I really wanted to design an Apron from the movie frozen, and I love Elsa’s Coronation gown. So I decided to draw this up quickly in Sai ^_^

I am slowly getting closer to getting things ready for my Etsy shop, Yes I know it is taking a while but with all the things happening in my life it has been really difficult, so hopefully this Apron will be available in the near future ^_^ And yes, I know she has no arms or legs, but the focus is supposed to be the apron. Sorry for the watermark from my DA account, but can’t take any chances with art thieves…
-All Current Frozen Aprons-

Hey guys! So I have finished designing the Aprons for Anna and Elsa, and here they are!!!! If anyone has any suggestions of other Aprons that they would like me to make (so they can be in the shop by April) then just send me a message in my Ask Box.

Remember my shop opens in April! And the Frozen Aprons will be available shortly after the shop opens as I will be getting an embroidery machine to sew the details on the bodice of the frozen aprons.

Shop Updates and Busy life.

Sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr that much guys, but I have been soooooo busy! I have been working on Aprons for the shop (I am almost finished my Madoka one!) And I was also working on my portfolio because I am going back to school in the Fall for Game Art and Design! I went for my admission session on Thursday and 30 min after my session I got an email saying that I passed and they look forward to seeing me in the fall! Now I just have to wait for my offer of admission!

-Apron Updates, Please read-

Hey guys! I have a quick favor to ask of you, I was wondering which Aprons are your favorite from the designs that I have uploaded, I need to know so that I can order in the right amount of fabric to make enough aprons for when the shop opens. Here is a link to my facebook album for them.

Also my shop opens mid April, and the Frozen ones will be available a little later on in the coming months. 

EDIT: I am also currently designing a Totoro Apron which I will post over the weekend.

Which ones are your favorite?


So I ordered in some colour swatches from Spoonflower so that I can get my colours printed accurately (I have soft proofing in photoshop but I want to be more accurate) And I also ordered in some NEW fabric that I just made!!! It will be used for Circle skirts, bags and Aprons. I just really wanted to make a cute fabric! So I made this little mushroom one! The mushrooms are on the left side so that when it gets printed, the mushrooms will repeat for the length of the fabric ^_^

And here it is with the Apron!

I think it is cute! and I can’t wait for it to arrive!!!!

Just ordered in a Serger machine for the shop!!

I have never had a serger and I always made finished hems with what I had, and that was the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. But luckily I have seen great reviews for this machine, and I got it for a good price! It is the Brother 1134D Serger. Tis more of a starter machine, but it will do what I need and it will save me time.