mainstream stupidity

When people ask me what bands or singers I listen to I start off with bands/singers they probably don’t know and then say every popular or know band/singer that I like just so they think I’m hardcore as fuck but then I’m like sike you thought I’m mainstream

What I hate is that they are actually using the word “disloyal” to describe the boys leaving Simon and Syco. It’s the music industry, it’s built on contracts. Contracts end and artists and managers alike move on. It’s not disloyal, it’s the way it works. Using words like disloyal is just proving that someone is trying to mess with the boys reputations and public opinion. 

Ah yes. It’s that time of year again when this stupid and judgemental meme pops up on my social media or it is sent to me purposely as I post about the fun I’m having at EDC. This meme in particular was obviously made by someone who has never attended Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s right off the bat condescending and insulting.

“Pull me over I have drugs”, such a gross and misinformed stereotype. Drugs are in EVERY SINGLE MUSIC SCENE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Weed and alcohol are still drugs incase you forgot and caffeine is also considered a drug and they are readily available everywhere. Whether some one does them or not is absolutely NONE of your business if it’s not affecting you directly.

“I have shitty taste in music”, no I don’t. I value and appreciate a different form of music that you do not regularly hear being regurgitated over and over again on the radio or whatever Hot Topic tells you to like. EDM is different and there’s nothing like it. Because radio stations wouldn’t play EDM or sell them at record stores, distribution had to go underground and make own shows and events long before social media became the norm. And in the underground concerts and events, the rave culture began, PLUR was created, and has been thriving for 30+ years. And even now, it’s still not welcomed or accepted in the mainstream.

“I make stupid financial decisions” first of all, HAH! I have been going to EDC since 2007 and this weekend is my 10th one. Every year, I can afford my ticket, my travel expenses, and my hotel just fine. You know, having a job and all helps out with that, and I’m pretty sure the other 125,000+ people there have jobs too. “Paying $200 to watch some people press ‘play’” Actually no, djs create their own music and mixes and remixes for every show and during the show as well. They engage with the crowd, set up visuals and designs to play during their sets, and really, truly care about their fans. BTW, EDC tickets are up to $450 for the 3 night event. Sorry you can’t afford to go. Maybe you should have made better financial choices huh?

When I first attended EDC 10 years ago, I knew nothing about EDM or the rave culture, but I’m an open minded person and I don’t judge others until I can experience something for myself first hand. That night was huge game changer for me and I really learned what PLUR was, peace, love, unity, and respect. The rave culture is so amazing, accepting, and non judgemental people I have gotten the pleasure to get to know. I have met some many great people and some of my best friends there. Not once have it ever felt ashamed of being who I am, of my body or gender. Do you want to know who the most judgemental people I have ever met are? Cosplayers. I enjoy cosplaying but I can’t stand most of the people in the scene. They’re clique-y, get over protective of a character that is 'theirs’, body shame on each another, spread rumors about each other, and judge your costume in how accurate it can be all while trying to sell prints because they couldn’t make it as a model the old fashioned way. I have never met people like that in all the years I have been raving. When I run into other Harley Quinns at a rave we run up to each other, hug, dance, trade kandi, and take pictures. There’s no competing over who has the better costume or more followers, it’s straight, pure fun and I can nerd over a character i love with a stranger while listening to a set.
You want to know another post I’ve fact about raves? They are SO MUCH MORE SAFER than attending a bar or club. Not once have it ever felt threatened or unsafe there. I have never been verbally assaulted or groped by a man there like I have at a club because I turned them down. The EDM community is an incredibly respectful group of individuals and help each other out. The police the attend EDC absolutely love working the event. They do a lottery to draw names to see if they can work it. I see cops walking around enjoying themselves and taking pictures and having the attendees come up and dance with them, give them kandi and thank them for working the event.

Bottom line, EDM may not be for you and I respect that and will never shame you for what you like and enjoy, but don’t judge me on what I spend my hard earned money on and music taste, especially if you have never attended before. So while you spend your Sunday night watching reruns or doing chores, I’m going to be dancing with my rave family from dusk til dawn on the Las Vegas Motor speedway and you are always welcomed to join us under the electric sky

  • me: hey man that's kinda rude can you like not do that? the point of feminism is to celebrate ALL women and you're kinda bringing other girls down because they have different interests than you.
I'm totally in the ReinaxKumiko ship.

But I’m really mad, because I’m seeing people throwing hate in the Suichi character…like…why?
I  think that Shuichi is a really nice guy, I really like his relationship with Kumiko… I really like his personality. But there are people who hate him because “he blocks the  Kousaka and Kumiko relationship” … are you kidding, right?… This always happen in ALL the Yuri and Yaoi fandoms…*sigh*… People begin to be rude with the characters of the opposite sex, completely ignoring all the good and interesting factors about that character. Shippers, You could already see in this chapter that the fact that Shuichi is a character in this anime doesn’t mean that he will be a “block” for the ReinaxKumiko ship. But, this don’t give you the right to destroy the hopes of the people who likes ShuichixKumiko, it feels horrible when people start to destroy your ship (I pass through that everyday because I always have crack ships), everyone has their likes!

I also saw people saying ShuichixKumiko have no sense and it came out of nowhere, that’s not true, they have a backstory. Childhood friends who had an ugly dispute and that’s why they stopped talking and they’re unable to fix things, yet. 

Hibike! Euphonium is not listed as Yuri nor Shojo-ai, that’s why I’m trying to not raise my hopes so high. I clearly enjoyed  this chapter so much and I was,like, super excited, but knowing Kyoani, this is only a mere and cruel fanservice that will end destroying my heart. *SIGH*, I feel that my ideas are all messy, but I’m really upset right know. Well, summarizing:

-I understand if you REALLY don’t like Shuichi’s character, but if you hate him because you think he “blocks your ship” or because “hetero ships are mainstream” is stupid. From what I’ve seen, Shuichi, is a nice guy, very gentlemanly, he loves the band as much as others and has all the determination to move forward, and although he likes Kumiko ( I don’t blame him, I like more Kumiko than Kousaka) he shown quite respectful of the decisions that Kumiko takes (like when he asked if she had other plans for the day of the festival. He wasn’t angry or upset, he said it with a “understanding” tone).

-Nothing gives you the right to tell other people “what they can” and “what they can’t ship”.

It’s likely that nobody will read this (In case that someone really read it, I’m so sorry, my english is bad) . But I needed to write this somewhere.

  • me: I really love this song!!
  • fuckboy: of course you, a stereotypical female, would like this stupid mainstream song. have some respect and listen to something good and guys like me will like you more.
  • me: ...
  • me: kyle i proposed to your mom today. i am your new mom. also you're being disowned.


Fox News Reporter said… “We must NEVER forget 9/11. We must not say ‘it’s in the past. Let’s get over it." 

Black Man said… "But we must also remember that planes were used to killed Black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Reporter said… “what does that got to do with 9/11?”

I just gave up afterwards.

This post is ticking me off.

People do not go around blithely and openly believing in the kind of magic that does exist, so why would fictional people be any different with the more extravagant and flashy magic that exists in their fictional world?

In my experience, as a Polytheist and occasional dabbler in magic, the Urban Fantasy trope of ordinary folks not being willing to believe in magic isn’t all that far from reality.

People who want to believe in magic are, in my experience, already practising magic (or at least asking around about it).

There seem to be two settings for what mainstream people actively want to believe (and each side of the camp views the other side as both stupid and mainstream). Either they want what @volvano terms “the most nihilistic howling void take on scientism”, or else a divinity which pampers and coddles people (cf Max Lucado’s take on Christianity). Either there is nothing supernatural and everything is empty, or else the supernatural things exist solely to make sure everything works out for J. Random Devout. Sure, tons of people read the horoscopes in the newspapers, but how many people actual believe it rather than just taking it as generic good advice or laughing it off? People in general do not go in for

Except within Paganism and Polytheism and related witchy and woo circles, I have never encountered a person or a worldview which wants to believe in magic or other supernatural or divine things. I do encounter the “wouldn’t it be nice if magic…“, line of thought, but this doesn’t necessarily come with a readiness to believe in magic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could time travel? No matter how much I want to travel through time, no matter how readily I’d jump at the chance if it was real, I do not think that it is real or that it could be real. Time travel is something I conceptualise a wholly fictional, and no amount of fantasizing or worldbuilding I might indulge in is going to change that. If it turned out that a secret cabal of wizards in trench coats had been hiding time travel from me all along, I would be tremendously unwilling to believe that that was the case and I’d carry on believing that time travel is a marvellous fiction that I wished was real, much to the delight of the wizards who’re trying to keep it all secret.

The post brings up belief in the Loch Ness monster and UFOs, but these aren’t really analogous with spiritual or supernatural beliefs.

Nessie and other cryptozoological figures, such as Bigfoot, are completely mundane and corporeal animals. Believing in Nessie only requires the belief that an animal can keep itself almost entirely hidden from human observation for a very long time.
It takes a very different kind of belief, a different cosmology, to believe in magic. False analogy is false.

The same goes for UFOs (unless you’re interpreting a spiritual experience as an extraterrestrial one). Aliens are just supposed to be people from another planet. Belief in UFOs doesn’t require the same fundamentally different cosmology that belief in magic requires.

And besides, 10% -20% (the figures the post gives for people who claim to have seen a UFO and who believe in Nessie, respectively) is hardly anything like a majority. Turn the numbers around. 80% of people don’t think the Loch Ness Monster is a real thing. Even without the analogy being false as dicers’ oaths, you can hardly use these numbers to argue that “a society in which people are institutionally skeptical of weird-ass conspiracy theories is a society fundamentally unlike our own.“
I don’t know what sort of society OP is living in, but it is fundamentally unlike mine.

I’m from a society that encourages blindly following the less interesting option and calling it "skepticism*”, or unthinkingly saying “God works in mysterious ways” and leaving it at that.
I’m from a society that obdurately objects to any witchy or woo explanations for things; that will not believe in ghosts or mystical energies or personal contact with spirits (deities or otherwise); that fundamentally will not believe that scrawling runes on your doorjamb can make the house cozier; that insists that the placebo effect is “just” the placebo effect and not evidence of mind over matter.

*digging one’s heels in and going “no it isn’t!” without questioning or examining anything isn’t really skepticism, but the term is often used that way anyhow.

Korean music is going so downhill recently, especially due to the so-called “rappers” in kpop. It’s starting to be like mainstream pop in the US: you got the Nicki Minaj of Korea (Hyuna); the Kesha of Korea (CL); Drake of Korea (G-Dragon) and list goes on. Nothing but bad “rappers” with stupid mainstream bubblegum-rap lyrics, and people call this rap! C’mon people, listen to REAL k-rap and you’ll see true artists that challenge each other rapper to rethink the music they do (including US rappers). Just food for thought. ;)

  • 5sos fan wearing a 5sos band tee: Fuck you guys and your stupid mainstream shit like fucking Ariana Venti or whatever, when you listen to REAL MUSIC then you can talk to me *puts in headphones that are playing She Looks So Perfect*
My view of today

1. The mainstream Media is stupid

2. Maks confirmed his relationship with Meryl

3. The stupid hosts were too stupid to realize he just did that or was it the alcohol?

4. Meryl and Charlie are nominated for an ESPY, Vote for them!!! Especially The Queen!!! If you do not vote for the Queen ye shalt be expelled into the fiery abyss by Lord Sharna!!!

5. The Media is really stupid, if I already mentioned this point earlier forgive me but the Media is Stupid.

6. Reporters don’t know how to do their jobs anymore, First you collect the facts then build your narrative, not build your narrative and try to make the facts fit your narrative once in a while you will get lucky, but most times you just might end up eating crow, there was a lot of crows eaten today poor crows even I started to feel bad for them, it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet on crow today.

7. The Media is stupid, to an epic level these days, they wonder why no one trusts the Media, or why people think Stephen Colbert is the most honest journalist, because the Media is stupid whatever happened to have real journalism credentials? Oh that’s right the Media is stupid.

Well Maksyl Fam that’s my thoughts on today I love you all.

Dear Hasbro…

WTF? Seriously. WTF? 

Before I go any further, I want to say that yes, I love nerf stuff. But this is an insult to my intelligence. Like really.

My elder sister, who I love dearly, taught me a lot. Stuff like… video games, playing card games, board games, sports and rough housing. She got me into art and when I was good at it, she nurtured me and it helped me become a graphic designer.

She was my mother, my inspiration… and I love her dearly and she loves me, even though we grown to have differences in opinions about stuff.

So… why is this a slap in my face? Because I have 3 nieces. 1 is in college and was a third degree Black belt when she was THAT girl’s age. And the other two are 4 and 2. When I look at them and talk to them, you know what I call them? 


Why? Because the world is trying to tell them who they are. So, instead, I give them options. I want THEM to tell me who they are. I told both of my nieces “you don’t owe me hugs. If I ask for one, you can choose to give it to me, or not.” And their parents agreed with me. When they refuse to give me a hug, they instead opt for a dap, which I gladly accept.

So, I refuse to force them into becoming a society-accepted female that loves pink and will shot a gun called “Sweet Revenge” or have them using a “Heartbreak Bow”.

What I will do is tell them that they can be whatever they want. All my younger brother want to do with his daughter is show her EVERYTHING and let her choose how she will grow up. (And he’s a hardcore gamer, BTW.) I play with them and remind them that they can love any color they want, they can do whatever they want and let NO MAN (not even me) control them. 

So, no, Hasbro… I am NOT buying this. 

P.S. - WHY was this in Barnes And Nobles? It’s bad enough that you have it in Toys ‘R Us and I avoided talking about it… but this was in a BOOKSTORE without the male versions. Trying to push this on us, huh?

Blacklisted: Kanye West...

… have reached the point of no return. 

I mean, I tried excusing him many times over. But alas, he’s finally went over the edge. In addition to all the weirdest he pulled, he now thinks that another Blacklisted artist is the “shit”. 

and then he went and said that he’s going to do a remix with her.

*blinks* I was done with Kanye West before, but now, it’s official.

I won’t even mention him in the relaunch of my music blog. Nor this one.

I will still play his old records before 808 and Heartbreaks, tho.

“Operation: Avoid Kanye West” is official.