maintenance cover

When your car is paid off, keep making your car payment into a savings account every month, until you have enough saved to cover regular maintenance, eventual repairs, and your next car, in cash.

Note: it may actually net you more money to accept a low interest rate on a new car and invest your saved sum instead, but that’s a bridge to cross when you come to it.

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What happened?

idk if it’s the same in finland, but here if you own an apartament in a building located on a piece of land owned by the state, you have to pay an annual fee. since my apartment is a part of a condominium and since i’ve never received a notice of any kind, i kind of assumed (idiotically at best) that the fee is being paid from the monthly maintenance fees that cover some other legal fees. but it’s not. it’s supposed to be paid individually, without prior notice. and i’ve been living in my apartment for four years and haven’t paid it once, and the fees in my city are pretty damn high. and then there are also late fees. which means i’m fucked. :)