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Maizawa drabble prompt 5 nightmares/comfort

Going to start with if mentions of blood or injury make you feel sick you may not want to read. It’s not super detailed in my opinion but I thought I’d give the warning first!!!!!

Crimson spills across the ground in slow languid pools. His breath quickens, the sight of those fractured yellow goggles left where they had fallen off of their owner. Said man was laying face down on the ground, unmoving. Hizashi’s heart froze with fear at the sight. He had to clench his hands into fists to keep them from shaking. He rushed over to Shouta’s side, ignoring the pain as he falls to his knees checking for a pulse. Fear shoots through his entire being as he can’t find a pulse. He pulls Shouta into his arms cursing and yelling Shouta’s name, begging him to not die. His vision begins to blur with all the tears welling up in his jade colored eyes. A sob wretched it’s way out of his throat unable to hold back the pain and despair he felt. He clutches Shouta’s still body closer, praying that this was all a dream.


Hizashi springs up in bed one hand clutching his sleep shirt tightly. His whole body trembles and he can feel the tears welling up before they spill over his cheeks. The blond startles when his door bursts open suddenly. A worried and tired looking man with raven hair stands in the door way with nothing but pajama’s and a fierce look that tells Hizashi his boyfriend was expecting to take on a villain, not a nightmare. After a moment Shouta takes in the real situation. It only takes a few heartbeats for his boyfriend to rush to his side, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder giving it a comforting squeeze. Hizashi’s breath comes in short bursts as he tries to calm himself. The blond wipes his tears as best he can, though they still don’t stop completely. He reaches an unsteady hand placing it on Shouta’s cheek feeling the slight prickle of stubble against the palm of his hand. Shouta let’s Hizashi go from feeling his cheek to placing both hands on his shoulders, slowly they migrate around his waist pulling him into a firm hug. Hizashi reassures himself with those small touches that Shouta is fine and still there with him not laying in a pool of his own blood.

When Hizashi’s breathing finally evens out Shouta prods gently careful not to upset the blond anymore then he already was, “Nightmare?”

“Yes,” Hizashi whines lowly, shivering as the vivid images of scarlet invades his thoughts again.

“Hey, I’m ok. We’re both here and safe.” Shouta whispers to him, reaching down and taking Hizashi’s hand holding it and trying his best to help calm the other.

The blond manages a weak nod, dispelling the earlier images from his mind and instead focusing on the raven haired man’s breathing. The thumping of the other man’s heartbeat, the scent of Shouta’s minty smelling shampoo he uses when he isn’t to lazy to do his hair. Shouta was right they both were ok, they both were safe. The fact he was in the other’s wiry arms were proof of that and he’d be damned if he ever let anyone take the man he loved away from him again.