mainly youtubers

TDA characters and Social media accounts

  • Jules has an Instagram account for all his art work. This leads him to also having an Etsy account as his Instagram is full of people asking if he sells stuff as they love it so much. He also does art and Cooking tutorials on YouTube, as well having a “siblings survival guide” series.
  • Emma has YouTube and mainly does training/work out videos. She often drags in Jules for “story time with Jemma” which is them just telling embarrassing stories of each other. She drags in Cristina in which they roast people. Zara has the most roast videos.
  • Ty has a blog in which he writes up all his investigations. He adds clues, what theories he had along the way then the final outcome. Once Kit explains Autism to him, he dedicates a side blog to documenting the life of an Autistic Shadowhunter. He gets messages from people thanking him as it has helped them.
  • Kit has everything. He has Twitter to give a running commentary on his adventures with the Blackthorn’s, especially the twins. When he starts dating Ty, his Instagram is full of photos of them together. He has Facebook to stalk all the people he used to know in the mundane world. Tumblr feeds his inner nerd. He puts comedy sketches on YouTube and has a series called “shit you need to know” and educated people on things like mental health. He gets Ty to help with the Autism video.
  • Livvy has Instagram and it’s full of photos of her and her siblings. Ty and Kit feature in a lot of photos. She also has YouTube for her take on feminism around various topics.
  • Dru has Tumblr and follows loads of horror blogs. She also blogs reviews on every horror film she has ever watched.
  • Cristina has Instagram. Half of it is pictures of her and Emma being the besties that they are, and the other half features Mark and Kieran. She has YouTube to put up videos of things she’s passionate about. She has a series with Kieran educating people on all things faerie. She has a second series in which she teaches Jules how to cook Mexican food the Mexican way, then asks the Blackthorn’s what they thought.
  • Mark gets introduced to Instagram. In the start, he has to have some check every single photo before posting it (he doesn’t once, and the resulting post was a lamp. We all know how that ends) but soon he gets the hang of it. He evolves into the king of asthetics. His family, Kieran and Cristina feature heavily. Kit, Livvy and Ty have a YouTube account and post videos of Mark cooking.
  • Unless he features on someone elses, Kieran doesn’t have social media. It just makes him confused.
  • Helen has Instagram, and like Mark she wins at asthetics. Aline features a lot.
  • Aline has Twitter. She uses it to tweet a sassy commentary on her life. She also does LGBT videos on YouTube, to help others come out. She’s slowly going through all the LGBT people she knows to be in a video with her.
  • Tavvy, like Kieran only features on other people’s social media. He’s the person who annoys people into being in, and posting pictures with him in. He also appears in the background of people’s videos.
  • Diana decides to do YouTube. She initially does weapon tutorials, but with the support of Caterina and Gwyn, she documents her journey as a male to female Transgender Shadowhunter. This gets her so much love and praise. People identify with her and thank her for the videos.
  • They all have Snapchat. Emma and Kit are the sort of people who regularly send unattractive photos. Emma will be sensible if either Jules or Cristina are in the photo. Kits the same with Ty and Livvy. Mark rarely uses it, only really to get photos of him with Helen, Kieran or Cristina. Ty only gets photos of him with Livvy and Kit. Dru uses it, but rarely snaps herself, but mostly of her surroundings, especially her room. Tavvy gets her to send loads of snapchats of him. Helen loves it as it means she can save photos of her family. Aline uses it for the filters. Diana so she can get pictures of her and Gwyn on a few occasions (he does it to make her happy). Jules used to use it ironically but mostly sends snaps of his art, or evidence he has been doing something arty, like a part of his body covered in paint.

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Hi! Can u describe me this Buttetcream team? I am sooo new to this thing🤷🏼‍♀️😭😄 And maybe something more about Jack Maynard? He is the cuttest😏😏

Describe them? Are you sure? Alright, you asked for it

First off we have Caspar Lee

Caspar is 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He was born and raised in Knysna, South Africa and first came to London to film a collab and stay with Jack Harries (Jacksgap). Caspar is such a kind soul. He deserves every good thing in the world and he’s one of the most unproblematic boys of the group. Have you seen his #PositivityOverNegativity video? What a good guy. Outside of his YouTube success, Caspar has acted in a few movies (some including Spud 3 and Laid in America) and also has his own book which he wrote with his mom. He now resides in London and makes weekly videos (upload date usually Mondays). He is a beautiful human being who enjoys pizza, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Next there’s Josh Pieters

Josh is also 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2015. Also born and raised in Knysna, he and Caspar have been best friends since their school days. They weren’t always friends, as Josh used to be quite mean to Caspar and they didn’t always get along. As they grew, they became closer and are now best friends (and roommates) in London. He makes weekly videos with a fairly consistent upload schedule of Wednesdays. Josh is an adorable ginger who has grown so much in the past two years and we are very proud of him.

This is Conor Maynard

Conor is 24 years old, born and raised in Brighton and now lives in London. Conor found success back in 2012 with his first album, Contrast. Since then, he’s focused mainly on his YouTube channel. He films a lot of covers but has also come out with original songs alone as well as with his friend Anth and his brother Jack. Conor is very dorky and sweet and adorable but then he sings and he’s very sexy and serious. There are many sides to this Brighton boy and we love all of them.

Here is Jack Maynard

Jack is 22 years old and is the brother of Conor. He’s had his YouTube channel since 2015 but had a channel once before that. He too was born and raised in Brighton but now lives in London. Jack is often referred to as the player/pretty boy of the group, but I think there’s much more to him than that. Not only does he make banging videos, but he also dabbles in DJing. Look at him in his fucking yellow shirt and fucking hat and fucking glasses thAT HE DOESN’T NEED FUCK WHY IS HE LIKE THAT HE’S TOO MUCH. *clears throat* anyway. Jack, Conor, and Josh were once roommates but moved out from the apartment they once shared a few months ago. Jack is also now working on a music project with Conor. Their “group” is called GOAT and their first single is titled Grenade. It’s hard to give Jack a solid upload date, but it’s usually either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Jack is a smokin’ hot motherfucker whom we all love.

This is Mikey Pearce

Mikey is 24 years old and is from Brighton. He’s a childhood friend of Jack and Conor and also resides in London. He’s had his channel since 2016. Mikey enjoys making skits and collabing with the other buttercreams. Arguably his most popular videos have been his sponsored videos with Tinder. Mikey’s sort of the problematic fav but he is still part of the group and we love him for it. He has a very inconsistent uploading schedule, pretty much just posting whenever he’s ready to. Mikey is an awkward stuttering goofball who surely has a good heart inside him.

This is Joe Sugg

Joe is 25 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He’s from Wiltshire, England and is the oldest member of the buttercreams and also has the most subscribers. Joe’s always had very original content (whether it’s pranks on Caspar or new challenges) and has come a very long way since his first videos. His sister is Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and he first started his channel with her help. He was once roommates with Caspar but they have since moved out of their shared apartment. Joe is very funny and genuine and has accomplished so much, even outside of YouTube. Joe has two graphic novels and the third is coming out later this year. Additionally, he and Caspar have two films together: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA. Joe uploads regularly on Sundays and has called them Sugg Sunday Specials for many years now. Joe is an incredible, good looking, down to earth, successful guy and deserves every good thing that happens to him in the future.

And here is Oli White

Oli is 22 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2012 but once had a YouTube channel before that. He is from Iver, Englad. Oli is such a sweetheart and is considered one of the most underappreciated buttercreams. He loves his family, friends, and fans so much. A regular guest in his videos is his younger brother James and they have a very good relationship with each other. Oli is known for his generosity, giving his friends and family incredible presents and surprises (whether for holidays or for no reason at all) and surprising his fans with his merchandise. Outside of his YouTube success, Oli has written two books: Generation Next and Generation Next: The Takeover. He uploads consistently on Saturdays. Oli is an amazingly sweet and beautiful human being and he is too pure for this world.


This is Byron Langley

Byron is 24 years old and has a YouTube channel called Langley and Mash. He is from South Africa and came into the group via his fellow South African friends, Caspar and Josh. Byron is one of the original buttercreams (according to Joe) but we weren’t aware he existed due to his infrequent appearances on the other boys channels and the small size of his own channel. Outside of YouTube, Byron has done a bit of acting (appearing in all of the Spud movies) and is a model and a bit of a musician. Byron appears in a lot of the other boys vlogs and has been in some main channel videos as well. Byron is one of the most beautiful and sweet human beings I’ve ever seen and I felt he deserved to be in this post.


There are you, that’s the buttercreams. I hope you’ve gotten to know them a bit more now. Welcome to the family! xx

Youtuber! Park Woojin

Check out my Masterlist here

Youtuber x Brand New Boys:
Youtuber! Im Youngmin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi

“Love is a lot like dancing, you surrender yourself to the music.” 

  • Youtuber who mainly uploads dance covers
  • But he also does vlogs where he doesn’t speak and it’s in first person pov and there’s just really chill music playing in the background
  • Uses youtube as a platform for him to express his creativity in editing cause in college, he minors in filming so his videos always come up really unique and different as he applies a lot of techniques he learned from his lecturers
  • He definitely prefers filming others rather than himself so it’s more likely you will see close up shots of his best friend, Jihoon, more than Woojin in some of his videos
  • He tried doing a q&a video but it just failed immediately cause he just became super shy when he faced the camera directly and he couldn’t even look straight at it
  • Replies to all his subscribers’ comments and is literally the sweetest person ever and is always downplaying how good he is at dancing
  • “I’m really not that good in dancing, you guys are too sweet.”
  • Yet he uploads a cover of bts’ fire the same day it was released which meant he only took 3 hours to learn and perfect the entire routine and that was super impressive considering how hard the dance was????
  • His behind the scenes video is also really funny cause he is such a dork in it
  • Repeats ‘cut’ like 101 times when he tries to do an intro
  • But his fan base grew when he became part of the youtube group: Brand New Boys where it was basically 4 boys uploading covers
  • Youngmin, Donghyun, Woojin & Daehwi were childhood friends who decided to create the account since they have been composing/choreographing music and dances since they were young
  • They realized they had to film 4 new videos with entirely different content each time they collab and they didn’t relly have time for that so Brand new Boys was formed
  • The four of them would do q&a and sometimes even vlogs  
  • So you were a dancer yourself who mainly does covers & create original choreography
  • You were pretty popular on youtube as you were part of a well-known dance studio (think 1 million studio) and you were one of the main dancers despite your young age as you had trained there since you were little hence you are always on their videos doing demos
  • But your main account wasn’t really popular since you barely uploaded and there were only 3-4 videos
  • One day you suddenly received a lot of subscribers and @ on a youtube channel
  • when you click on it, a bunch of girls was basically saying something about shipping you and a certain someone
  • Basically, Brand New Boys had been doing a live q&a when Daehwi basically exposed how Woojin was a huge fan of yours when the four of them was asked to tell a secret of another member
  • Their subscribers along with your fans from the dance studio just started freaking out and asked you two to collab
  • You were sort of freaking out cause if you had to pick out of the 4 of them, Woojin was undeniably your favourite cause he was so good at dancing
  • Like the thought of dancing with came up before you but you were so embarrassed knowing that he was super popular that you just shook it off
  • But you received a message right after that from Woojin’s personal youtube channel, saying that he was super sorry for disturbing you but if you were actually free, maybe you guys could work together on a dance
  • You honestly didn’t have much to do anyway so you said yes and you guys decided to do work on a cover of Jay Park’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ (guys I did not plan this lmao)
  • Your first meeting was cute
  • Like you guys will just awkwardly make small talks
  • But when it comes to dancing, something in you two just ignite
  • You guys only took one try after the rehearsal to get everything right
  • You were more shocked at how that shy boy just instantly changed right in front of you??? He was literally the definition of hot when he danced
  • Your heart was burning up at how his two different personalities like it was sooo charming to watch
  • So while uploading the video, you guys just spoke to each other about dancing
  • You learned at what age he learned dancing and his favorite dancing icons  
  • In turn, Woojin also learned a lot about you but you mostly did the talking cause he was still super stunned at how pretty you were
  • He did ask you out on a study date after the practice
  • The rest is history after he asked you to be his girlfriend through this super cheesy dance which he uploaded on youtube later on
  • Obviously, you said yes cause who could say no when he smiles with his snaggletooth
  • You will be appearing a lot more on Woojin’s youtube channel
  • There will be times where he just uploads a choreography to for a song that came out back in 2008  to surprise you as that was a song you have been recently listening to a lot
  • You guys will also be doing a lot of dances and you decided to revive your channel and your first video was the ‘boyfriend does my makeup challenge’ which ends up with your face being a mess but it’s okay you still love him
  • Whenever you guys finish filming a cover, silly dance battles will start
  • Woojin will be your dance partner whenever there was a couple part when you filmed for your studio cause that boy gets low key jealous whenever he sees someone else dancing with you
  • Pizza & Netflix is both you and Woojin’s kind of date
  • He will always be sending you song recommendations or his new spotify playlist
  • Eskimo kisses are both your favourite type of kisses

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who requested for Youtuber! Woojin. I will be doing a Youtuber! au for all 4 members of Brand New Boys so 3 more to go ^^ Also, dedicated to @baeijns who is literally the sweetest mutual like she writes the nicest things when she reblogs and her wanna one’s incorrect text messages gives me life <3

Honestly watching Swag_Dracula play F13th is slowly becoming more and more entertaining with every stream I see. Like already tonight he’s gotten his group that he’s streaming with to play Cash Cab, Freeze Tag, Hide And Seek, America’s Got Talent, and do a Scavenger Hunt. And not to mention he’s funny as hell


15-year-old Caleb Sharpe is the Freeman High School shooter.  The sophomore killed one and injured three at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington.

-Caleb Sharpe was described as being nice and weird by people who knew him.
-He had an obsession with weapons, bragging to friends about owning several guns.
-Sharpe was heavily active on many social media platforms.  He posted about the Netflix original series “13 Reasons” being the best show on Netflix.
-He was active on YouTube, even posting a video where he and a friend pretended to be shooting at one another with guns.  Unfortunately the videos have since been deleted.  He went by “Mongo Walker” on YouTube.
-He would show off his assault rifle on social media, mainly his YouTube videos.  People were well aware he was in possession of one.
-His social media profiles showed him enjoying the TV shows & films Breaking Bad, SpongeBob Squarepants, 13 Reasons, Game of Thrones, American Dad, American Psycho, and Star Wars.
-His Instagram moniker was “Walrus Meat” and his Snapchat username was “sharpesenpi”.  On Snapchat, he had sent out a photo of himself watching a documentary on school shootings.  It is unclear which documentary that was.

-He had anti-feminist views (according to his social media).  All of his injured victims were female.
-He had an obsession with past school shootings.
-He had been getting help from the school guidance counselor for “suicidal ideations”.
-He implied to others that he may soon do something illegal or deadly, bringing a note to school saying that he may get killed or jailed.

-Strangely, Caleb Sharpe and his victim Sam Strahan were known as best friends.
-Caleb Sharpe told police he committed the school shooting “to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others.”
-His mother had discovered a suicide note Caleb had written a week prior to the shooting, left on a counter in their home.
-Caleb Sharpe is being held at a juvenile detention center.

Need your help!

Hey guys!! I have this great opportunity at work but i need your help for it!!!! Basically, i need to have 500 followers on more on Instagram or YouTube. Problem is: i am Ok on the witchy side of things, but not on the “official ” one I would use for work!

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Thank you for Reading this ❤❤❤

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Youtube restrictions

So…youtube are restricting lgbt+ videos, as they feel that two same sex people can’t show love like hetero couples. It’s causing quite a stir on social media. The lgbt+ videos are mainly openly gay youtubers giving and sharing advice to those who need it. It’s NOT to flaunt our love for the same sex. It’s about helping others who may not have the freedom to be themselves, without fear or hate or the possibility of becoming homeless! It’s about a community coming together in an adverse world and showing them what love and acceptance is and all about. Youtube have shot themselves in the foot and have already lost lots of creators and subscribers.

The act is pure discrimination at its finest and it truly saddens me. Love is love….regardless of whom you are attracted too!

(OOC: Well, since you asked so nicely! His hair doesn’t take much work, the majority of this video is just me putting my hair into a bun… Enjoy!)


Okay, so this is gonna be short and sweet. You’re gonna need ponytails and, like, some clips and crap. Separate the crown of the hair.

[background music]

And I pull the rest back. I’m gonna brush it straight back and put it into a small bun at the back of my head.

[background music]

Gonna brush this out, and then, brush it up.

[background music]

Then I just take it, and kinda keep this woosh, and just place it on the back of my head.

[background music]

Pin it there. Straighten it out a bit.

[background music]

There you go. That’s about how you do it. Obviously, these would clipped down. Yeah.

lowat-golden-tower  asked:

So there's the theory about the Googs having different personalities, and from your one comic we saw at least Oliver is playful, due to being "Google Play". That begs the question- are the other Googs more facets of Google's original personality traits/interests? Did he perhaps split himself into multiple parts, dissecting the aspects making him "human", because they were getting in the way? It was all too much, making him buffer and glitch, and distracting him from his objectives?

You hit the nail on the head! That was what I thought too!
It was interesting that in the course of Matthias’ video with Google IRL that Google didn’t glitch. Google didn’t speak in chopped voices nor did he even buffer. It was because the only time he had bugged out was the end when Matthias overloaded his objectives. He was a simple AI-Robot of the Google Search Engine. That was all he was, with Bing. I noted that in my comic as well when Bing was musing about the ‘old times’ (I researched for the comic lol)

Now he suddenly talks the opposite, like there were several voices at once but at the same time the same person. I believe after either conking/walking out, Matthias tried to reboot the system but wasn’t particularly successful. Google, now on his autonomous adventure, tried updating himself to compensate the newfound changes he was experiencing- because it wasn’t always that Google was a corporation.

It was the slow change that Google had to adjust from. He needed the updates, but either he didn’t have them, or he needed to be fixed from the bugs, or infiltrate Mark’s domain, something- but once he had, he was able to split himself to four. The four main colors of Google, presumably the four divisions of all the programs/extensions Google Corporation has.

Heads Up: here we go. You can check out the Google Apps. I looked at them. Erm.

Google (Blue) is the main division. He’s the one who’s going to be the actual “Primary Objective: Answer all questions as quickly as possible; Secondary Objective: Destroy Mankind” kind of guy. That’s also might be the reason why he kept asking “Are You Feeling Lucky? (second option when searching in Google) So he’s search engine guy. Interestingly if you look at the Apps of Google, he also has the following: My Account, Contacts (he knows your contacts), News, Calendar (predictable, search engine), Translate (so multilingual? Uh oh). You know he’s the leader because he’s the main color. He’s practically in all of them- so leader and all of that.

I assume Red would be professional communications guy since he is the main color of Gmail (you don’t really contact others with yanno, mail nowadays, but you do use them for accessing things… connected to) Google+ (fairly empty lol, as Matthias had pointed out in the past, but you can access A LOT with Google+ just by using it to make accounts to ever) and mainly, Youtube (yikes, Mark watch out- also, a lot of creators well known throughout the world. Accesses to TV, News, Shows, etc etc).

Oliver (Yellow) I just assumed is more human, happy, fun, yellow. He also has Google Play Music, and who doesn’t love them (no matter what variety?) ? Idk but something, he’s the brightest (also to note, Google’s light bulb sign is mostly yellow). He’s the one with "Keep” and “Google Alerts” too, so he might be the most 'trustworthy’ in the long run; combined with “Analytics” it says it looks for the audience’s reviews to further improve your product and business.

Together with Green, they’re the fun ones. Green might be the money guy; he’s the ads holder, in charge of putting promotions, yet he’s also Android and Google Play Games; Hangouts as well (Google’s main chat room).  

To note, tag team colors in Google: Photos and Play (everyone has access), Maps-Drive (Blue-Yellow-Green: you trust it to guide and protect you), AdWords (Blue-Green: Advertise what you offer to people who search for you), AdSense (Blue-Yellow: ads on your site that you can trust)

[Interesting to Note, though not in the Google sign palette- purple, red violet and orange are part of this team.]

I had fun with this, but ohoh my god what have I done

Just finished watching Joe and Caspar’s interview and once again Caspar Lee is out there doing a lot things right Youtube wise. Interesting collabs, including celebrities, new series, curry experiment videos and the latest, being honest . Especially his side channel is creative, he doesn’t just want to do liveshows talking and instead does an apartment tour or cooks etc. He’s constantly trying to find new ways to be creative. And once he said he must be the laziest youtuber out there with only one main channel video in a week….

You Can Stop Telling Trans People You Don’t Want to Date Them

Every so often, there is a flurry of discussion and arguments in the online LGBT+ community about whether or not it is transphobic to say that you won’t date someone who is trans. That argument is once again happening, mainly among Youtubers, but I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Cis people who don’t want to to date trans folks argue that it is simply a preference, that you can’t help preferences, and therefore it’s not offensive or transphobic. I’m not going to spend too much time dwelling on why it actually is transphobic to say that you just “don’t like” or “aren’t attracted to” trans folks because a lot of it has already been said. Briefly, for those who are curious, it is transphobic for a few reasons. First, it is separating trans men from cis men and trans women from cis women. Second, it is making assumptions about trans folks bodies. Third, it is implying that you can tell if someone is or is not trans.

More than arguing about whether or not it is transphobic to say that you won’t date, or have any kind of romantic or sexual relationship, with a trans person, I want to take a minute and ask why do cis people feel the need to keep telling us that they don’t want to us? 

The most recent incident which caused this current conversation in the community involved YouTuber Arielle Scarcella who, despite having a very fraught past with the trans community, claims to be an LGBT advocate. Arielle, and others, keep arguing that they have every right to not want to date trans folks and that it is not transphobic. The first part is correct: no one is forcing you to date or sleep with a trans person. You never have to date someone that you don’t want to. Why do you feel the need to keep bringing it up? Why do you feel the need to keep making trans folks feel othered and dysphoric? Why do you feel the need to add fuel to the fire of hatred that trans people already face? Why can’t you keep it to yourself? 

We don’t need to hear that you don’t want to date us or don’t find us attractive. The whole world has always been telling us that we are not desirable, that we are not equal, that we are separate and less than our cis counterparts, we don’t need you to tell us too.  

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if the companions had internet access, what youtube videos would they watch? or what memes would they like and stuff?

Cait: She watches a lot of those POV parkour videos, where people jump across buildings and stuff. It really gets her pulse going. 

Codsworth: Instructional videos. Even for things he doesn’t need, like “how to assemble an IKEA wardrobe” or “how to build a sand pit for your hamster”. He thinks it’s useful to know! (He also secretly watches those “Family greets solider at the airport when he comes home” tearjerker videos and it makes him emotional.) 

Curie: Slime videos. Hours and hours of them. It started as a fun study of chemical reactions but now she’s hooked. Her watch log is just a sea of “holographic” and “galaxy” and “fifteen-gallon (no baking soda)” slime DIYs. Send help.

Danse: He uses youtube mainly as a study tool, for military things, like rifle cleaning and field dressing and such. He gets into fiery discussions about technique in the comment sections.

Deacon: Tinker Tom made him watch some conspiracy theory “info wars” style videos back in the day, and now he can’t stop. Is the moon a hologram? Is Bigfoot out there? Have aliens visited earth? Is the Institute engineering sentient mirelurks to infiltrate and eradicate humans?! Oh god.

Hancock: He likes to kick back with some chems and watch vine compilations. He’s seen every vine a million times by now but he still laughs. Sometimes forces Fahrenheit to watch them with him.

MacCready: Weirdly obsessed with those “silently cooking tiny food in a tiny kitchen with tiny utensils” videos. It’s just so calming.

Nick: A lot of movie trailers and “best of [old movie]” compilations. He watches reviews, too. Never comments or likes (doesn’t even have an account).

Old Longfellow: He doesn’t really use the internet, but he likes those long landscape videos filmed with drones. Always has the sound turned off.

Piper: She’s highkey into youtube drama. “Exposed” videos, “not clickbait” videos, diss tracks and the like. She has notifications turned on so she can watch the drama unfold and she backs up every video and re-uploads them if they get deleted.

Preston: Pet videos. A lot of puppies and kittens and baby salamanders and stuff. He just loves it.

Strong: He watches those fucked-up liveleak dashcam videos where trailers smash into each other and drive off the road. It’s kinda messed up tbh.

X6-88: He sees no use for youtube. He knows everything he needs to know, and entertainment is for weak people. 

anonymous asked:

I've heard about this comic before, mainly off YouTube, and decided I'm gonna read it tomorrow (too late to do it today). Are there any points/sidenotes I should visit as well as the main story?

This comic is best read totally blind. There are no vital sidenotes, but you may have questions after catching up on the story. We refuse to spoil the plot, but some questions have been answered. If you are hungry for information, check out the following links once you are caught up:


Originally posted by performanceunit

it’s sleepover saturday :) send us drabble requests or questions

When you began dancing to Seventeen songs you would have never expected this, out of all things could happen. It had started out simple, you stayed up later than you should, learning Seventeen dances (although one boy happened to catch your eye more than the others). You would upload them online, mainly Youtube; and that’s when things skyrocketed.

10 million views, the number made your heart drop, not in a bad way. It was more like a roller coaster, you were so full of fear, but still the strangest form of addictive. Your subscriber count began to grow, and eventually you took a leap and began to change the choreography, remixing the songs. But still, this was a surprise.

Just when you thought your life couldn’t get anymore exciting, it appeared. One new top comment, 1,114 likes- it screamed at you.

You had always proudly considered yourself a Chan stan: the way he danced, how he could rap and sing in a wonderful melodic key, a personality that was sweet, but still somewhat devious. Maybe you had a thing for the young ones. He was what got you into dancing the choreography, there was just something about the way he danced, an obsessive quality the always left you wanting more, something that always made you hit the replay button. Sure, Jeonghan had one of the most unique voices you had ever heard, sure Woozi was insanely talented and you would immediately get on your hands and knees and bow to him if you ever met him in person, but there was just something indescribable about Chan. And it was like he read your mind.

You had stared at the comment in awe for so long that when you refreshed the page to make sure it wasn’t some type of awful glitch it had already gained 52 more likes, and 10 more comments beneath it. It had to be real, the little check mark next to the icon made it so. “I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, it’s something indescribable, but I can’t stop watching. I’m glad you stan me and not the other members XD -Dino.” That small comment left your knees shaking, you were glad you were sitting down because if you were standing you would have probably fainted. A small comment for Seventeen’s Youtube account that left a hard clump of excitement in your throat.

You didn’t know what to be more surprised about: the fact that the love of your life, Lee Chan couldn’t stop watching videos of you, or the fact that the love of your life, Lee Chan just unironically used ‘XD’.


the signs as commentary/cancer crew youtubers

aries: casey neistat (not even close to a commentary youtuber but honestly they talk about him and use him as a meme enough that it counts)

taurus: pyrocynical

gemini: nick cash, dolan dark, bamanboi, M3RKMUS1C

cancer: h3h3productions (ethan klein), scarce, memeulous

leo: leafyishere, idubbbz, chubbs, billythefridge 

virgo: filthy frank 

libra: tommycsftp, thehaleybaby, gradeaundera  

scorpio: luna, ricegum, pewdiepie  

sagittarius: h3h3productions (hila klein), zoie burgher 

capricorn: colossaliscrazy 

aquarius: imalllex, nfkrz, herotictv  

pisces: dj keemstar/drama alert 

**disclaimer: it was hard to find enough people with said signs so i literally had to like include anyone thats interacted with that community intimately enough with drama and what not so if u think i am reaching with these yes i am and if u think i missed someone I’m sorry I’m mainly just doing bigger youtubers in that community that everyone actually knows 

Izaya & Shizuo AUs to consider:

- High School AU where Izaya is a drama student and Shizuo works backstage, they both really appreciate what the other person does. Shizuo sees Izaya shirtless a lot because he has to change backstage.

- 1950′s/Film Noir AU where Shizuo is a detective and Izaya is his informant. They save each others lives a lot. They start keeping score. They lose count within the month. Neither of them are surprised.

- IDK what to call this AU but Izaya and Shizuo are both YouTubers that end up meeting up and collaborating because their fans wouldn’t shut up about it. They’re both mainly storytime YouTubers, Izaya sometimes makes reaction videos (mostly to anime or viral videos), Shizuo does Let’s Plays.

- College/University AU where Izaya and Shizuo share a dorm. At first they can’t stand each other, but Shinra insists they start trying to get along and they end up having regular game nights where they play Twister and Cluedo and Pictionary. They soon become inseparable. 

- Izaya is deaf. Shizuo is his interpreter (the person who translates speech into sign language and vice versa). At first, they’re impossible to separate due to work, but one day Shizuo is sick and they both realise that all they want to do is be together, even if they don’t do anything. They crave the others presence.

- Another school AU where Izaya is an art student, Shizuo is their model for portrait practise. They start meeting privately so Izaya can “learn more about anatomy” and neither of them are sure if its true or if Izaya just wants to see Shizuo without any clothes on in private.