“It hurts me whenever my little sister says she hates Frozen. When it first came out, we both loved it! She was Anna and I was Elsa. As time went on, my love for Frozen only grew. She began to hate it and said it’s “too mainstream.” Our roles have switched; I’m more like Anna and she’s more like Elsa and tries to shut me out a lot.”

When people ask me what bands or singers I listen to I start off with bands/singers they probably don’t know and then say every popular or know band/singer that I like just so they think I’m hardcore as fuck but then I’m like sike you thought I’m mainstream

Coca-Cola Releases 'Choose Happiness Over Tradition' Pro-LGBT Ad

Pride season is here and Coca-Cola is once again showing its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

Coca- cola`s got a brand new ad that reflects the attitude of the company to the LGBT community. But is that a real love to LGBT or just another way to increase sales? Seems to be just another company getting profit from mainstream like our politicians or mass media do. Maybe we should make democracy mainstream? Cuz we need it so much.