“Inside or outside?” Maisie asked once the had met up at the restaurant in San Myshuno. They had both arrived at exactly eleven-thirty, too nervous to be early and not daring to be late.

“Your choice,” Travis replied.

Maisie anxiously ran her hands through her hair, attempting to tuck the wisps of her hair behind her ears. “Alrighty then,” she said heading inside. She was lucky that there were few people waiting and that she was able to ask the host for a table on the patio shortly.


all colors of lab dorks

(Moon, Asya, Gini, Maisie)


Olive: *sighs* Alright now that that’s over with, I’m going back inside now. Wanna come waste the last day of summer break away with me, Baby?

Maisie: Not so fast. I need him out here for a little while longer. I want a few good pictures of the younger kids while the sun is still out. Come here, bring me him to me.

Olive: Sorry, Baby. I really did try my best to save you from the crazy photographer maniac woman.


Maisie: *watching her daughters take selfies* Why can’t you girls ever actually smile in your pictures?

Olive: Smiling is lame, mom.

Maisie: No, what’s lame is decorating my walls with miserable faces. Please try and look a little happier or I’ll take the camera and take some of you myself. 

Olive: *making a duck face into the camera* Why is this such a big deal? It’s not like its baby brain is gonna forget why we’re in the house and have to look at the walls to remember we live here.

Maisie: It’s a big deal because this is probably my last baby. And I want everything regarding the house renovation to be perfect before they, not it, is born. The last baby is a very important moment in my life. It should be to you too.

Sugar: *pokes Olive’s cheek* Come on, you can smile for one picture. Since smiling in pictures is lame it’ll fit you well, since you’re pretty super lame.