“We are continuing to push the envelope on what we believe to be true creative collaboration between East and West. Our originals collaborations, including Children of Ether with LeSean Thomas, and SHELTER with Porter Robinson, has both received acclaim and strong support from our audience. The anime medium is experiencing an international renaissance as foreign creators who grew up on anime look east to collaborations with Japan. Our role is continue to build that bridge through our audience, data and our unique position in the anime market.” - Kun Gao Co-Founder & CEO of Crunchyroll

Someone asked a good question yesterday that got me thinking: why are some mythologies more “mainstream” than others? Where I’m from, everyone knows at least a couple things about the Egyptian, Norse, and Greek (and sometimes Roman) pantheons, but no one’s ever discussed those of East Asia, or South America, for example. 

My theory: Eurocentrism and colonialism.

Egypt, Greece, and Rome all have some relevant proximity to the history of Christianity. Egypt features prominently in the Exodus, and Greece and Rome were important cultural shapers in the time of Jesus and Paul. When Christianity spread and gained the force of empire through Constantine and others and spread up through Europe, it dominated nearly all the local traditions in its wake. This domination continued through the European colonization of the Americas, Africa, India, and others – history is written by the colonizers, so it makes sense that the prominent revival pantheons among European-descended pagans aren’t those of the conquered people but those of their own people (Norse) and those that are “necessary” to provide historical weight to Christianity.

Completely conjecture, but this was interesting to think about today.

The lack of black love in mainstream media and in Hollywood period makes me wanna cry.

I would love to see movies with healthy black couples. I feel like there is almost an erasure happening. The media thinks one specific race is the most desirable and every POC should aspire to be with a person of that specific race. I’m not feeding into the BS. I’m gonna love whoever I love, but I will be damned if I let the media influence me.

ti presterò dei soldi per venirmi a trovare
ci vorrebbe una notte, una notte, una notte
soltanto per viaggiare
una notte, una notte, una notte
per ricominciare