“It hurts me whenever my little sister says she hates Frozen. When it first came out, we both loved it! She was Anna and I was Elsa. As time went on, my love for Frozen only grew. She began to hate it and said it’s “too mainstream.” Our roles have switched; I’m more like Anna and she’s more like Elsa and tries to shut me out a lot.”


On Shinji:
Jeans denim suit from Berserkshka
Lemon long-sleeved shirt from GENDOSHOP
Purple backpack from NERV
White sneakers from Tabrerse
Black glasses from ReiBan

On Kaworu:
Brown jacket from A&T
Black shirt from SEELEQLO
Black trousers from Lilim Apparell
Brown shoes from Forever 14
Transparent umbrella from Longinivarius
Black backpack from Adamibas

Photo by Ping Timeout :: Tumblr (, WorldCosplay ( ), DeviantArt ( )

When people ask me what bands or singers I listen to I start off with bands/singers they probably don’t know and then say every popular or know band/singer that I like just so they think I’m hardcore as fuck but then I’m like sike you thought I’m mainstream

Now I don’t know if markiplier is referring to something or someone specifically, but when I saw this tweet, it made me reflect on the culture of online video and Youtubers in general. 

Obviously this is Vidcon, everyone is there for the Youtubers and Viners that are attending as well. I can see why they can be very pretentious and egotistical, because the fans all there for meeting them. It also made me think about online culture and how it’s become the mainstream. There’s youtubers who are writing their own books, staring in their own television shows or movies, making music, etc. Not to say that is a bad thing for them, but with all of this fame and opportunity, some can lose sight of how they got at that point in the first place which are their fans. To me that sounds very sad, because these youtubers have fans who are/were in pretty dark places and their videos help them get through the day or to keep staying strong and some just don’t recognize that anymore. They only care about the self promotion, the money, or the subscriber count. Now I’m not saying this is how ALL Youtubers are, but some can get pretty air headed depending. 

So I guess to circle this back to Mark, I felt like that tweet just gave me more reassurance about how he tries to stay grounded and humble as much as possible even with all the opportunities he has been given. I knew how much he cares for his fans and the community even when I first subscribed to him, and I know how much he will continue to try to be there for the community as well as the people here being there for each other to do something amazing. <3