Trump’s victory has triggered the slow-motion implosion of the liberal wing of the establishment.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has advocated ‘putting aside differences’ with the candidate she called a ‘pathetic coward’. AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka has offered ‘our congratulations’ to the President elect, offering to meet him halfway on labour issues. Revelations abound of the Clinton campaign and figures in the DNC actively promoting Trump’s candidacy as a weak alternative to 'more dangerous’ discredited establishment figures in the GOP.

This rudderlessness reveals the truth behind the war of words which has dominated mainstream discourse: that the political establishment is willing to sell its working class constituents willingly down the river to close up the negligible substantive differences they have had with Trump’s ideology all along.

As the political centre scrambles to make achingly 'respectable’ compromises with dangerously racist, sexist, anti-working-class right-wing ideology, the mask falls: it’s totally clear that ordinary Americans are left entirely without any independent organisations to defend them from the storm.

We need a party of the 99%.

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Anyone else remember the 2000s? How awesome they were?

Like I know everyone buzzes over being a 90′s kid, but I was born in 98, I was a 2000′s kid and it was awesome, it was pretty bloody cool like I had pokemon fire red and leaf green instead of pokemon red and blue (I played leaf green) and fookin loved it, the stuff was cooler also Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance

They all got shat out into the mainstream, it was a bloody good time is all I’m saying, just like, I remember wearing my shorts, my t shirt, in the summer sunshine of the 2000s as a kid with a massive head with stupid nearly white blonde hair and thinking “God I hope I never grow up”