I’m looking for pictures of me, my sis and my friend (twinwing) from Anime north 2013
Here’s our cosplays:
Me: Zelos from tales of symphonia
Friend: Alcade from .hack gu trilogy

Me: Tashigi (Punk Hazard ver) from One Piece
Sis: Stocking (had one sock missing and had a sword) from Panty and Stocking
Friend: Kratos from tales of symphonia
Were were usually together if that helps

Me: Zelos from tales of symphonia with wings!
Friend: Kratos with wings as well!

Please tag me or message me if you have a pic of any of us~!

pagingthegolgotha, d-bustermainstreampirate,

Sorry if I’m bothering anyone!! I’ve recently sent each of you messages and haven’t heard back—some of you I’ve sent several to, so I’ve been getting a little worried. Please let me know somehow if you’ve a) gotten them just fine, b) tried responding and haven’t gotten through, or c) want me to stop pestering you already

Sorry again to bug you I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my e-mail or something

By the way, for anyone who’s tried contacting me through e-mail, I’ve been checking my junk folder diligently so as not to miss anything, so if you’re having trouble getting through to me, make sure the address is typed out or copy/pasted properly. Again, if you need it:

  • *after Vamp vs. Raiden scene*
  • Me:On a scale of Free! to actual gay porn, how homoerotic was that scene?
  • Sister:*laughs* Well I think it's closer to Free! because he was shirtless and they were dancing on each other, but it would be gay porn if they were actually naked.