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Marie Nathan Phillips Square, Grand bassin Nathan Pillips Square Toronto,   Chutes du Niagara Canadienne dit le fer à cheval, Chutes Américaine et Canadienne vu du ciel Niagara, Marie de Kingston, Brise glace Kingston, Maisons tour des 1000 Iles, Parlement d’Ottawa, Totems musée Canadien des civilisations Ottawa,Hydravion la Rivière Croche la Tuque 

For Act 1- Selena Gomez wore a custom Monse black deconstructed taffeta gown for the opening act of her Revival World Tour. 

I was afraid that she was going to wear a lot of black on this tour so i’m pleasantly surprised that she didn’t and this is the only black piece in her costumes. I love that this isn’t a full dress, it adds a seductive nature to the ensemble. Is she naked under that is she not? #hmmm lol. The long layers in the back add a little bit of drama but its not too dramatic because of the short layers in the front. Great costume! Very fashion forward!

Lets discuss Selena’s tour costumes shall we? @askselenascloset