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#GiveElsaAGirlfriend because maybe I would not have been filled with shame and self-hate for the first 15 years of my life, if I had a positive queer role model in mainstream media growing up. When children are taught they are not normal for being themselves you’re giving them a ticket to loneliness, heartache, and self hatred. Kids need to feel loved and accepted. Period. Don’t project your personal hate on others.

Another Au List
  • Im the actor and lead of the play you’re screenwriting AU
  • I’m a small up and coming author who is writing a story which is basically a huge fanfic of me and you AU
  • Out of all the people I knew back in middle school and highschool, why did I have to bump into you? AU
  • My friends are crazy af and freaking tore down the sole wall that separated our apartments and now we kind of have to live together AU
  • Im a flight attendant but you keep hitting the call button AU
  • Im a teacher and so are you but my students are hardcore shipping us AU
  • Whenever I eat you see it to point out that it looks sexual but really you just like what you see AU
  • Someone is out to kill you and I just happened to save you at their last attempt AU
  • Holy shit I had no idea you were my teacher before we hooked up AU
  • Im a hipster and you’re super mainstream AU
  • Fashion designer and model AU
  • Whoops I saw the most popular guy at school doing something really nerdy AU
  • I honestly am so cheap and I was going for the bag of chips at the vending machine but now my arm is stuck please help AU

This fabulous beauty known to the world as Tess Munster or Tess Holliday is one hell of a hot mamma and I freaking love her. 

She is making history for being the biggest model ever to be signed by a well known mainstream modelling agency Milk Model Management London. 

Wanna know why they got her? her own words were

I am 

Big and beautiful

Fat and fabulous 

Heavy and hot

Plump and pretty 

curvy and cute

But most importantly I am 


enjoy seeing her face because she’s here to stay 


Facel-Vega Facellia Cabriolet, 1959. The Facellia was Facel-Vega’s attempt to produce a “mainstream” model that could compete with the Mercedes 190SL. It was available as a coupe or a convertible but it’s DOHC 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine turned out to be massively unreliable and prone to failure. They were replaced under warranty with Volvo B18 engines but the damage to Facel’s finances was fatal and despite the Facellia being their biggest selling model, with 1100 cars built, the company went out of business in 1964


Young Breezy is a daddy!

Weird after he was just on Breakfast Club commenting on how he would like to be a father.  The mother of his child is a model named Nia who currently lives in Houston.  Shit gets deeper though apparently she’s been living with a man this whole time in Houston and he thought Chris Brown’s child was his.   How the song go again …… o yeah “These hoes aint loyal’ they deceitful and i would’ve killed her.”  I think thats how it goes, anyway I guess this means more visits to the 6 for Karrueche because reports say she’s done with Chris Brown.  Stay strong my fellow yellow brother and congratulations.


New neo-unisex fashion reflects fascination with transgender

The New York Times has published an article by Ruth La Ferla that says that we are entering a new “neo-unisex” trend in fashion.

La Ferla points to

… a raft of designers to capitalize on fashion’s gender blur, that narrowing of the sexual divide that earlier this year emerged on the runways of top tier designers like Rick Owens and Alessandro Michele of Gucci, each bent on eroding the once rigid demarcation between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes.

Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, says:

“What we’re seeing now, he said, “is a seismic shift in fashion, a widening acceptance of a style with no boundaries, one that reflects the way young people dress.”

And yes, La Ferla sees a connection to the recent visibility and acceptance of trans people:

That sentiment also reflects a rising receptivity, if not an outright prurient fascination, with topics that were once strictly off limits. Transgender narratives are entering the mainstream via trans-models like Andreja Pejic and Lea T, who front major fashion and beauty campaigns; mega-celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner; and television fare like “Transparent,” the series on Amazon, its lead character Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) coming out to his children as Maura.

Photos: Christelle de Castro for The New York Times

The Melting Pot And The Free Market

     For  many decades  the doctrine of multiculturalism has presided over American college campuses as one of the most important and pervasive of Liberal -Progressive dogmas. According to its defenders, the indispensable gift that it offers to society is “diversity”. Yet diversity is hardly something thathas been unfamiliar to  American culture. In fact, whenever we refer to “American culture”  we are never referring to “culture” in the normal sense of the word. We are referring to  a collection of items, tastes, and interests that are, and always have been constantly changing.  “American culture” is Italian pizza, Chinese stir Fried food, music blending African inspired rhythm with European melodies (All of which were part of the model of mainstream American life  prior to the changes of the 1960′s) . When we move back in history to the colonial era we find an American culture consisting of the combined  contributions of the English, the Dutch and the French. These cultures did not segregate themselves but exchanged their wares and their ways of life. In short, American society has always thrived on cultural diversity.  

       The major reason for this is the central place of the free market.  Men begin as members of tribal or ethnic groups that  derive their identity and sense of meaning from their place within that group. The free market experiment on the North American continent brought together a wide diversity of these groups and placed them into one space. The consequence was a free and open exchange of cultures. The final result of that exchange is that every man ultimately discovers what he personally likes and prefers,and  “the individual”   emerges on to the scene. Both society and the political system begin to cater to the needs of the individual instead of to those of a group. The signature of the free market is therefore diversity; it can never be homogeneous.

       Assimilation into American society is not blind conformity to a set of static and unchanging cultural forms and ideas. Instead, it consists of stepping out of such a conformity and opening oneself up to an entire universe of forms and ideas. One is then free to choose from among these items not on the basis of  the tribe to which one belongs, but on the basis of beauty, efficiency, and perhaps even truth. This is the model of social exchange known as The Melting Pot, and the free market is the vehicle for this exchange. Now this is obviously not the “diversity” that the Progressive intellectual has in mind. Multiculturalism is the Liberal-Progressive answer to the traditional American Melting Pot.  Its vision is one of men  confined within isolated ethnic factions.  You are not  an individual but a member of a group, and your complete significance as a human being comes from your connection to that ethnic group. For the Liberal Progressive, in order to preserve “diversity”  we must preserve this particular arrangement.  This is the reverse of the way in which American society has always functioned.

         Why would a statist philosophy behave in this way? It is because the citizens of a diverse nation will either become a  unified society through   the cultural exchange of the free market and through liberty, or they will be unified by the agencies of government.  Progressive thought seeks to preserve the divide between the citizens of a society along ethnic lines so that government can serve as the only glue to bind that society together. It encourages faction  within a society so that it may become the “peacemaker”, and thereby, the ruler. Progressivism has always openly denounced the model of The Melting Pot. It is because the Melting Pot means autonomy; it is citizens building their own bridges to one another and shaping their own society. The Melting Pot has been  described by the Progressive as an oppressor, and as a destroyer of cultures, because it  does not preserve them whole. Now this epithet of the “the oppressor”  may be plausible within the borders of the United States, but it cannot explain how  the American way of life  reaches beyond its own borders and irresistibly draws in people groups from everywhere, not even subject to our system. 

Even governments in the Middle East desperately struggle to disentangle their citizens from the American influence while outwardly maintaining a traditionalist  facade . What draws these people is not the random culture of a particular society called  the United States, it is the irresistible pull of individuality.