soon.

You looked at his hands and your heart ached at the sight of them. If he wasn’t a no-maj, you would have healed him in a heartbeat.

“I’m actually heading to work but can ask you something silly?” You asked and he looked at you with uncertainty but he nodded.

“I see that you have some wounds on your hands. I’m no nurse but I do know how to clean a wound. If you’d like, you can come to my apartment after 5. Only if you are free, of course. And if you want to. I wanted only wanted to offer because I know many people will leave their wounds unattended if not careful, myself included.” You laughed, out of nervousness because you could not read his face.

You wanted to help, desperately. No matter if he would hate what you were or not. If he was being harmed, he deserved help. You might only be able to provide it in little ways but you had to try.

“I wouldn’t want to trouble you, Miss-”

“(Y/N). And you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’ve been really nice to me and I would like to do something kind in return.” You shrugged and you watched as he looked down and fidgeted with the flyers.

“That might be too late.” He sputtered and you nodded understandingly.

“That’s alright.” You affirmed.

You gave him directions to your place, regardless, and pulled something out of your bag.

“And, just because you look like you need something sweet, would you like this?” You asked, offering him a wrapped chocolate.

He looked away and shook his head.

“Alright, that’s fine too.” You assured him as you tucked it away.

“I have more at home if you can come over Mister-oh, I’m so rude, I never asked for your name.” You confessed.

“It’s Credence.” He mumbled, giving a brief glance in your direction.

Your heart gave a pang and for a moment, you felt a nostalgic hope rise in you. It couldn’t possibly be him. The universe was not that kind to you. Many people could have had such a name. You quickly snuffed out your hopes out and smiled at Credence.

“That’s a lovely name. I hope I see you around sometime.” You admitted as you started to walk away.

You gave a quick wave before turning away. It took everything in you not to turn around just to see if he was standing there. You weren’t sure if you would ever see him again but you truly hoped you would. He appeared to need real help and you wanted to try to provide it. There was something familiar about him as well. You could not really put your finger on it but you wanted to figure out what it was.

Newt Scamander x Reader: A Difficult Conversation (4)

part 1 / 2 / 3

Everything felt peaceful. You woke up in good spirits, dancing around your bedroom while getting ready for a new day. Last night felt like an absolute dream. You didn’t care about anything else but you and Newt. How wonderful it was to have your feelings reciprocated. You were quite sure Newt was it. Your it. You couldn’t imagine finding someone that could make you feel so warm and frighten all at once. Someone who’s hands just felt perfectly right. Warm, caring and soft. Someone who made you feel weak and strong all in one stare. It felt mad for something to be this perfect. Butterflies burning up inside you. This was the kind of thing you only read about in novels and see in movies. But not anymore, it was real and it was yours.

You were well aware not everyone would be happy with the news but you couldn’t help but cherish those words and his touch. You wanted to be with him but you also knew you had to take things slow. It was all so new and exciting though.

You made your way out of your bedroom and no one was in the kitchen which was odd but you thought nothing of it. You ate your breakfast and decided to leave. You had work to attend to after all.

Work was fine, a little dreadful without the sight of Newt in the morning to keep you going until your shift was over. But sill, you had your memory of last night. The thought of him holding your hand made your whole body shiver. Your lips smiling so big you could imagine how crazy you must’ve looked to everyone else.

It was finally time to go home. On the way out of the office you worked in as a secretary, you saw Henry. What a nice surprise to see him there. It was the most bizarre coincide but you couldn’t help but be happy because of it.

“Hey (y/n)! How are you today?” he said with the warmest voice you’ve heard in your life.

“Hey Henry. Fancy seeing you here… I’m good, just going home. How about you?”

“Well, better after running into you” he winked while taking his hat off.

“Oh” you blushed “What are you doing here? Do you work around here?” you asked, curious.

“Not really, no. I just had some business to take care around this area. Do you want to, maybe, go for tea?”

You wanted to go home right away but you were pretty hungry. You decided to accept his offer.

You walked into the bakery across the street and order some biscuits and a green tea. You both talked your ears off for way too long. The next thing you know, three hours had gone by and you definitely had to go home. You immediately thought of Newt and the creatures. You were so excited to see them.

You walked home and everyone was there. Finally. Newt looked at you with his beautiful green eyes and you could’ve sworn you melted right here.

“Hey everyone! Didn’t see you this morning, is everything alright?” you asked without thinking much of it.

Jacob answered in a heartbeat “I went to the bank to finally get everything going with the bakery. I’m so excited, I can’t wait”. He sat beside Queenie and she smiled with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

No one said anything else. You and Jacob looked at each other with concern. You had a funny feeling in your gut.

“Guys…?” Jacob said, afraid.

You just stood there hoping Newt’s eyes would find yours again. They didn’t. Tina just looked at Newt and Queenie with a cold look on her face. “Just tell them” she spat.

“What is going on?” Jacob looked at the sisters with a concerned look in his face.

A few minutes of silence followed until Tina said “So, you know MACUSA has very strict laws about wizards and no-majs getting along” she looked at me and Newt and then continued “… When they found out we are living under the same roof with two, they called us in for a meeting”.

“What??” You screamed in worry. “What does that mean? What did they say?” you sat down in front of Tina.

“They were suspicious both of you were aware of the wizarding world” Newt said looking at you with a strangely calm tone in his voice.

“Do they know??” Jacob looked at Queenie. She just nodded her head yes, holding back the tears.

“What…. What now?” you sighed, your voice breaking.

“Just like I said since the beginning, your memories have to be erased. You will follow your normal lives without knowing this ever happened” Tina said, looking at you with a defiant attitude.

You stood and walked towards Newt who was standing by the window, as calm as can be.

“Newt…?” tears forming in your eyes. He looked up and said “It’s going to be alright”. You were slightly confused and definitely very mad. “What do you mean?” your voice sounded more hurt than you intended it to be. “It’s okay” he said while placing both of his hands in your shoulders. “It’s not” you said right away.

Jacob started nervously pacing the living room.  “I was never meant to meet you guys, but now that I do, I can’t imagine now knowing who you are” he stared at everyone in disbelief. “I can’t imagine running down the street, bumping into you and not know who you are. We’ve been through so much… This. Just. Can’t…. be” he sat back down next to Queenie, looking at her with tears running down his face. “What about us?” he said. They were both crying at this point. You could tell Tina’s heart was breaking for her sister. You were crying too, even though you had no idea. You just couldn’t feel your face. Your body felt heavier and lighter at the same time.

“Will I remember Jacob?” you asked.

“No” Tina said without looking at you.

Quite a few hours had gone by since you and Jacob found out the news. He and Queenie went for a long walk, Tina was somewhere around the house, you could hear her walking around and you just stayed in your bedroom for hours.

This would all be gone from your memory. A part of you erased forever. You just couldn’t stop the tears. What of Newt, the creatures and all the adventures you’ve been a part of? All gone. Everything just seemed so fragile, so easy to sweep away. And why was he so calm? So collected? He told you he liked you back, he kissed you. You knew how he felt. So how was he okay with it all? Did he have a plan?

You couldn’t help but contemplate the irony. Just this morning you were the happiest you’ve been in a long time and right now, your whole world was crumbling. You wanted a hole to crawl in.

You heard someone knock on the door but you didn’t have the strength to stand up. “Come in” you said, lying in bed with your left arm covering your eyes. Your face swollen from all the crying.  

You heard someone sitting right next to you. “How are you?” hearing Newt’s voice made your heart sink even more.

“I’ve been better” you said without lifting your arm from your eyes.

“You know… It’s going to be alright” he said. He was so calm it made you angry.

“Why do you keep saying that?” you asked lifting your arm up in despair.

“Please, just trust me. Don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry” he placed his hand on your cheek and the world was spinning again.

“I don’t want to forget you. You know how I feel about you”, you sat on the bed so you could face him. His hand fell from you cheek to your neck and you couldn’t help but feel safer.

“You won’t forget me and I won’t forget you, that much I can promise you” he said leaning in closer.

You didn’t understand a word but you were too tired to continue this conversation. His face was so close to yours you couldn’t see straight but you were fine with it. Your arms rested on his shoulders, your hands intertwined in the back of his head. You could feel his somewhat irregular breathing next to your lips. Next thing you know, his lips were pressing against yours. Your mouths finally touching, just like you dreamt for so long. Despite all the tears and all the worry, that was the best moment of your day. You felt like you belonged again. As your lips parted you hugged him so tight it was becoming difficult to breath.

Someone else knocked, it was Tina. “I know you’re saying your goodbyes, but Queenie and Jacob just arrived and food is ready, so let’s have one last dinner”. It felt like she was staring into your soul. Those words just killed your last bit of hope. A tear rolled down your eyes. “We’ll be right there” said Newt. She was just about to leave when she said “I know this is difficult, but there’s nothing you can do. We have to follow the rules. We’re in America, you’re an American, your memory has to be erased. You were never supposed to be here in the first place, you don’t belong”. You contemplated answering her but decided against it. Newt hasn’t having it though “The rules are stupid and completely obsolete” he said, looking at you. “They have to be followed though” she said “by any means necessary”. She closed the door behind her.

You rested your face on his shoulder, undeniably devastated. “I need to be alone for a little while Newt” you said, your voice so small it was barely audible. “You know where to find me if you need me” he said kissing your head.

As he left, you couldn’t help but think about what Tina said. It was just so… hurtful. “By any means necessary”? What in the world did that mean? She really was happy to see you go. The thought of her comforting Newt made your stomach turn. Your brain slowly started to doze off…


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Come With Me

Request:  May I please request a Newt Scamander one? Maybe being a magizoologist and being in New York as well to search for the well known thunderbird. Reader has a male fairy as a companion, always keeping him in her pocket and such and also the fairy is very protective. The two meet when Newt was chasing his Niffler in the bank, with the reader easily getting a hold of the it and Newt kinda taking her in as an apprentice and they slowly fall in love scene. It would be great if you could do it.

Character: Newt Scamander

AN: I’m so glad i’ve managed to build up a head of steam for writing again, it’s so fun. However, I did get a little carried away with this one and there’s probably going to be a part two at some point next week. 


You walked down the street, Tuck sitting in your pocket. You weren’t even sure why you were in America, their ban on magical creatures was one of the strictest you had ever seen, yet here you were, being jostled and pushed about on the busy sidewalks. 

Someone shoved past you, squishing Tuck, who squeaked indignantly.  

“Sorry,” you mumbled, hoping the tiny fairy could hear you.

You passed the bank, where the NSPS woman was giving yet another sermon. You paused, listening to the hateful words spewing from her mouth. 

Tired of the hatred, you turned to leave when something small, black, and fluffy caught your eye. A man in a blue coat dashed up the steps after it and you followed him, hoping you had a lead on something.

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A horrific creature of unimaginable power, a creature that is a misshapen wretch, something known as… NanoSounds.