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I Spent a Day at a Physiotherapy Center for Disabled Pets

Alforme is a physiotherapy clinic for animals that opened in 2013 in Maisons-Alfort in France. Founded by veterinarian Artem Rogalev, these days the center takes care of up to 20 patients a day. Initially, the practice only dealt with “work” animals like rescue dogs and police horses, but interest has grown so much in the last couple of years that it’s had to expand its services to fit all creatures.

Unlike in Anglo-Saxon countries, where similar practices have been fairly prevalent since the 1980s, pet physiotherapy remains relatively unheard of in France. It’s not totally crazy to think that animals can be treated using some of the same techniques as humans, but it’s only recently that animal insurance brokers in France gave the nod to places like Alforme.

Animal physiotherapy is basically human physiotherapy. It is also mostly reliant on machines that perform all kinds of services—from ultrasounds to electro-stimulation therapy. And just like with humans, animals get their therapy over a lengthy (and pricey) course of sessions.