Laurent 💕

J'imagine souvent l'instant où un chanteur présente un morceau à son producteur en lui montrant les paroles du refrain “décalé guada tsou tsou”, ou bien “elle répondait au nom de Bella”, ou encore “toi toi ma belle andalouse aussi belle que jalouse”. À quel moment le mec se dit “Waouh, c'est génial, sortons ce disque” ?

My attempt to understand what Laurent is trying to express thru his new art form. #rapgods

and in case you can’t catch all the reading…

When I’m on the mic
When I’m
When I’m on the mic
100k for the show
Might just spend it on a bike
I’m that N*gga that you know
Every chance (?) I’m on a flight
I don’t really give a fuck it
I’ll just spend it how I’d like

I’ll just be ballin’ and whippin’
Like I’m up in a kitchen (*when did he become a trap n*gga?)
My life is money and richest bitches and beautiful women
Haters might wait to see it
Like they could not believe it
I’ll just walk with the season (*what does this mean…?)
I’ll be bobbin’ and with it

Never try your luck
Betta bite your tongue
Make your life go dark
If I try those guns
Cuz that bitch real bad
Make a bitch feel sad
Never call
I would make a bitch real mad

I’m the flyest that did it
One of the sickest on the meter
I put the top on (down) the beamer
They call that bitch Angelina na na na (*you don’t know me? lol)

Angelina, An, Angelina x4

Why do the hate us, they haterzz
Cause we made it, we made it
Ballin’ to Paris
I set tables in Vegas
Pop say I’m the greatest (*who’s pop? Or is it “pop xan"? He knows what that is?)
Bear these symbols I’m leaving
*intelligible Gibberish*  (*French? I’m hoping is French but I’ve been told it is not. Help me out, fam*)

Angelina - An - Angelina.