Just when I thought I was safe, @chrisfucknsalv tags me 😆 well here you go: 20 FACTS
1. I’m a member of the INC.
2. I was born in Guam.
3. And yes I was born in April, the 24th. Hence my ig name
4. Science fascinates me especially biochemistry. #lablife
5. I love reading books.
6. I’m a grammar nazi, but I always have typos.
7. I will proofread your paper if you ask me to.
8. I feel naked without eyeliner.
9. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I’m obsessed with watching YouTube beauty gurus.
10. I can be blunt and sarcastic but only with my close friends.
11. My little sister is @cheloceane_art
12. My boyfriend is and our tag is #mainsqueeze1221
13. I’m waiting for my hair to grow out again. (I secretly want to dye it purple, lavender or gray)
14. I can be indecisive at times.
15. I love food!
16. And cute animals.
17. I tried the vegetarian lifestyle; it wasn’t easy.
18. I’m in the #INCchoir and #INCTV crew and I’m #VP of the #kadiwa
19. I easily succumb to motion sickness.
20. I’ve been saving up for my trip to HI with Casey and Christian to celebrate finishing up my undergrad and meet the rest of Casey’s family.