maj 12

Timeline of Fantastic Beast

According to the date on the newspaper

Headline ‘Grindelwald Strikes again in Europe’

【1926/11/29(Monday) 】
Headline 'Hogwarts school increases security’

【? 】
Headline 'Where is Grindelwald?’

【1926/12/01 】
Headline 'Grindelwald attacks intensify risking war with no-majs’

【1926/12/06(Monday) 】
Headline 'Magical Disturbances Risk Wizarding Exposure’
'Anyone safe’

Newt Scamander arrives in NY,
Obscurus kills Shaw,
Arrested again

Headline 'senator Shaw is dead’
Sentence to death
Obscurus kills Mary Lou
The Fight

【1926/12/08】The End

I am just wondering when Grindelwald replaced to Graves… I suspect that was the end of November? That quite short term to get involve in Credence, though, I believe that real Graves had already contacted with Credence before Grindelwald appeared

Newt: New Occamy.


Your Occamy.

Jacob: What do you mean? My Occamy?

Can I just say how much I love this part? I mean, here’s Newt, experienced in handling occamies, hasn’t known this no-maj for even 12 hours, their most intimate interaction was when Newt half-carried him out of his own apartment because the murtlap bit him, and yet here he is handing over his life’s work (not to mention child) with barely a thought. He just knows that Jacob has a good heart, and that he’s off his feet in this new world that must be both intimidating and wonderful (*cough cough Queenie*) and so he gives Jacob a chance to enter this world that he’s not a part of, and to see that it’s not so complicated or frightening or whatever negative feeling that Jacob has. In fact, it’s no more confusing than holding an animal. Because of Newt, Jacob is able to enjoy, explore, and be included in the world he was never supposed to see.